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By: nikki hiiragizawa

Chapter 20: Where All Sorrows Must End

"Eriol-sama!" Nakuru hurried to her master's side. Eriol had slumped on the floor, bewildered...confused.

Why...Why had this happened? Isn't everything going well? He asked himself as he cradled his head on his hands. "To...Tomoyo..." He suddenly glanced at the rolled-up canvass. Tomoyo had thrown it to him before she went out of the house. He picked it up, and unrolled it.

It was the same beauty he had seen so many years ago. The glittering painting took his breath away instantly as he laid eyes upon it.

"The daughter of the artist who made this," Eriol said to no one in particular. "It was Tomoyo...I should have known."


Eriol looked at Nakuru with regretful eyes. "I should have known, the real reason why I loved her the moment we saw each other in that park. It was because Tomoyo reminded me of the girl in this painting." He laid the painting on his lap, gently. "I never realized she was the girl in this painting. I should have..."

Nakuru kneeled by her master's form and patted his shoulder. "You shouldn't tire yourself with useless facts, Eriol-sama," she softly said. "What matters now is where you're happy."

"But how can I be happy if Tomoyo isn't?" Eriol asked aloud, not really directing the question to Nakuru but rather to himself. "All I wanted was for us to be happy...and family's fault...I never..."

Nakuru wanted to poke her master with a feather duster just to shake him to his senses. Her master had a way of making all sins his and then feel remorse. Somehow, she knew she had to help Eriol get back on track. "Listen, Eriol-sama, do you love Tomoyo-sama?"

Eriol looked at her, surprised. "Of course I love her."

"Then what are you doing sitting here?!" Nakuru scolded. "If you really did not know why or how Tomoyo-san lost her parents, then you must explain!"

The bespectacled man thought for a while. "But, knowing Tomoyo, and how I deceived her at first, it would be hard..."

"Don't you think Kaho-sama would be mad?" Nakuru said. Eriol looked at her, bewildered. "Don't you think she'll be mad," she continued. "You promised that you would take care of Tomoyo right before her grave. You promised that she'll be a woman you will love, and yet what is happening now?!"

"I..." Eriol clenched his fists. That's right. He cannot just let Tomoyo go because of a past left unsolved. If his parents were really those people who killed Tomoyo's parents, then he'll call himself responsible. All for Tomoyo...all to see Tomoyo smile again.

He stood up. "You're right, Nakuru."

"Of course," his housekeeper said complacently. I had always wanted you to be together.

Eriol smiled before taking his coat off the hanger and wearing his shoes. He shuffled Nakuru's head before going. "You're a one of a kind housekeeper, and for that, I promise I'll bring you a mistress home."

Nakuru saw Eriol to the gate and brought her arms to herself. This will be the last time she would pray so hard, and hopefully, her prayer today would come true, unlike that time when she prayed for Kaho's recovery.


"I am not hungry."

The servant bowed low, offering the tray of food once more. "But Mistress Tomoyo, you haven't eaten since noon."

Tomoyo looked away from the servant, out of the window. "I am sorry, but as I told you, I am not hungry. Please leave now." She shut her eyes firmly and sat quietly on the futon. The servant sadly left, taking the tray of food with her.

She tried to be comfortable on the futon, sitting in every way she found nice. Still, she's uneasy. Her aunt had welcomed her with open arms as soon as she got back. "I told you it would be better to stay here with us," Tomoyo's aunt had said. "Living with a Hiiragizawa would only cause you pain."

Tomoyo closed her eyes, trying to draw back the tears that threateningly swam on her eyes. It was the best way. Living with Eriol would only make memories come back to her, and she wouldn't gain any peace. She had managed to hurt him in the deepest way possible, by shocking him. Surely, he would be moping in their house now, unable to think of anything to say and do.

This was for the best.

Sobs could be heard from outside the room as Tomoyo plunged herself deeper into the mess she had gotten into. Maybe it was better if she didn't go to find out about her past. Maybe it would be better if she had just decided to suffer with Eriol's whims when he was still attached to Kaho. If she had stayed that way, then she would have never gained stardom and would have never met Seguchi Tohma...then...she would be happy...even if...even if...

The phone in her bag rang without a pause. Tomoyo decided to see who was calling. It was Seguchi Tohma.

"Tomoyo-san." Seguchi's voice was more of a relief than of any other emotion. "Where are you?"

Tomoyo managed to extinguish her sobs before answering. She wouldn't want her boss to be worried about her. "I'm...I'm in Osaka, staying with my closest relatives. I...decided to live here with them and help manage the businesses here."

"Is that so," the voice on the other line said. "Aren't you...bothered..."

"Me? No, not really," Tomoyo lied. "I...I am starting to like it here anyway, and I'll manage within a few days."

The voice on the other end was quiet for a while. "I didn't mean that Tomoyo-san."

The purple-haired girl slowly exhaled. "Oh. You already found out about me leaving the house…"

"You should not underestimate the media, Tomoyo-san," the voice on the other line said. "I have heard about it this morning. Are you feeling well about it?"

For one, Tomoyo felt that she could tell Tohma all those things she cannot understand within her. She dare not tell her aunt for fear that she would be rejected. "I don't…know, Seguchi-san," she answered. "I knew it was the best way for us to part because of our pasts, but now I feel so hollow." A sob accidentally left her, and soon, she was in tears once more. "Instead of being mad, I feel so guilty about shocking Eriol that way. It seems that he doesn't know anything of that incident but I don't want to believe he didn't know anything!" She was now frantically clinging to her phone, as if it was the only way for her to gain relief. She was confused.

"Tomoyo-san…" Seguchi said on the other line. "What is it that you want right this very moment?"

The young singer gasped. "I…" She didn't know how she even felt at this time, and looking for what she really wanted was even more difficult. "I don't know what I want. I want to go back to Eriol, but I want to bring justice to my parents who were murdered by Eriol's family."

"Then you have to think about which is the thing you wish for more than anything else," her producer said. "If you can find that out, then you can decide on what to do next."

"On what to do next…" Tohma then decided to hang up and they exchanged goodbyes.

What is wrong with me? Tomoyo thought. She was supposed to be happy to be back in the arms of her relatives but somehow, she felt empty. She knew she should not go back to Eriol. That man's family killed her parents and her family is angry with him. They wouldn't let her go if they found out she wanted to go back.

But she wanted to.

She wanted to return so badly it hurts. Maybe the only thread of sensibility left in her was the thought of how her parents would think if she married an enemy – the son of their murderer. With so much confusion and suppressed feelings, Tomoyo laid back on the futon and decided to sleep. Maybe when she wakes up, this terrible nightmare would be all gone.


Seguchi Tohma hung up the phone and sadly turned to his guest. "She is staying at Osaka with her far relatives. She had an aunt there, as far as I can remember."

"Is that so?" Eriol sipped his tea quietly, trying to be calm even though his hands shook. "I should go there…"

"Are you decided on that? You know how much the Daidouji family hates your family. Are you sure you want to live through this?"

Eriol was quiet. He didn't even know why he went to Tokyo to visit this guy. This man had taken Tomoyo away from him and told her the unknown fact about the Hiiragizawa and Daidouji's rivalry. However, he doesn't know anyone who could help him at this moment. "If they want me to be punished, I'll take the punishment. I just want to know how Tomoyo really feel about me. I just need to hear that her feelings hasn't changed even though she had discovered my family's shameless doings."

Tohma settled back on his swivel chair. "I was the one who told Tomoyo-san about this history of your families. I know I should be the one to blame. However, you should understand Tomoyo's feelings. She had lost her family at an early age, and she had sworn to take revenge at the persons who killed her parents. Surely you understand a child's love for her family, ne?"

Eriol faintly nodded. "I know. Even if I hardly remember anything about my father mentioning something regarding this incident. That was before I left home, I think."

"You left home?" Seguchi Tohma became suddenly interested. "At that time you wanted your father to get the painting?"

"Oh…yeah. It wasn't on the news so none outside the family might have known," Eriol calmly answered. "My father, as most people knew, was involved in some importation of illegal drugs incident. He had changed during that time, so misunderstanding and distant. He would force me to paint even if I don't want to. He said I cannot be a successful artist if I cannot manipulate my talent. We began to had arguments."

Eriol carefully placed his teacup down as Tohma listened attentively. Surely, this incident might have a purpose on knowing Eriol's side of the story.

"I forgot about my requests to him, to get the painting to and put up a library for my school organization. I realized that if we continue fighting this way, our family members would be affected. So I left and lived for myself. That's when I started to buy my own house and work part-time while studying in order to live. Of course, my painting helped me a lot in earning money." Eriol suddenly laughed and shook his head. "I don't even know why I'm telling you this. I'm supposed to be mad at you."

Tohma nodded absently. "Have you…told Tomoyo-san about that…about how you came to be in that house, alone?"

"No. I was supposed to tell her more of myself after we get married, but unfortunately…this…" The young artist bowed his head in defeat. Suddenly he stood up and nodded to Tohma. "Thank you for your time. I guess I'll be heading to Osaka."

"Hiiragizawa-san," Tohma called back at him.


"Please remember that I didn't tell Tomoyo-san about your pasts because
I am mad at you. I didn't know about your side, but you can explain it to Tomoyo, right?"

Eriol smiled. "Thank you," he said as he adjusted his glasses. "I'll try to bring her back."


Tomoyo was awake with a start when her door slid open. Her aunt walked into the room, brows furrowed together. "Ah…Kotoko obaa-chan, I…"

"There's someone waiting for you outside, Tomoyo-chan," her aunt flatly said. "I let him in not because I wanted to invite bad luck in this house, but because he pleaded me to do so. Will you meet him?"

The young woman stared in surprise. "What…Who do you mean…"

"Hiiragizawa Eriol is waiting outside. Will you speak with him?"

"Wha…" Tomoyo clutched her hands to herself. Why would Eriol think about going here, of all places? Didn't I tell him that my family hates him?! She could feel her heart ramming to her ribs. Would she meet Eriol today? It isn't good, knowing that they just separated. Her purple eyes looked down. She cannot meet Eriol right now…

"Well? Tomoyo-chan?"

But I want to see him! Tomoyo thought. I really want to see him! Even just this once…


Tomoyo bowed her head and nodded. "Yes. Please tell him, I'll be outside in a minute."


Eriol was kneeling patiently in the Daidouji residence's receiving room. If he only had not come to

Explain himself in front of the manor's mistress, he would have been amazed. Almost every wall of the Japanese-style manor was decorated with paintings Eriol assumed to be made by their family members. Incredible works of art, he would describe them – a few of them even surpassing his work. If only he had known sooner about Tomoyo. How come he never went to learn about her background before? He regretfully sighed. Everyone seemed to be pushing him to end this relationship with Tomoyo…but he can just never give up.

"Hiiragizawa-san," a voice behind him said just as he was going out of the NG Records building. It was his teacher Ishikawa Kenji with the man he had made acquaintance with not so long ago, Masato Nakao.

"Sensei! Masato-san! What are you doing here?"

Masato tipped the brim of his hat to show his greeting for the young artist. "We followed you to Tokyo, Hiiragizawa-san." With that, they invited him to have tea with them.

Eriol politely declined. "I am very sorry, but I have some important engagement…"

"That would be…" Ishikawa-sensei slowly said, "chasing after the young dove named Daidouji Tomoyo?"

"How did you…?!"

Masato quickly explained. "Kenji and I…we knew this was going to happen sooner or later."

"What do you mean?"

Smiling crookedly, Masato continued. "We knew…the very instance we saw Tomoyo, that she was the one: the only daughter of the great painter Daidouji Hiroyuki. I thought it was just a mistake when Kenji told me of a Daidouji going to his party, so I had to see for myself."

Eriol frowned. "You watched Tomoyo in the party?"

"Yes, I did. And I confirmed myself that she was indeed the girl I was looking for. The purple eyes were solely to be contributed to her father's side. We were so glad you have found her for us."

Eriol quickly stepped forward and grabbed the man's arm. "What business do you have with Tomoyo and I? And what are you thanking me for?!"

Masato laughed and looked at his colleague. "I guess you haven't told him yet, Kenji."

"No way," the other man said. "It was meant to be like this."

"Don't talk as if I'm not here!" Eriol exclaimed. "Tell me or I'll have to force it out of you, Sensei!"

Ishikawa Kenji tapped a finger on the glass doors of the NG building. "Such spirit makes you disobedient, Hiiragizawa-kun? Why don't we talk somewhere comfortable?"

"I will not talk anywhere else," Eriol said as he shook his head. "I want to know what you want with Tomoyo now!"

The two men shook their heads in defeat as they decided to tell him right away. "Very well, young man," Masato said. "had she already given you the painting?"

"What painting?" Eriol's face was already red with fury.

"The 'Caress of Venus' of course. It was the one you had wanted so badly, am I right? The one your father struggled to get when you went away, thinking that he can bring you back with that?"

"What do you mean?"

Eriol's line of thought was disarrayed as a familiar figure entered the room. He looked up quickly as Tomoyo primly sat in front of him.

"I didn't expect you to come here," the young woman started, keeping her eyes away from Eriol. "I don't know if you really wanted to punish me by letting me see your face or if you want to be killed that early."

The young man was quiet. It was a long time before he spoke, the wind outside seemingly agreeing with the coldness he was feeling with Tomoyo. "I…After you told me everything about our past, I wasn't able to tell you my side of the story. I know you were wanting an explanation but I wasn't ready to give it to you then. I came here…to tell you the truth."

"Are you sure it was the truth? Or some false hopes you were trying to bait me with?" Tomoyo met his eyes. She would be able to tell if Eriol was lying or not. Then, she won't be fooled.

Eriol, however, did not even blink as their eyes met. "I don't hold your decision. You can still hate me after this discussion, but all I will be saying here would be my story and it's the truth."

Tomoyo looked down – a sign of defeat. Her aunt had warned her to be stiff and alert, but she can't do that with Eriol. After all, he was the only man she had ever loved. She shouldn't be taking this chance of taling to him but she can't help it. After all, he has the right to say his side as well, after she had shouted at him in his own house. "Very well. Please enlighten me."

Eriol took a deep breath and started.

"It was true I wanted the painting made by your father. It's true I told my father that he should do everything needed to get the painting. But you haven't heard the rest of the story."

Tomoyo clenched her hands over her yutaka. "Is there a need for me to know the rest of the story? We all know what it led to, right?"

"Yes, but…" Eriol nodded. "This might clear up some things you were confused of. At that time I asked the request, it was to test my father, because during those times, he was always busy with his corporations. He was involved in a syndicate that imports illegal drugs, sort of an underground mafia, and he changed from a father to a stranger in our house. He learned to gamble, and greed over money. That is why I used to request him for a lot of things in order to assure myself that he still respects my mother's and my wishes. I was also starting to be a painter then, and in exchange for my requests, he would force me to join art contests with cash prizes and even study abroad. The time came when I couldn't take it anymore and after a fight, I left home to stay somewhere else. I withdrew my money from the account my parents created for me and bought a house. I continued studying and worked part-time as an artist and part-time as a lecturer in order to finish college and sustain myself."

Tomoyo leaned her head slightly to one side. What was Eriol planning? Why is he telling his life story to her – a thing he hadn't even bothered telling her when they were together. She could feel her hands shake as Eriol continued his story. Slightly, she shivered and checked the paper doors if they are closed. They were totally closed.

"I only returned to my family when I heard of my father's death three years ago. However, I didn't wish to remain in our manor so I left and went back to my abode. There, in one of my art shows, I met Kaho and just as you already know, we were married."

The young woman clasped her hands, now cold, together. "What are you implying on this, Eriol?" she asked. "I am glad you happen to tell me your life just as I told mine to you but what exactly do you mean by this? Do you think it could change anything after I had listened to your story?"

"I haven't ended yet, Tomoyo," Eriol replied. "What I was saying is, I do not know of any incident that happened between your father and my father during those times I was staying in our manor. They did not inform me of anything that happened after he died."

"So this is it, ne?" Tomoyo angrily replied as she stood up. "You are trying to cover yourself from your family's deed? Soyou were just trying to wash your hands from my family's murder just by telling me this oh-so-heartfelt story?!" She turned to leave when the young man gripped her arm.

"Please, jut let me talk this time, Tomoyo. After this, I assure you that I won't ever bother you again if you don't want me to. Even if I love you so much that I don't want to let you go, I will, just please listen to me."

Both of them went back to where they were seated. Tomoyo's cheeks were redder than usual. The places where Eriol had touched her in an attempt to calm her became suddenly rushed with warmth. Why that is so, she cannot understand.

"As what I said," Eriol continued. "I plan on coming here without anything to say. I plan on just telling you everything I know and let your family judge me. But someone enlightened me about your family's murder. It was Ishikawa-sensei."

"I…Ishikawa-sensei?" Tomoyo repeated. She tugged a lock of hair from behind an ear absently. "You are saying he knows something?"

The young artist nodded gravely. "He and his colleague, Masato-san, came to me on my way here. They were looking for the painting you had taken back home."

"What? What do they want with it? How did they know about it?"

Eriol was filled with more remorse than surprise as Tomoyo demanded an explanation. "They…they were at work with my father when he was still alive. They told me when we met that after I left, my father was persistent on getting the 'Caress of Venus' at any costs. They said he wanted to bring me back, so he was complying to my favor. But he fell sick." He looked at the girl across him. "And…he died."

"You…" Tomoyo dropped her hands from her knees to the tatami floor. "You mean to say…"

Her former lover nodded. "My father wasn't the one who killed your family. Your family had suspected us because we were the one who wanted the painting in the first place."

What's this? Tomoyo could feel her hands shaking once more. Why is it that the facts seem to turn around? What really is going on?!  "Then, who is the one…who murdered my parents?"

"It's…Ishikawa-sensei and his colleague."


"I myself cannot believe it. To think he was thinking I allied with them. When they were asking about the painting, they told me you don't know the true value of the painting since you were so young when your father left you. They told me they initially planned on silencing him…To….Tomoyo?!"

Tomoyo fell on her side, weak. She felt Eriol run to her side, but she was too stunned to speak.

"Tomoyo?" Eriol shouted as he rushed to her side. He held her and supported her arms and head, cradling her. "Are you alright? I'm sorry…I…"

The shoji door opened and a maid went in. Eriol told her to get some water for her mistress.

The young artist gasped as he felt warm liquid trickling between his fingers. Tomoyo was crying. "Tomoyo…"

"H…h…how could they do such a thing?" she muttered as she sniffed back tears. "How can I prove it was them who did it?"

Eriol smoothed her hair. "Actually, they are already in jail. We talked about your family in front of NG Corporation Building, and Seguchi-san luckily had some cameras installed in the entrance that allows voice recording. Everything was heard on the camera. The rest of the evidences were found in the files Ishikawa-sensei was keeping in the museum. They contain information about The Caress of Venus and your father's transactions. That was enough to lock them up." He hugged Tomoyo closer as they lay sprawled on the floor. "The media were not able to show in on TV or in the news because Seguchi-san screened them out. I asked him not to let the media know about it…not until I have spoke with you."

"Why…" More tears sprang into Tomoyo's eyes. "Why…are you…you are supposed to be angry because my family had wrongly accused you…"

"How can I be angry with the one I love?" Eriol asked. "I was happy that I knew at last who the culprits are. At least I will be relieved because no one would come after the painting again, and I could keep you safe. We also erased false memories from both of our families…" he stopped as Tomoyo sat up and wiped her tears. "Tomoyo…what are you doing?"

Tomoyo was bowing deeply in front of Eriol. "My family asks forgiveness for treating your clan wrongly. If not for…Eriol?" She found herself enveloped in Eriol's arms. "Aren't you…even…a bit…mad?"

"Will you marry me?"


Eriol clasped her tighter. "Now that everything is cleared up, I want us to marry. Will you go back to me and Nakuru and live with us from now on?"

"I…I don't know if I am worthy. Now that I even doubted your loyalty…"

"It was my fault that I didn't prove it well enough in the beginning. Because of that, I cannot blame you for taking caution. I swear I won't let you be hurt again." He planted a light kiss on Tomoyo's parted lips. "I won't let you go now, ever."

"Thank you…" Tomoyo tearfully said. "For being understanding."

She was surprised when Eriol shook his head. "Nope. You must say, 'I love you, too, Eriol.'"

Tomoyo laughed a little and hugged Eriol's neck. "I love you, too, Eriol. Let's go home."


"Tomoyo! We'll be late for the flight!" Eriol was hastily placing the suitcases in the trunk. "Come on!"

"Yes, coming!" Tomoyo called from upstairs. She went back to her friend on the line. "Yes, Seguchi-san, thank you very much. After our honeymoon, I'll be working on my second album. Please tell Sakano-san not to worry too much, okay? Bye!" She hung up and ran downstairs, where Nakuru was holding her hat. Tomoyo gave their housekeeper a hug. "Thank you, Nakuru, for looking after the house. We'll be back in a week or two!" She hurriedly entered the car, and with a last wave, drove off to the streets.

Nakuru sighed in relief. Her masters had always been like this – always in a hurry. Even their wedding was planned in just a month. Still, what was even faster was the outcome of events for Tomoyo and Eriol.

Eriol volunteered to be a witness in the hearing for Ishikawa and Masato. In a short time, the two were proved to be guilty and was given life imprisonment. Ishikawa left Eriol the museum, which the young artist now manages. He continued on making sculptures and paintings whenever he felt like it, with of course, his young wife on his side.

Tomoyo got over her grief over her family's murder. Her family accepted Eriol and even asked forgiveness for the misunderstanding. In payment of their mistake, they gave Eriol the right to manage their lands and businesses all over Japan. The young singer continued to sing under the contract of the NG corporation. When not working, she manages the house with Nakuru and takes care of the garden and budgeting for Eriol.

The couple both said that they wanted to have two children, a boy and a girl. They would teach them the arts and polish them to become lovers of music, painting and literature. However, it seems that all relatives and friend eager for the babies will have to wait a few more months. Sakura and Syaoran, being the most impatient for Eriol and Tomoyo to get together, never found out the news of the second break-up, and was happy that all went well even though they weren't there to help (they were then enjoying a trip to the Caribbean).

The painting which was the source of all misunderstanding, Tomoyo's father's Caress of Venus, hangs in the hallways of the Hiiragizawa household, it's dazzling entity still awing anyone who sees it. No one lusted for it, now, and it was once again left in peace.

And Nakuru, of course, would remain loyal to her two masters. Even though it was a long battle for satisfaction and happiness, the love story she wished to bloom blossomed into a wonderful relationship, aiming to last a lifetime of bliss and harmony.

--The End—(at last!)

Author's Notes:

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