Quick Note: I don't normally write stories. I'm just doing this for a little fun. Any feedback would be appreciated though!

They had just finished another joint practice. Haruka was the last in the pool. The raven-haired teen floated around in the water and noticed Rin watching from above. For a brief moment, the two locked eyes. He blushed for a moment but quickly shook it off. How he wished he could swim freely with Rin again...

Before he could get lost in his thoughts, Makoto called to him. "Haru! We have to get going otherwise they're going to kick us out."

Haruka sighed as he headed to the edge of the pool. He took a quick glance up but Rin was already gone. He headed for the showers. Makoto followed, mentioning to him that the others already left, including the other team. Haruka looked over at him. Before he could say anything, Makoto already knew what he was thinking and stopped him. "Haru...we can't stay any longer."

Haruka sighed again. He knew it was true. Besides, he could just take a bath as soon as he got home. "Alright..." he said.

Just then, Makoto's phone buzzed. He checked it and quickly replied. "I've got some errands to run so I'll need to head out now. And promise me you won't jump back in the pool when I leave okay?" He said with a soft laugh.

"Don't worry..." Haruka replied.

And with that Makoto left.

Haru debated whether or not to actually go back to the pool for a bit, but figured he should keep his promise. He finished showering and headed back to leave. But as he left the shower area, he noticed someone by the pool. At first he thought Makoto might have come back but then he noticed the person's burgundy hair. "Rin..." Haru thought to himself.

Rin was standing by the edge of the pool, unaware that anyone was still there. He seemed like he was deep in thought because he didn't notice Haruka's presence. Haruka decided it would be best to try and leave unnoticed, so he headed for the exit. Though just as he was leaving, he heard a voice.

"That damn Haru." Rin groaned.

Was Rin still upset about their race the other day? Haruka wanted to make up with Rin but since his return it has been extremely difficult. He had stopped right in front of the exit and was thinking about the race when he heard Rin speak again.

"I swear he doesn't even know how much trouble he causes me."

Trouble? Haruka tried to think of what he might have done recently to Rin but there was nothing. "I haven't even done anything..." he thought aloud, before realizing his mistake.

"Haruka!?" Rin asked as he quickly turned around to spot Haru.


They stared at each other for a bit before Rin looked away, with a faint blush plastered on his face. Rin finally spoke up as he turned. "You better go."

He was confused, but Haruka decided he better go. He longed for a better relationship with Rin again, but perhaps time could help them.

This will be getting a few more chapters so stay tuned. :)