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"Get up, jerk!" Eren sighed, turning away from the noise. There was resistance, and a clinking sound. His wrists were heavy and cold. In his house, with mom in the other room, he didn't want to wake. Especially for that voice!

"Hey! Jerk! I know you're awake, so get up and talk to me!" That was Ed, for sure. He wasn't the only one who called Eren a jerk, but he was the only one who spoke as though it was Eren's name. "Eren Jaeger, if you don't start talking to me I'll transmute your underwear into steel this time!" Reluctantly, he opened his eyes, expecting and not disappointed to see that hated smirk

Ed had allowed himself a Colonel Bastard smirk, perfected after hours at the mirror all for The Jerk's sake. Eren hated him for his part -however unwilling- in the creation of the titans. During their training, they'd made each others lives a living hell. Ed wasn't fond of emulating colonel bastard in even the smallest way, (I AM NOT SO SMALL THAT YOU'D NEED A MICROSCOPE TO EVEN NOTICE THAT I WAS SMIRKING!) But, if it was possible, Eren hated Mustang more than he ever did. For that reason alone, Ed was willing to make an exception.

"Where is Mikasa?" Eren asked sleepily.

That was all that was on his mind? He's chained up in some underground prison and his first thought is for the girl he tried to kill?

No accounting for some peoples stupid! Ed shrugged, or at least tried to. His automail was taken, so his jailers had improvised with the spare chains from the empty cells to keep him where he was put.

"You're in jail, Stupid Jerk. They're deciding whether or not to kill you."

"That must be why you're here, too. They're finally going to do something about you betraying your own species!" Eren glared at him.

If Ed wasn't chained so tight he couldn't even shrug, that jerk would have already been a broken mess on the floor!

Mustang wandered the halls beneath Kimblee's ramshackle house. The man had gone out to 'hunt'. When pressed about what -or who- he was going to kill, he admitted that his primary purpose for the outing was to make some beautiful explosions in a nearby hot spring. He'd promised to bring back some boiled rabbit for supper though, as if that consolation made up for his selfish abandonment.

He assumed his glasses were gone. However, as much as Kimblee claimed he'd matured in his lengthened lifespan, Roy just couldn't shake the feeling that the only thing keeping him here, the need for his sight, was simply hanging slightly out of reach somewhere exceedingly visible. That was the Kimblee he knew, and he wasn't sure even three centuries was enough time to change that man's sense of irony.

The underground tunnels were part of the 300 year old system that Father had originally built. When asked why he hadn't just used them for slipping under the walls, Kimblee informed him the walls blocked outsiders from the city, even this deep down. Now that he'd found the end of a tunnel, where it intersected with the outermost wall, he felt along the surface to try to understand how it was made.

"Father's creation," Mustang imitated Kimblee's voice. "Built to trap the world's only remaining alchemist behind a wall of elements with varying and unnaturally heavy atomic mass. 50 years to figure out the alchemy to carve out a simple gate, and another 30 to make enough gates to house a civilization." The man had muttered at the time about Father using his very own collection as the outer wall.

"What on earth was he collecting that could contribute to a wall like this?" Mustang mused aloud.

A Titan hand closed around his body, squeezing him tight.

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