Hey I actually wrote this while my sister was having a party and i didn't think i was invited XD I hope you like it! And yes. I am an expert at DDR in real life.

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Raven was in her room laying on her bed staring at the ceiling. [This is boooring.] She heard some laughter and glanced toward the door.

The titans were having a party. They had invited all their friends and were in the main room having an awesome time.

[I didn't wanna go to their stupid party anyways..] The truth was, Raven had been warming up to the titans more and she wanted to go. Another

burst of laughter erupted through the tower. Raven rose from her bed, cracked the door open, and peeked outside. Gradually her door got further

open and she slipped out. She crept to the main room's door and peeked in. They were playing 'Dance Dance Revolution; Very badly. Except for

Beastboy who was playing in expert mode; and managing rather well too. Until he slipped and fell flat on his face. The whole crowd burst out in;

"Epic fail!" Beastboy was laughing at his blunder and glanced over in Raven's direction.

[Oops!] Raven backed up and quickly shut the door. "Whew. That was close."

"Hey Rae-Rae!" Raven jumped around and saw Beastboy standing right behind her.

"Don't sneak up on my like that!" Raven shouted.

"Sorry Rae." Beastboy said grinning and obviously not really sorry. "Why aren't you in there with everyone else?" Raven looked away.

"I didn't think i was invited.."

"Oh Pshh. Get in there and play!" Beastboy said shoving Raven through the door.

Everyone said hello when they saw Raven shoved through the door. "Raven! You must try this game of dance!" Starfire said excitedly.

Before Raven could object she was forced onto a game pad with Beastboy on the one next to her. He explained how to play and picked a song.

He was about to start when Raven bumped her difficulty from beginner to expert mode.

"Oh Rae..." Beastboy chuckeled.

"It's fine I can handle it. How hard can it be?" Raven said grinning to herself. Everyone burst out laughing at this; But stopped abruptly when

the song started. Raven practically floated over the steps with ease and didn't miss a single step. The song ended and everyone was silent.

Everyone was staring at Raven, mouths hanging open, even beastboy was shocked. "W-When did you learn to dance like that?!" Beastboy said

astonished. Raven chuckled and said, "You honestly think I read the whole time I'm home alone?" Beastboy looked at his feet. "Well yeah i kinda did."

Raven rolled her eyes and switched to a fast song. "Five bucks say I don't miss any steps." Raven said confidently. Beastboy grinned.

"Oh you are so on!"


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