AN: Have you ever noticed how similar the titans' smiles are to that of the Truth's or the Amestrian army's mannequins in FMA Brotherhood? This was a concept niggling at the back of my mind, if there's interest, I'll continue to post chapters, otherwise it'll just be what it is.

"What incredible energy!" Father exclaimed from his place in the center of the nationwide array. "I can barely contain it! And with this energy, I will open this planet's gate!" The five sacrifices struggled in vain as their bodies were forced into a pentagram that tore the very essence of the world from the gate that contained it. The countrywide array activated, sucking the souls of all Amestrian citizens into the philosopher's stone at Father's core. The planetary Gate opened, and Father activated his other array, ready to ascend to Godhood. He had thought that he had enough power to absorb the Gate of the world, but somehow his calculations came short. Rebound struck him, shattering his philosopher's stone into millions of souls, scattering across Amestris and growing into 15 meter human-like images of the Truth. The philosopher's stones in Father's homunculi shattered from sympathetic vibrations creating smaller, 5 or 7 meter creatures. These mindless quazi-homunculi, driven by instinct, searched for human souls to consume in order to power their shard of philosopher's stone located in the back of their necks. The only Amestrians who survived the making of the philosopher's stone and the rebound, the 5 sacrifices, were swallowed by the Gate.

412 years passed, Amestris completely forgotten, and the walls Maria, Rose, and Sina erected in a circular form based imprecisely on the geography of the only land that wasn't infested with Titans. Wall Sina sat mere meters from the place that once held Central Headquarters. The moon drifted closer to its zenith, as did the sun. Many who observed the sky were convinced that the moon and sun would crash, bringing upon them the end of the world; while the priests insisted the walls would protect them. Titans crowded Wall Rose with an uncharacteristic urgency that only further convinced the people of their doom. Darkness gradually overtook the sky, until it was interrupted by lightning that rose from the ground rather than falling from the sky. A gate appeared flush with Wall Sina, facing out into the lands of Rose. It ominously opened its doors, and black hands with unbelievably long arms reached out in a thick bundle. Just as the people thought a new terror had come to kil lthem all, the hands deposited a small pile of bodies on the ground and withdrew into the gate. Both Gate and hands vanished from sight.

"Al," a boy called out in desperation, followed by a triumphant cheer. "AL! You got your body back!"