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Blüdhaven, October 20th

Blüdhaven, a place where hell is a promotion, and all those a little too course and too vile for Gotham call home. A place Jason Todd believed was perfect for him, heinous crimes of all caliber a place prime for the picking but probably the number one reason this city cried out to him, no Bat.

He stood on the rooftop taking in a deep breath, it smelt like blood nearby. An evil smile flashed on his lips and he took off to find the source of the coppery smell. He dropped to a nearby building still scouring both alleys and rooftops, He skidded to a stop as he caught something from his peripherals, something black and blue. He moved to the edge of the roof and watched silently as Nightwing battled with a group of well-trained men.

The blue bird was backed into a corner, and for a second Jason contemplated making the numbers more even but quickly decided against it as the lithe acrobat used one of the man's shoulders as a spring-board, and landed behind the group, how quickly things turned now as the vigilante pressed the attack. Jason watched in interest a part of him still in awe of the former robin.

The masked man dodged the punch from the largest assailant, the fist flew past his ear and Nightwing grabbed the forearm and twisted it yanking the man forward, Jason flinched at the very audible pop and the cry that followed, in pain and confusion the man launched himself at the crime fighter only to be sent reeling with a firm kick to his chest. Another fist flew and another, each was blocked and then countered. The blue bird ran to the wall only to spring from it and kick the man closest to him in the head.

Jason cringed hearing the contact and watching the man's head whip with such force. He moved to a get a better view of the fight. As he moved he saw a few hits land on the blue bird but he still fought. He was above them now and watching in earnest as that catlike body twisted and flexed, however just as soon as it started it was done. Four men on the asphalt and Nightwing standing over them like he was a wild predator examining his prey. He knelt on one knee and probed their bodies for evidence to some case.

The younger brother decided the fun was over and began to silently sneaky off into the distance, he didn't need the golden boy to give chase. Who would have thought the little blue bird was so fun to watch? Who would have thought he was a voyeur? He began laughing and walked to another roof and then another.

Nightwing crouched over the bodies as he scoured for proof positive, his eyes narrowed as he stared at a small mechanical device. He raised it to his gaze and then his ear.

"A com-link?" He moved to investigate further, searching the others for similar devices. Each and every one of them had a device in their ears. As he was searching the last one a tall shadow loomed from behind him.

Dick smiled, "I knew you were watching Jason," He stood up, "You could have help-" He turns realizing something more menacing awaited behind him,"Jesus, Batman give me a heart attack," He crouched back down daddy bat doing the same.

"Looks like you were right, they are highly organized but what is there goal?"

"Human trafficking, there is news of a half a dozen shipping containers full of men and woman who were headed to Europe." He older man looked down at Nightwing, "Most between the ages of 12 and 30 years old."

The smaller looked up into the sky, "Is this where you tell me you don't need my help anymore, Batman?" he sighed, "Or that's its too dangerous?"

"Actually, this when we change tactic's and one of us goes undercover," Batman looks to his former partner.

Nightwing cringed but then quickly smirked, "Why do I feel like one of us is me?" His answer came in the form a sly smile.

Blüdhaven, November 1st

Jason found Blüdhaven rather lonely lately, he wasn't quiet sure why but the absences of his `brother` made the city feel empty, to make matters worse there was a rather high amount of bats and birds scouring the city. He had followed them plenty of times but never did he catch a glimpse of that pretty little blue bird and those piercing blue eyes.

No one would describe Jason Todd as a over-protective sibling, however the sinking feeling in his stomach was begging him to check it out. He sighed knowing he should just ignore that sinking feeling and go out on patrol. Well maybe he could swing by Golden Boy's apartment during his patrol and say hello, he most definitely was not checking on him.

So he set off to do his rounds trying to ignore that ever growing dread, He soared through the air, the wind on his face doing much to calm himself, with another line he quickly reached the docks. Within a few second of landing he noticed a group of man tackle a woman and holding her down. He jumped off the roof landing behind the men so gracefully that even Grayson would be proud. His movements were quick and silent as he dispatched two of the men, stalking his way the the last two.

When a fist flew past his head he countered and grabbed the assailants arm, with a rough twist he dislocated the man's appendage, with the disjointed limb still in hand he crushed the goons humerus in one bone shattering blow. When the man began to scream in panic, the masked vigilante drew his 45. and with a sly smirk he pulled the trigger, blood splattering against his red helmet.

He used the wall as a pivot point his fist making the contact against the face of the last man. Jason watched as he fell a gleeful smirk on his lips. He walked to the woman, his expression behind the mask softened as he helped her to her feet. Before she could even thank the vigilante, Jason was gone.

It was already four A.M and yet he knew he couldn't put off the inevitable forever. He stilled himself as he crept ever nearer to Grayson's apartment. As we watched from the distances he saw no light, and no moment inside the building this only pushed him closer until he was on the ledge peering in Goldie's window.

He disabled the bats security and crawled in though the window careful not to disturbed what could be a crime scene. The place looked ransacked but Grayson's Apartment usually did, but this was different someone was here recently, looking for something. Perhaps the high number of bat sightings recently could explain the mystery. He moved closer to the master bedroom, his gaze looking for something that could help his search, his hunt. His hand touched the brass handle, when he found it stuck he used his shoulder to shove it open. He removed his helmet and sighed, "I should have known you would be here" His eyes flickered to those behind the cowl. "So I am guessing I am not the only one whose noticed the absences of a certain golden boy."

"What are you doing here Jason?" He sighed while walking closer to his wayward son, "You wouldn't be concerned for Nightwing, now would you." The smile in his voice was clear.

"I wouldn't say concerned," He crouched down and picked up Dick's phone. "I wouldn't care except his disappearance came with an influx of Pretenders and Bats." his eyes searching the recent messages to find clues

Silence fell between the two.

"Well?" Jason snapped when he realized he wasn't going to tell him what he knew about it.

"We were working together to take down a trafficking ring," The bat said in a hushed tone, "Nightwing, went inside to gain more Intel and to bring this ring down, this was two weeks ago."

Jason's eyes narrowed, "What?" He growled, "What aren't you telling me?"

"Since he was gone in we have lost all contact with him," The bats voiced sounded distant, "A lot can happen in two weeks."

Jason sneered at his former partner,"Just like always, you say jump and he ask how high," He shook his head, "It's amazing, still willing to sacrifice anything for your mission."

"This was his choice, Jason, he knew there were no other options,"

The Mask Vigilante sneered at his former mentor, "Says the man that allows a fucking 10 year old to fight CRIME!" He shakes his head, "There are always other option's Bruce."

The Dark Knight advanced on the obstinate young man.

"What's your plan to find him." His voice sounded more calm and collected, "I mean you always have contingency plans."

"I didn't know you were so invested " the older of the two taunted.

Of course he was invested he had called dibs on the Blue Birds assets years ago and he would be damned if some twisted old stranger conquer those promise lands before he did.

"I can help," Jason stated matter of factually.

"I can't send you in as well" Batman said to the young man. "You might end up the same way, Lost"

"Well, It's better then risking one of the bird." Jason sighed cursing himself for waiting so long to check on him.

Finally the two of them face each other, Jason standing two inches Shorter, "Your still one of my birds Jason, and no matter what you do you always will be "

Jason diverted his gaze unable to meet the shielded eyes of his mentor, "This isn't a family reunion, lets just focus and get Goldie back home,"