Ok this is just supposed to be cute. Don't ask any questions or anything its just supposed to be cute 3 Now commence in your "Awwwww"s
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It was late. The thunder was loud and clear as it rumbled through the sky. You could hear the rain flooding the yard with its harsh cold drops.

every few seconds the sky would light up with a strike of lightening. In titan tower a small green puppy was huddled up in a corner whimpering

quietly. The thunder crashed loudly and Beastboy let out a 'Yelp!' and leaped under his bed. Beastboy's door opened and Raven peaked in.

"Beastboy? I heard a.. 'yelp?" Raven saw two huge green puppy eyes peeking out from under the bed. [Aww..] Raven knelt down on the floor and

peeked under the bed. "Beastboy are you scared of the storm?" Raven was answered by another crash of thunder and a 'YELP!' Only this time

the puppy lept into Ravens lap. [Darnit. Too cute.] Raven started petting the puppy behind his ears and kept this up. Gradually the puppy calmed down.


Robin and Cyborg went to check on Beastboy knowing of his fear. They were surprised to find Raven asleep on the floor with a little green puppy

snuggled up in her arms.

The End.

See? I told you it was cute. Fluff overload! "She can't take anymore captain! She's about to blow!" *POP*