Fear and apprehension two words and emotions Naruto knew so well as he stood in the middle of four distinct shrouds. But this time it was for a different reason entirely, underneath the four shrouds were the bodies of Hashirama Senju, his brother Tobirama, Naruto's father Minato Namikaze and his mother Kushina Uzumaki. His fear in this situation was that he jutsu he was about to perform wouldn't work at least not in the way he thought it would, bringing to life four people in their rotting bodies causing them unimaginable pain, this in turn brought about the apprehension. His only assurance that the jutsu will work came from the nine tailed fox Kurama, who explained the Pure World Jutsu was not the same as it's bastardize cousin the Impure World Jutsu, it essentially asked kami to release the souls of its dead and granted asylum in the mortal realm until the jutsu user dies, the four people would be then de-aged to the point of the user's age, but would retain all their memories of their past life.

"Get started kit, trust me this jutsu will work though you will be weak for a few hours. The longer you draw this out the more pain you'll be in," Kurama explained which was true, the Rinnegan was already starting to attack his chakra coils, by the end of the first month he'll be in pain nearly constantly, before the year is out he would die.

With a slight nod Naruto went into a long series of hand signs ending not in the snake like the Impure World jutsu but the universal sign of prayer. He quickly felt almost all his chakra stores leave him and four distinct glows surrounding him, he watched as the bodies under the shrouds in front of him slowly shrink. After few seconds the glow vanishes and the Rinnegan wielder watched the bodies under the shrouds start to move. The first to sit was Kushina who's shroud fell away revealed to the world what her chest looked like at age thirteen. She looked down and let out a cute eep before covering herself with the shroud. "W-W-What's going on, ya know!?"

Hashirama was the next followed closely by the other two now teenage boys, "that's what I like to know," he focuses on the blonde haired teen standing in the middle of them.

"It appears the jutsu was a success Naruto," Sarutobi stated walking up to the boy; Sakura ran up and put Naruto's arm around her shoulders to support him seeing how exhausted he looked.

"Hey, pinky stay away from Minato-kun!" Kushina shouted having not heard the third hokage.

"Um, Kushina-chan I'm over here," Minato voice responded causing her to turn in the direction of the voice. Sitting on the ground across from with a shroud covering his modesty was her husband.

Kushina looked at her husband in confusion before turning back to the boy in the center her eyes widening, "sochi?"

Naruto took a few gasps of air not realizing how much the jutsu took out of him and he was struggling to keep his Rinnegan abilities inside himself as four of the six paths were now sitting in front of him. "I'll explain everything kaasan, so please don't interrupt," the whisker marked blonde grunted slowly sitting down with help from his girlfriend. He then went on to explain of not only the last two weeks but his entire life to his parents and the Senju during this time Sarutobi and clothing brought to the four resurrected people. When the explanation was finished the two Senju looked livid while Minato and Kushina looked remorseful.

Minato quietly stepped up to Naruto who promptly slugged him in the gut, "I deserved that," the other blonde boy grunted massaging the pain out of his gut. He then looked at Naruto's eyes, "to think my own son has the Rinnegan," the boy smiled.

"Yeah and you were right about the negative effects but there is an upside I don't need corpses to be used as my paths, I just need a willing host for each path," Naruto explained. "And my Rinnegan chose the paths of the Hokage."

Kushina walked up to Sakura circling the rosette haired girl for a second giving the girl a critical eye. "So you're the one sochi picked to be his wife, hmm. Let's see hot-headed but friendly. Won't let sochi walk over you, will put him in his place if he gets out of line," the red head purses her lips while Sakura stares at the other teen nervously, who then broke into a huge smile. "Wow, Naruto actually listened to me when he was a baby, I didn't think he would even understand me. Welcome to the family Sakura-chan, ya know!" the red-headed teen through her arm over the pink haired girl with a huge smile on her face. The rosette haired girl blushed slightly.

Naruto simply smiled shaking his head, "so do you agree to being my paths?"

All four nodded as they were handed four headbands, each bearing the hidden Leaf symbol and in the corner of each metal plate was the path they would take. The moment they each tied their headbands on their foreheads, Naruto felt the pain in his eyes and head leave him a moment later he found himself looking at himself from four different angles. "This feels weird, ya know," Kushina whispers also seeing herself from four different angles.

"It is disconcerting to be sure," Tobirama blinked. "I understand that Naruto and Sakura have the finals in the Chunin exams to train for, Hashirama and I will train Sakura, while Naruto's parents will train him, I suspect they have much to tell him."

Sakura practically squealed in delight at having both the first and second Hokage train her, not knowing how much they would push her into the ground during said training. Hiruzen Sarutobi knew though and did not envy her one bit. She has no idea what she is in for.


Training began in earnest for both Naruto and Sakura, first the young couple found out their affinities, Naruto being all five elements do to the Rinnegan but his strongest was in wind and Sakura's affinity was unsurprisingly water, Kushina explained that most kunoichi were either water, wind, or earth stating the reason as it was their natural ability to create life within their bodies that brought out these affinities. "The chakra knows, ya know," the red headed teen explained. Tobirama seemed to smirk at this he now had an apprentice of sorts to teach his water creation jutsu and various water based jutsu to someone who would have the motivation to use them mostly to protect the person she loved.

"Information on these new abilities would be appreciated," Hashirama stated. "Also is my granddaughter still alive?"

Sarutobi nodded, "Hai, Hashirama-sensei but she is currently out of the village it is a long and tragic story. Once the chunin exams are completed I'll have Jiraiya locate her and hopefully bring her home."

"Hey I wanna see Tsunade again can I go?" Kushina asked cheerfully.

The old hokage chuckled looking at the energetic red-head. "Jiraiya will want Naruto to accompany him, and in a sense you four are now a part of Naruto it only make sense for you to go with him."

"True that," Kushina smiled before pouncing on Minato and Naruto unexpectedly, "Now let's get to training, sochi has a lot of work to do before the finals and with those assholes in the council pushing for that stupid CRA I want both sochi and his girlfriend to pass so they can get married."

Naruto glanced at his father as both he and Minato were getting dragged away, "Pa is Ma always like this?"

The blonde haired former hokage chuckled, "Welcome to the world of Kushina-chan, I recall you told us you were like this up until you awoken the Rinnegan."

"Oh yeah," Naruto exclaimed as his mother dragged both he and his father out of the area.

XXX with Sakura, Hashirama, and Tobirama XXX

At first the rosette haired girl had been excited by the fact she was being trained by the first two hokage of her village, that was until the actual training started. Now as she laid gasping on the ground in front of a tree feeling sore all over. She desperately wanted her boyfriend to be here to massage away the pain she was feeling. She looked up seeing Hashirama in his maroon colored jacket, black shirt, maroon color shinobi pants, and black shinobi sandals. "I must say kunoichi standards have dropped significantly in the past hundred years or so. You my dear are in terrible shape," the Senju patriarch stated arms crossed.

Sakura winced before looking away, "I know I have no excuse for it."

"Incorrect," Tobirama stated entering her field of vision. "You suffered a traumatic event and to compensate you latched onto anything to cover it including locking up your memory of the event. According to Naruto, latched onto rampant fangirlism in order to bury your anxiety and feelings for someone you loved but had no memory of. The fangirlism is at fault but thankfully we can correct most of the mistakes before the exams," with that the youngest male Senju used four handsigns before his hands turned an aquamarine color and running his chakra infused hands over the girl's legs.

A few minutes later Sakura was no longer in pain, she stood up and stretched. "T-T-Thank you Tobirama-sensei."

"Each time you are injured to the point of exhaustion Hashirama and I will heal you and we will repeat the process. At first it may not be much but with time you will need our healing less and less as you get adjusted to intensity of the training," Tobirama explained.

"When we are finished you will probably be at Special Jonin level skill wise, and Chunin level chakra capacity," the elder Senju explained further.

The rosette haired young teen was floored by their assessment and was determined to live up to it. She knew reason why, it was because of Naruto, she knew she needed to be on par kunoichi-wise to his shinobi level which probably after training with his parents who were the two strongest shinobi in recent memory would make him at the very least elite Jonin skill wise and Kage level in chakra capacity if he wasn't already. "I'll do this for Naruto-kun; I want to walk alongside him."

Both Senju smiled, "That is what we have been waiting to hear, from this moment on Sakura Haruno your real training will begin," Hashirama stated.

XXX with Naruto, Minato, and Kushina XXX

Naruto grumbled having to go through several taijutsu katas while his parents watched and critiqued his abilities only to see them frown with each passing moment what's worse because of the Rinnegan he could see what was making them frown. His taijutsu was horrible especially after seeing Sasuke, Hinata, Neji, and Rock Lee during the preliminary matches, there was no fluidity to his movements at all his stance was that of a brawler and not a very good one. "It sucks doesn't it?"

"Well…," Minato started.

"On so many levels it's a surprise you manage to pass the genin exams," Kushina said in a deadpanned expression looking at her husband who winced. "Sugar coating the problem, Minato-kun doesn't fix it, ya know."

"Yeah Pa I know I can get better, believe it!" Naruto smirked seeing his father groan.

"Great you take more after your mother than you do me, verbal ticks included," Minato sighed not trying to hide his smile.

"Shocking isn't it," came a deep voice causing all three to turn to see Jiraiya leaning up against a tree.

"Jiraiya-sensei," Minato smiled the older man walked up and gave the boy a hug.

"Glad, the brat's jutsu worked, I missed you kid," the toad sage stated shook his head. "Worked too well apparently look about how you did when you, Mikoto, and Teuchi were a part of my team."

Before Minato or Naruto could explain the reason Kushina walked up and planted her foot right between Jiraiya's legs hard, forcing the toad sannin to go down. "Kushina, why you do that?" Minato asked looking shocked.

"Where were you?" Kushina eyes flashed in anger looking down at the toad sage who groaned in pain. "We gave you simple task, look after Naruto if something bad happened to me and Minato-kun," the red-haired teen growled tears rolling down her cheeks.

She felt two arms wrap around her shoulders, "Mom he tried but the civilian council denied him and Mikoto-obasan their godparenting duties."

Jiraiya grunted smiling weakly up at the red-head, "still got a nasty kick there Kushi-chan, brings back memories. Well I'll be pissing blood for a while, but I do deserve it should have fought harder. I know Mikoto did, that girl always had guts."

Kushina harrumphed crossing her arms before breaking into a bright smile leaning into her son's embrace. She had missed the majority of her son's life and to be given a second chance made her extremely happy. Minato chuckled slightly he was use to his wife's bipolar mood swings, "You going to help us train, sochi?"

"Soon as I get feeling back that was the plan," Jiraiya stated sitting wincing slightly as stars entered his vision again. "Just glad Kushi never took up Tsunade's offer for training I don't think I could survive a kick using my hime's form of chakra enhanced kicks," he shuddered seeing Kushina's evil fox like grin. He groaned watching both his former student and his godson chuckle at him realizing that with her resurrection and de-aged to thirteen keeping her original skills; she could now add new skills with her fresh start. "I'm doomed."


Author's Note: The Sand and Sound invasion will happen a bit differently as will the fight between Orochimaru and Sarutobi for obvious reason with the hokage's resurrected he can't use them in his Impure World Resurrection jutsu which he will find out and be force to go to plan B. What plan B is you'll have to wait and see. Here's the clothing description of Tobirama, Minato, and Kushina.

Tobirama – Sky Blue high neck sleeveless shirt, black shinobi style pants, blue shinobi sandals, black leather wrist guards

Kushina – Dressed like she is as a academy student (Shippuden episode 246) only dark orange instead of yellow

Minato – Dressed like he was as a Genin (Shippuden episodes 246 and 247) only blue where the white is and white where the blue is.

It was fun and a bit sad watch those episodes to see the kind of personalities Naruto's parents had, which in hindsight to those that haven't comparing Kushina to Sakura is a fucking no brainer, my god aside from the fact that Naruto inherited his attitude and verbal ticks from Kushina, that red head and Sakura are almost identical, even down to their academy days the only difference is how both handle the bullying, Sakura went fangirl while Kushina beat up her tormentors, still the contrast is amazing. I dare people to watch the Ino and Sakura fight in the Chunin exams where they have the flashback involving Sakura then compare to it Kushina's own back story and tell me how scary close they are. Then go to every Sasuke/Sakura fic and every Naruto/Hinata fic writer and point those episodes out see what kind of flimsy justification they can give to you, guarantee you they point to the Pein fight or the Sasuke Retrieval arc as references that they are right in their opinion.