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Last time: "Wha-"

I run down the hall with Kid Flash explaining to him that we need to get out of here and get the Titans out of the house. But I have no intention of going with him.

And now the thrilling adventure continues...


Me and Kid Flash get to the elevator. But a plan is former in my head. I ask him what time it is. He looks a watch that I didn't even know he had.

"3:50." He says.

"Good." I say. I shove him into the elevator and hex the buttons. The elevator closes in my front of me. He turns around and starts banging through the glass.

"Jinx!" He yells. I sadly shake my head and put my hand up against the glass.

"Kid Flash I know how to defuse the bomb. If I don't everyone in this city will die." I say tears forming in my eyes.

"B-But you'll come back right? Right?" He yell through the glass. My answer is a shake of the head.

"In order to defuse it I will need to put all my power in it. ALL of it. It will defuse the bomb, but putting that much bad luck into one object will be to much." I look into his eyes, now filled with tears.

"The base will collapse from so much bad luck. I will be too weak to do anything. The bomb will be defused and the BrotherHood's base will be destroyed. And.." I stop to clear my eyes.

"Only one person dies." I say. Kid Flash shakes his head.

"No Jinx No! We have some time! We could-"

"NO!" I yell, cutting him off.

"There is no time to get every single person out of the city." I say.

"Kid Flash there is no other option. B-but." I sigh. I look up with a watery smile.

"Know that no matter what happens, I will always be will you... Because I love you." I say. I pull my hand away, kiss it, then press it up against the glass. He does the same, and puts his head on the glass. I do the same. i lift my head up and wipe away my tears.

"Goodbye. Wally West." I say, using his real name.

"Wait Jinx!" He tries. But I don't want to hear it. I slam my head on the already almost broken buttons, sending the elevator to fritz out and send it hurtling up towards the surface.

"Goodbye." I whisper.

It doesn't take me very long to find the bomb. Which I didn't find surprising. The villains aren't very good at keeping secrets.

It is just a small bomb. It's a square, 1 foot in length, 1 foot in width. But this tiny, glowing, black and grey box is very deceiving. Inside it is more explosive powder than 100 nukes. I breath in a shaky breath, and approach it. But I have an idea before I do. I pull a piece of rock from the wall. I sit on the concrete floor, and crudely right a message as fast as I can. Satisfied I go over to the bomb. I put my hands on it, and begin warming up my power core. I feel tears come down my eyes, and I begin with flashbacks of my life.

"I don't know why I hang out with you nitwits!"

"It's the crudmunchin Teen Titans!"

"Oooh Pie!"

"We will capture the Teen Titans Slade."

"HIVE Five, rob 'em blind."

"What was that!?"

"Kid Flash: Fastest Boy Alive."

"What are you supposed to be a good guy or something."

"Why do you hang around with those losers?"

"Can I get some mustard this sandwich looks a little dry."

"I'm bad luck. Good was never an option for me!"

"Hey sorry I was late, I was just picking up a friend."

"You're with HIM now!? TRAITOR!"

"Goodbye... Everyone." I say. I power up a soul ripping hex, and send it right into the machine. Bad luck shoots everywhere. The once glowing box dims down. I drop to my stomach from exhaustion. I open my blurry eyes for one second to look at the crumbling bases around me. I smile, then close my eyes.

I watch from the end of the tunnel. First, there is nothing. Then, all the windows from the Titans tower break. The left side of the "T" falls off. And I watch as the tunnel, the only thing separating me from Jinx, Crumbles into the ocean. Since all the Villains left, they removed the spell so now you could see the tunnel and the Base. The tunnel crumbles, and so do I. I sink to my knees and weep in despair.


1 week later


We enter which once was the BrotherHood's base. After they discovered the bomb didn't go off, they attacked. But they are back in the ice after a hard butt-whooping. I look around for any sign of Jinx, dead or alive. I don't find anything. The rest of the Teen Titans look around. It's very hard to get around. There is rooms that are completely filled with water, whether from the ocean or a pipe burst. Ceilings and floors and gone or have huge gaping walls in them. Basically saying: It was a wreck. I walk around. There is no sign of her anywhere. We finally get to one of the middle floors after much maneuvering. At first we see nothing, then underneath a piece of ceiling, I see something white. I quickly pull it away and discover writing. I read it, and I am close to tears. But what does bring me to tears, is I see a small, white hand, peeking out from under more of the ceiling. I throw it off her, and I see her there. She's on her stomach, with her eyes closed. She looks so... peaceful. I look at her then the writing. Everyone comes and pats me on the shoulder and leaves, giving me some alone time. I stare at her body for a while, then sink to my knees and cry. After about 5 minutes, I feel something. A soft warmth in the cold darkness of the ruined base. I uncover my eyes and gasp. Standing there, is Jinx.

The first thing I notice is she is see through. She has has a pink aura around her. She seems to float as she approaches me. She speaks in a whispery voice as she puts her hands on my face, wiping away my tears.

"Do not cry, my love." She says.

"Do you remember what I said to you?" She says, smiling. I think for a moment.

"You told me... That no matter what happens you would be with me." I say after a while.

"Yes. And I promise that this is true." She says.

"But do me a favor?" She says, tilting her head. I nod my head. She wipes away more tears/

"Do not cry over me. Don't cry because it's over and gone. Smile because it was there and happened." She says. I nod and hold on to one of her see through hands.

"Jinx.." I say in a whisper. "Are you a ghost?" I ask. Her laugh is soft and jingly.

"No my darling. I am a soul. A spirit. And I have been waiting for you since I died to deliver my dying message. She looks at the floor and points to the message written.

"Did you read this?" She asks.

"Yes I did." I say, my tears dried away. She smiles warmly.

"Good. Keep it in mind every time you miss me. Ok?" She says, fading more and more see through. I simply nod my head. She leans up and kisses me. Then before I know it, she is gone. But I smile and look down at message, and read it out loud.

"Do not cry for what you love. Because it loves you back."

I then walk out of the room.

To this day, no one knows who let the BrotherHood out of the Ice. And none of them have gotten out again. No one knows what happened to the real Berry. She was taken with them, but wasn't there for the fight. Some say she was found on street corner, mumbling to herself. The rumor says she was admitted to a mental hospital.

Kid Flash hasn't cried for Jinx since that day. He sometimes feels her presence in the room with him at night when he is near sleep. And sometimes, in his deep dreaming, he will hear a soft singing from a familiar voice. And will feel fingers running through his hair, as to comfort him.

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