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"May I take your order?" I say boredly, not even bothering to look at the customer. "Yeah, I'll have the... Jinx?" I felt my body freeze at my old name. I look up to see...

1 year ago

I ran through the streets. Away from the fight and my former team, now frozen. The battle was over, yes. But I didn't know what to do. I felt so much guilt. I had to do something. So I ran. I want to be a good guy... But I just don't think I can yet. I need to... take a break all together...

"Jinx!" I hear a soft voice call from the distance. I know he can catch up with me. He is the fastest boy alive. But I know hes not very good at looking. I run behind a garbage dump in a dark alleyway. I hear him run by, calling my name. I sit there for a while. Thinking of what I should do. A plan starts to form in my head. I will go somewhere else... I think maybe Gotham City. I heard its "nice" there. I'll dye my hair. Put contacts in. Hide my identity. Start over. At least for awhile. Maybe one day I will let them find me. But I just need a break. I sigh, then run to find the nearest airport.

1 year later

I busily wipe the tables at my work. "Ann's Diner." A small little place that serves breakfast, and lunch.(btw: I based Ann's off of a restaurant in my town called "Angies." Fun fact) A lot has changed over the past year or so. Once I got to Gotham City, I began to remodel my life. I went to the nearest spa I could find, and had them redo me. My bright pink hair was replaced with a jet black color with blonde highlights. I made sure all of my weird greyish skin was covered with a powder that makes my skin look normal. I bought very expensive contacts. Sadly, my eyes are still cat like, but I just tell people there contacts(haha). I still look a lot like my old self, just with different qualities. I got a job at Ann's about 2 months after I left, and I have been ranked up because of my "positive attitude towards the customers." Very ironic. I have tried dating, but they never work... Because of Kid Flash. I try to date, and my friends try to set my up on dates, but they always fail because all I can think about is his red hair... or blue eyes... Anyways

"Lucky! Lucky Kay Marie! LK!?(Another fun fact: My middle name is Kay) Are ya in ther!?" I hear a voice shout. I look up and see my boss/ best friend looking at me. Her name is Beatrice, but since she thinks it sounds to oldish everyone calls her "Berry." She has a very deep southern accent. She calls me LK(Lucky Kay)

"Sorry Berry I didn't mean to space out." I say, still wiping the table. "LK you've been wipin' that table for 10 minutes!" she says. She says snatching the towel out of my hands. I look at the table. The dark wood was now looking lighter from me wiping it so much and so hard. "Get yur head in the game!" she shouts and whacks my head with the towel. I smirk and go clear off other tables. Berry is very... Unique. She is very Bipolar. One second she can be screaming at you, and the next she can be your best friend. Thats how come we are best friends because I always know what to say. But One of the reasons she is the boss is because she makes sure all the employees(which are all girls. I don't know why) are very strong. We all leave very late at night and she doesn't want the rapists to get us.

"Dun't slouch! Drop and gimme 50!" I hear her shout to one of the newer employees. "O-ok Mrs. Mira." She says. "Mah name is Berry!" she screeches. I chuckle and and clear other tables. I see another working walking hurriedly toward me. One of the waitresses. "Hey Kelly. Can I help you?" I say smiling. "My best friend is having a baby! I need you to take over!" she all but yells. I grab the notepad and nod at her. "I understand. You better go before Berry comes and snaps your neck." I say. She nods and runs out. I begin walking around and taking orders. I suddenly hear a lot of girls squealing like fangirls, and lots of people going over to a specific table... I see Berry coming over so I walk up to meet her.

"Kid Flash we need you to go to Gotham City. Crime has been high and the heros there only need a little more help." Robin drones on. I sit on my chair pretending to listen, but i'm really thinking about the same girl I have been thinking about for a year now."Jinx... Why did you leave me?" I sigh. I look up to see Robin looking at me. "Oh yeah. I'll be going now." I say, and start running to Gotham City. "Hmm... I'm kinda hungry." I think. When I reach Gotham I run around a bit to find a place. I finally spot a little place. "Ann's Diner. Sounds good." I say to myself. As soon as I run in, I get what I expected. People begin crowding me and asking for autographs. I push my way through and finally get to a table. I hear a girl shouting. "Ya'll better move are ya'll be dead by the end of the dey!" a voice shouts. A tall woman with long red berry colored hair comes in. She has deep green eyes and has very smooth skin. Her scowl turns right to a smile as she sees me. "Hello sir I'm sorry you had to go thr'ough that." She says with a southern accent. "Mah name is Mrs. Mira. But e'reyone calls me Berry 'round heya." she says. I smile at her. "It's ok ma'am. I'm just really hungry." "Whell I will send one of mah best waitress o'er." Berry says walking away. I smile then grab the menu. "Can I take your order?" a very high pitched, bored voice says. "Yeah I will have..." I finally look up and the waitress, and my heart stops.

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