"What is that?" Shadis asked incredulously, pointing to the ground. The other military personnel pushed their way through the crowd.

"My arm," Ed explained between a somersault and a back flip. Without the extra weight, his body was straight in the gear, but he'd grown used to the weight of automail when fighting, which was where he practised most of his airborne maneuvers. It was tough to achieve the same level of precision without it. And because of that, Colonel Bastard was up-showing him!

"It's made of metal!"

"Yeah? So what? It's automail, it's supposed to be."

"For the Love of God, somebody show this to the engineers!"

The other recruits were jeering at Ed, as he and Annie faced off. It had been minutes of intense battle, as they were equally matched - when Ed was one- handed. Eventually, Annie won a hard earned victory. Ed limped over to a trough, to wash off the sweat. As Roy approached with a towel, he caught him muttering,

"I don't know what her problem is, attacking me out of nowhere like that."

"I believe," Roy said in the manner that he knew riled Ed up. "Her problem was your claim that you could 'beat her with one arm tied behind your back,' then implied that it wouldn't be fair to fight her now because simply missing an arm wasn't enough of a handicap."

"I can't help it if those idiot engineers can't get a diagram done in a reasonable time frame! Ugh, what'm I gonna do when they want to borrow my leg? If Winry finds out, she'll..." He dropped onto a nearby bench, "Winry would've thrown her entire set of wrenches at me if she'd found out I'd let anyone touch her creation." Roy's awkward cough, and the lame (but believable) excuse of being summoned by the drill sargeant, gave away his discomfort.