I slowly tried to open my eyes. It was hard. Realy hard.
And when I finally managed to open them, there was a pair of big, bloodshot eyes staring right into mine. And I tell you, that is one sight you don`t want to see when you wake up.

"Who the dandelion are you?", I `politeley` asked, before seeing that it wasn`t a `who`, but a `what`.

The creature staring down at me had a long, pointy nose, wrinkled, grey skin and long arms and legs. It raised it`s hand, and before I could get up in a defensive stance, the creature snapped it's fingers and vanished.

I groaned and lied back onto the bed. This was most likely not a good idea, as the creature could come back any minute... But the bed was so very soft.Just as I closed my eyes, the door to my `bedroom` opened and someone walked in.
Turning towards the door I saw it was Sirius and Remus, they shifted uncomfortably at my stare.

"Erm," Sirius started, "Kreacher told us you had woken up,"

I raised an eyebrow. Kreacher had to be the ugly little creature. So they had sat Kreacher to watch me.

Remus tucked his hand into his robe and I immediately jumped out of the bed I was lying on, crouching into a fighting stance.
They both frowned before Remus lifted his hand to show me a little bottle full of a disgusting muddy liquid.
I relaxed at seeing the bottle, but didn`t sit down again, preferring to stand. Even if it didn`t look dangerous, it could be fatal.

"It`s a headache potion," Remus told me calmly. I eyed the potion warily. Remus could be lying, either way I did not want to drink that disgusting potion.
"Why would I need that?," I asked him.
"Wel, after being hit with two stunners while being injured, you must have an aweful headache," Sirius told me with raised eyebrows.
"My head is fine," I told them.

Remus sighed and started talking, "I know what you must be feeling now, Nico. You don`t want to look weak in front of us. Especially after we gave you the Veritaserum. But you`re not weak, not even full-trained wizard could have gotten away from that interogation. We only want to help you,"- I gave up listening. I didn`t want to hear this speech. So I did the only natural thing to do.

Pushing past the two wierdoes, I stalked out the door, annoyed of being driven away from the soft bed.
I could hear Sirius and Remus hurrying after me. Trying to get me back inside my room to drink the damned potion.
Suffice to say - I ignored them.

I could see the twins from yesterday (At least I thought I had only slept for the night) and ran up to them.
"Where is the nearest McDonalds from here?," I asked them, keeping an eye out for the potion duo.

"Why do you want to know?," One of them asked.
"Why should we tell you?," The other asked.

I glared at them as my stomach grumbled.
"I need a happy meal," I growled at them.

They both looked at each other and shrugged.
"It doesn`t matter anyway," Twin one began.
"As the adults won`t let you out," Twin two continued.
"But it`s about two kilometers from here," Twin one told me.
"Oh, and don`t ask how we knew it and don`t tell our mom we told you!," They both finnished.

I was already on mt merry way to the McDonalds before they were done.


I sighed happily while I ate the last bits of my precious Happy Meal. It didn`t tast completly like I`m used to, but I wasn`t sure if it was because I was in the past or because I was in britain.

I was a little miffed thought - They didn`t have toys in the Happy Meal...
Eating the last fries I looked forlornly down at my now empty happy meal, sad that it was empty so soon...

I contemplated what I was going to to now... First of, throw the empty Happy Meal in the trash can. Next... Go shightseeing in London or shadow travel back to the wierdoes or shadow travel back to camp or shadow travel down to the underworld and ask my father dearest of help... Somehow, neit

her of these options sounded very tempting...

Contemplating my dilemma, I spied at the people around me.
There was a old, gray-haired woman in a horrible PINK suit. I gagged behind my hand, looking away from the terrifying sight. Pink was the personification of evil and disgusting things. I was sure of it.

I suddenly felt a pricking sensation on my back, as if someone was watching me. Turning around slightly, I quickly and quietly got up fingering my stygian iron sword the whole time.
Casually throwing the Happy Meal into the trash can and walking out of the McDonalds. Someone (most likely a monster) was following me.

After what was probably five minutes of walking around, with the monster still following me, I turned into a dark alley and waited, with my stygian iron sword ready for attack.
I could see the shadow of the follower nearing, it looked humanoid, so I could only guess that the monster was in disguise.
The monster finally came inside the alley... It was one of the wizards. The pink haired one - Munks or something.

And she had one of those cursed wands pointed at me.

Her eyes widened at my sword and she faltered a bit before screaming out, "STUPIFY!", and I blacked out. This happened way to often for my liking.

Sorry for the long wait, but I was so sick that I slept nearly all the time...

PS. Do you readers want Nico to be gay, Straight or Bisexual? And who to pair him with, or not pair him with? Should he be a loner?