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Chapter 1- Whiteboards and Making Out



Light filtered in through the classroom though a single window. The walls were all candy colored, shades of green yellow and blue that made the other kids happy. It just made me angry. I'm not mad at those kids though. It wasn't their fault they were born with a defect. I know that just as much as anyone. I'm mad at the situation. I'm mad I'm not treated with the mental capacity I have. I hate being treated like I am dumb. I am deaf, not dumb.

Our class has fifteen people. Four of us are deaf, Johanna, Gale, Katniss and me. There is a blind girl named Delly, but we don't communicate that well. If we need to speak to her, we get one of the life skills teachers to translate. The other ten students are students with actual development issues. I pity them. Those kids are the kids who need to be pitied. I don't.

Johanna notices my distress. What's wrong?

Nothing. Just thinking. My fingers are quick. I say the words out loud, too. According to the life skills teachers, I sound just like I am hearing. Beetee was right. I practice talking anyway. Apparently I have a volume when I talk. Right now, I need to learn to be quieter. When none of the life skills teachers say anything, I assume I am doing good.

It is never just thinking with you, Finn. What's up? Her brown eyes are fixated on me. She stares me down like I am about to tell her the most important thing in the world.

I just wish we were in normal school. It's getting harder and harder to last here. I don't say this out loud. I don't want to offend anyone. We're not dumb. We go off on our own and go around campus to run errands a lot. We have even spoken in front of classes in the school. Well, I spoke while we all signed. It's not like they think we are dumb. I let out a sigh.

Johanna pats me on the back. Don't worry, fish head, they'll notice what we can do eventually. I think the problem isn't that they think we are unable. The school probably cannot afford translators. That's what Annie told me, at least.

I look at her. Who is Annie?

Johanna rolls her eyes. She is my step sister. My dad married her mom.

I shrug. I take it she is hearing?

Johanna nods, but laughs. Yeah, but she has been signing since she was five. She won't tell me why she started signing.

I shrug. That's nice.

After a few moments of us doing nothing I look over to her. Why did you transfer schools? Was Lee not a good enough school?

She laughs once again, but by the look in her eyes, she is bitter. I was treated like I was a first grader there. I was given no freedom at all. That wasn't a good enough reason to transfer though. Then there was this ex. This one guy Annie dated, I think his name was Gloss, started touching her and doing all these dirty things she didn't want to do. He almost raped her. I got in a fight with him. He didn't expect a deaf girl to fight, but I did. I screamed too. They had never heard a deaf person scream. Annie told me it was terrifying. I was forced to transfer after that. Annie was given the option to follow. She did.

I look at her, amazed. Wow. That is crazy.

She nods. Yeah. I'm glad we left.

After a while, Katniss and Gale, who were trying to do some last minute studying for a test, came and joined us. What's going on over here?

Johanna looks at Gale and smirks. Talking about how hot you are, handsome.

Gale chuckles. Glad to hear it.

Katniss rolls her eyes. Last thing he needs is an ego boost. Jo, who has the bigger ego? Finnick over here, or Gale?

I look at her offended. I do not have a big ego!

Johanna laughs. You're ego is huge! You are mister 'Girls always check me out at the mall and then still try to talk to me after they figure out I'm deaf' then you laugh.

Gale bursts out laughing. Katniss hits him on the shoulder. Don't you be getting a big head, now! You're usually with Finnick when all the girls are checking him out!

Gale and I roll our eyes. You know you can't resist this. Gale signs, looking at Jo with a smirk on his face.

Jo licks her lips and plants one on him. That ought to give you enough of an ego boost to last a lifetime! Katniss signs. Johanna flips her off.

Gale and Johanna have been flirting with one another for as long as she has been at this school, but neither one had really done much about it, until now. Right now they were getting into it. They continued to have their make out session until one of the teachers, Portia, comes over. The teachers, Portia and Cinna don't sign, so we all have a dry erase board we write on to communicate with one another. She scribbles on the board with an angry face. 'Cut it out, Jo and Gale.'

Katniss and I smirk while Gale and Jo pick up their boards. 'Sorry.' Gale writes. Jo just draws a frowny face. The teacher laughs at this.

She scribbles on a board once again. 'Nice try, Miss Mason. You and Gale can go back to making out once we get out of school.'

She then turns her back and goes to talk to Cinna, who comes over to us. 'It's about time I gave you all a new assignment, huh?'

We all roll our eyes and groan. Katniss scribbles on her board. 'Please not another one!' Johanna draws a crying face. Gale drew an arrow pointing at Johanna's board. I wrote nothing. Cinna's assignments aren't bad at all.

'We're going to read The Great Gatsby. I'll get you all your books tomorrow. The other classes in the school are starting this book as well. We are going to get a braille copy for Delly, then when we are all done, we are gong to have a class discussion. Alright?' All nod. Cinna smiles and pats us on the back and writes on his board once more. 'Happy reading.'

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