Haruka didn't fall asleep quickly that night. He replayed the events of the day over in his head. In one day he and Rin went from barely talking to closer than he could have imagined. He smiled to himself. He was glad to be around Rin again. Then he began to think about how they kissed. He pressed his lips together for a moment, and thought about the previous warmth that met them. He blushed as he realized that he wanted to kiss Rin again. Although their first kiss caught him off guard, he quickly seemed to enjoy it as he was overcome with feelings for his former friend, who he now wondered should be called boyfriend. He eventually dozed off with a light smile on his face.

The next morning he awoke at his usual time and hopped into the bath. He may not have gotten a lot of sleep but the morning soak made up for that. He thought of taking a bath with Rin, but quickly shook the thought out of his head. School would start soon and he didn't want any of these thoughts to cause him any sort of trouble during school. Eventually Makoto came to drag him out of the tub and they were off to school.

Even though he had planned not to, he spent a lot of his time in class thinking about Rin. He wondered how much more time they would be spending together now. He unconsciously doodled Rin on the sides of his papers before realizing what he was doing. He didn't want to explain to anyone who saw why he was drawing the boy on his paper, so he erased them.

It was finally time for practise and Haru raced to the pool. He loved the water. He glided through it gracefully as his friends watched for a bit before starting their practise. They needed to practise for their upcoming race. So they did some laps and such, and soon practice was over. Nagisa and Rei headed out first, followed by Gou, and Makoto waited for Haruka. He was usually the last one in the pool.

"Come on Haru!" Makoto called to him.

Haru finally came out of the pool and headed to shower and change. Makoto waited for him and they headed home together.

It wasn't until they split ways that Haru remembered about Rin. And next thing he knew, as he approached his home, Rin was already waiting there for him. Rin gave a little wave.

"I couldn't stop thinking about you Haru" he said quietly as Haru came closer to let them both in. Haru's face turned a light pink and his heart beat a little faster. Rin always did know what to say to make him flustered. He didn't say anything but motioned for Rin to follow him inside.

"What about you?" Rin asked.

"I had trouble sleeping cause of you..." Haru replied. Rin let out a light laugh. "You make it sound like a bad thing."

Haru smiled. He was happy seeing Rin enjoying himself. Rin noticed him smiling and did so as well. Everything felt so perfect in this moment… could things get even better between them?

As if reading his mind, Rin moved in for a quick kiss and then whispered in Haru's ear, "How about we head to your room?" Haru knew what he meant by that and wondered if he was really ready. Rin was all about speed, but he hoped he could take it slow for once…

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