Its scent and yours mixed in a painfully pleasant sensation. The way you slide against me, how the water fondles your spirit and skin. Perfect beauty. Two perfect elements come together and lean against me. You and the water caressing my lips in an awaited soft kiss.


How you call my name. The way you swim, carefree, perfect.

"Haru, you're gonna get sick if you stay there for too long!", you shouted before running to the sea and meet me. At that time I didn't really care, all I wanted was what I always do, swim, be one with the salty texture which enveloped me ever so smoothly…

I sensed you right after you entered the sea, diving in the waves both graceful and aggressively, a Killer Whale. Exactly like the first time we met inside this mystifying element. Your muscular legs impelled your body further, your head sought the surface once more. When my eyes looked to the side, collided against yours, for a moment I lost myself in them and then propelled again, you followed. Side by side we swam for a while.

I can't recall when it started, I don't care either. You're the only one who fully understands this passion I have. Makoto, can you feel this connection? Only we share it, the love water has for us. This freedom, this union.

Your hand reached me and we stopped, gazing to each other. You shifted nearer and half-lidded your eyes. You came closer and stole my lips, taking them in a delicate kiss. I closed my orbs and let us become one.

Rising, we met the surface, the sea is calm, unlike my heart.

"Mako-" I didn't finish as you hold me against you again, it's heavenly… I never thought you requited these unstable feelings.

"Haru, if we don't get out, we'll get sick for sure.", you smile warmly, "I tried callin' ya but seems like the only way of getting' you out was comin' after you.", your voice chuckles, "again."

"With only one condition."

Your features change into a puzzled expression, "What?"

"We'll continue in my tub."

"Sounds a deal."

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