Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Bond

WARNING: This chapter is entirely sappy sex. SLASH. It is also the last chapter.

Feeling rather giddy, Draco opened the door to his and Harry's bedroom quietly, and shutting it just the same way. The sight that awaited him warmed him and rocked him to his core. Harry lay across the bed, sleeping soundly- his mouth slightly open, breathing heavily. Around the entire room were candles, giving the room a soft glow. White rose petals were on nearly every single surface. Draco felt rooted to the spot, taking in the entire scene with wide eyes. Although everything was beautiful and perfectly laid out, he couldn't seem to rip his eyes away from his sleeping bondmate. His heart flooded with emotion. Just as he'd decided to go to Harry, he awoke- gazing around sleepily. Upon seeing Draco, he let out a muffled curse.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this." He said, grinning sheepishly. Draco couldn't help himself and laughed, crossing the room and drawing Harry into an embrace. They layed like that for a while, just holding eachother before Harry raised his head, grinning, "I love you, Draco."

With a Seeker's speed, Harry rose quickly, planting a kiss on Draco's mouth. Pulling back, he said it again, "I love you, Draco." and he did that over and over again, planting a quick kiss before professing his love. He did that until Draco didn't let him pull back again, shoving his hands into Harry's hair and keeping him there, locked in the kiss. Draco quickly rolled him over, stradling Harry's lap and deepening the kiss, his tongue playfully darting at Harry's, begging entrance. Harry allowed it without hesitation, running his hands beneath Draco's tattered shirt, grasping his back and arching up into him. Draco moaned, catching Harry's bottom lip between his teeth and sucking on it lightly a moment. Pulling back, Draco looked down at Harry, eyes dark with passion,

"I love you," he whispered, moving to Harry's neck, nipping and biting and sucking. Harry moaned, arching his hips up again, grinding his erection against Draco's firm ass, causing him to cry out with desire against Harry's skin. "Oh, God, Harry- please. I need a shower before this... are you sure you want this?" He had sat up again, squirming against Harry, driving him insane.

"Draco!" Harry cried out, grabbing the blonde's hips and holding them firmly in place, throbbing against the blonde who shivered in response. "Draco. Stop that. I want this so fucking bad," He drove his hips up to make his point, Draco crying out. "you want a shower? Fine, we'll do it there too, how long did you say you had? A week?" Draco nodded, staring at Harry through half lidded eyes full of lust,

"Please don't-" Harry covered his mouth with another kiss.

"Hush," he said, pulling back and scooping Draco into his arms, carrying him to the bathroom. Sitting down with Draco in his lap, he began to undress the blonde, stopping only to take his own clothes off and turn on the water. He stood, stark naked, for a moment in front of Draco- not saying anything, just admiring the blonde's body. Remembering something, Harry reached over to the sink, grabbing his wand and whispering a spell to remove Draco's disillusionment charm. He smiled,

"Now, that's better." He whispered, admiring the naked blonde. Draco blushed brightly, staring at Harry's erection, something he'd never seen like this before. It was full and rock hard, twitching in anticipation for him, leaking a bit at the top and Draco couldn't stand it, rushing forward to pull Harry into the shower and dropping to his knees. He quickly took the whole thing into his mouth, surprising himself. Harry was even sexier with the hot water streaming down his tanned body and Draco watched the faces he made while he sucked him off, cupping his balls and playing with them gently- the entire time making mental notes about what drove Harry wild.

Harry bucked into the blonde's mouth, grabbing his hair and crying out,

"Draco, I'm going to-" Draco sucked harder and faster, moving his hands to Harry's hips to pull him deeper into his mouth. Harry let out a cry and nearly collapsed, spilling his seed into Draco's waiting mouth. Sitting down as though his legs were made of jelly now, Harry pushed Draco down, never breaking eye contact as he returned the favor. They lay there together, panting heavily, the water pouring down on them for a while before Harry grabbed a sponge and began rubbing it down Draco's skin, carresing every scar and kissing most of them.

"That," he said, "was just the thank you for my gift." Harry said, tearing up and kissing the blonde softly, "Draco, I love you so much, come on, I'm not done with you yet. Back to the bed, my love," he said, pulling Draco from the shower and into the bedroom. He laid the blonde down softly, already hard again from the intense need to have Draco.

Draco tried to turn over onto his stomach but Harry held him where he was, spelling lube onto his fingers and smiling gently down at his lover,

"I want to see your face and kiss you-" Harry said, lifting Draco's legs onto his shoulders and insering one finger slowly inside him. Draco groaned audibly. Sliding in the second, Harry began using his free hand to stroke the Veela's erection lovingly. Scissoring his fingers, Harry slid in the third causing Draco to cry out his name, arching into him. Harry marveled at his pure beauty and how badly his own erection hurt to be inside the blonde.

"Oh God, Harry, please, please." he begged, bucking against Harry and trembling with need. Leaning forward, Harry captured the mewling mouth in a passionate kiss- their tongues fighting for dominance like they never had before. Draco pulled back, his eyes wide and full of love and affection,

"Please don't do this just to keep me alive," he begged. Harry rose up completely, smothering the blonde's words in his mouth with his own tongue, pulling back, Harry grabbed his face, making sure they were making eye contact,

"Draco Lucius Potter, I am going to do this to not only keep you alive, but to show you how bloody much I love you, to make you mine, to show you that I'm yours. We are going to do this because I love you, unlike I have ever loved anybody or anything ever before in my life. Not because you're a Veela, not because it's the right thing to do, not because you protect me, none of that. Draco, I do this because I love you and I want to keep you with me, forever." Tears of happiness streamed down Draco's face at Harry's words. Wrapping his arms languidly around the other boy's neck, he smiled,

"then what are you waiting for? Make love to me baby,"

Harry grabbed his throbbing erection, carefully guiding it into Draco, both of them stiffening instantly- Draco from the pain and Harry from the sweet heat and tightness of it all. Eyes almost black with lust and half lidded, Harry looked down at the blonde beneath him with worry. Draco just gave him a small smile, arching to take the rest of him. After a moment, Harry began to move- slowly at first, covering Draco with kisses as the blonde arched and cried his name, begging for more. When he couldn't take it any longer, Harry lengthened and strengthened his thrusts- crying out as he came, spilling inside Draco. Draco, grabbing Harry's back, digging in his nails and pulling him down as he came in hot short bursts all over the both of them. They layed like that for a long time, Harry still inside Draco and both of them enjoying the feeling of it.

Growing soft, Harry climbed up to the blonde- sliding down beside him and pulling the blankets over the top of them both before pulling Draco to his chest in a tight embrace.

"Get some sleep, my love, you've got a whole week of this in front of you." he mumbled into the blonde hair, inhaling the scent of vanilla that he'd missed so much.

"Snape." Draco said, pulling away from Harry and rolling over to look at him, Harry frowned in confusion,

"What?" Harry mumbled, his voice soft and sleepy.

"My name, Harry, is Draco Lucius Snape, technically." Harry nodded in agreement and pulled Draco down for a kiss,

"Not for long."

Draco's eyes widened and his head snapped up. Snuggling deeper into the blankets and pulling himself to lay chest to chest with Harry, Draco lay there, staring,

"Harry Potter!"

"Hm? What is it baby?" Harry said, half asleep and snaking his arms around Draco's naked form, draping one leg possesively over him.

"Harry James Potter- wake up!" Harry's eyes snapped open, glancing around the room before settling back on Draco.

"What? Are you mad? What happened?"

"YOU, you adorable prat, did you just propose to me and fall asleep?"

"What?" Harry asked, blinking, then- fixing Draco in an intense emerald stare, "no I did not propose. I'm telling you. Your name will be Draco Lucius Potter- I haven't come up with a proposal yet, because I don't have a ring. I suppose that I am stating my intentions."

"You- you want to marry me?" Draco asked, mouth gaping open.

"Now look who's being an adorable prat," Harry said fondly, snuggling back down to Draco and inhaling his scent again, "I told you at the Ministry Dray, I'm going to marry you, we're going to have adorably exotic looking babies somehow and grow old together." Harry yawned the last part, hugging Draco tightly. "I love you, I *yawn* love you, I love you."

With that, Harry fell back to sleep, physically exhausted. Draco lay awake holding Harry as tightly as he could without hurting him- in wander at the brunette in his arms. Soon, he fell asleep too, dreaming of Harry Potter, weddings, and blonde green eyed children.

The End

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