Ally's POV -

I sat alone in this white room. It had no windows and everything on the inside was padded white. Not to mention the arm sling they put me in that tied around the back. My hair was greasy and messy and my eyes had bags under them. One week here and I was already a mess.

I had already been tested on several times with very painful equipment and I take about 5 different pills a day. I couldn't handle it. I always sat alone in my small room that was all too familiar and think back to how much worse it was when I was a little girl. The arm sling was always after I had gotten an electric shot so I didn't spaz out and do anything dangerous.

When I'm not in the arm sling-thing I would write in my songbook/journal and stare at the picture of my friends while holding the locket Austin gave me. I was hurting bad with the loss of my friends.

It got dark and lonely at night and I couldn't sleep, no matter how hard I tried. It became hard for me to walk at times with all the pills giving me hallucinations and delusions.

I sat in the darkness hugging my knees for warmth, voices from my memories running through my head in a whispering echo. I swear, when I'm here the pills are only making things worse. My hand slid into the pocket of my white pants. All the patients wore these creepy white clothes and the doctors all were maturely in black with white lab coats.

I had slipped the room keys from one of the staff that was escorting me back to my room after therapy. They chimed together on the charm and I stared at them while holding my locket and thinking of Austin. I wanted an escape from here, I wanted to go back to Austin and let him hold me in his arms. It was so painful to be away from him and stuck in this evil place that held me captive.

My feet oh-so-slowly glided along the cold cement in the halls. I took in a deep breath when I had made it to the end, all I needed to do now was get downstairs and out of here. Yet it seemed so hard.

I could feel the nightly breeze coming from the window on the wall and I took it in, missing that refreshing feeling. It cooled the skin on my face but I didn't mind. Back in my room the cold and stale breezes I forcefully made weren't as earthly as the natural wind.

I could see the exit and it almost became hard for me to breathe, my heart was racing and I began to sweat. I felt so weak and helpless I could barely move my legs. My feet picked up dust on it's soul but I was ecstatic to feel the dirt between my toes again.

My hand gripped onto the cold metal handle and I pulled back. The breeze blew my hair back out of my face and I was frightened by sirens going off and red lights flashing in the hallways to alert the staff. I could barely even walk, it was pointless to try escape. My knees gave in and I fell to my side, curled up on the ground.

The doctors surrounded me and carried me into a pitch black room. I sat on a wooden chair with my arms crossed over my chest with a long sleeved jacket all tied up at my back. It feels like a horror movie coming to life, only problem is, I'm the victim.

"Wh-what are you doing to me?" I breathed out in a hesitated whisper as they stuck a needle into the side of my arm. My eyes became heavier and forcefully shut together, making my head hang down weakly.

"Wakey-wakey" I heard a familiar voice giggle into my ear. Their fingers brushed my hair behind my ear. I desperately hoped it was all a dream and my mum was waking me up back at home safely. Even if that was when I was only 5, I just wanted this crazy nightmare to end.

But it only grew.

My eyes fluttered open and my vision started off blurry before adjusting to the person before me... Cassidy. She had an evil smirk on her face bending over in front of me. "C-Cassidy" I mumbled gaining feeling back into my body. Those drugs are really powerful.

"In the flesh. Miss me?" she let out an evil cackle.

"What are you doing here? You've won already, came to just rub it in my face and take Austin back for yourself so I can die that much more. When will you just leave me alone, my life is as pathetic as it is" a tear trickled down my face in fear.

She clapped steadily "well done Dawson, you're great at guessing. That's exactly what I came to do" she sighed happily. "Hm, let me see how this has all gone down. I knew about the murder thing already and though you tried to hide your other secret I found it out anyway. Though I used these against you, you still refused to listen to me and hung out with Austin, and look where it's gotten you. You're unloved and unwanted, here is where you belong. You'll think me some day when you realise it was a good thing I sent you back here"

"We didn't murder anybody. It was a car accident!" more tears fell. I look bad enough as it is, now I have tear stains on my dried up cheeks.

"It may have been an accident but you chose to hide the body in a frozen pond, under the ice. I was your friend at the time and chose to keep this a secret because I was too young to understand anything. But after what happened between you and Jason I couldn't trust you anymore. So there I was thinking, I trusted you and you hurt me, so now I'm returning the favour. You took the guy I was in love with and rubbed it in! So I took it all and pushed you down without a fight"

She spat with a poisonous hiss at me.

"Look Cassidy, I'm sorry about Jason. I liked him at the time too but I knew how much you liked him. So when Jason took me out I felt so bad I broke up with him, but it was too late. I lost your friendship and I still wish to this day I would have said no to Jason in the first place. Both of us would be living our fairytale lives we had made up as kids today if I hadn't have screwed it up. And I'm truly sorry I hurt you"

"Fairytales don't exist" now even Cassidy was crying. All those painful memories of her catching Jason and I on a date when I knew she liked him. I would take it all back and re-do it if I could. "You're only saying that because your life is all shit and messed up. You wouldn't have taken any of it back, I know you wouldn't" she shook her head and with her heels clicking on the cement floor she left with a slam of the door.

Why couldn't I have just died when I was here the first time. Or just stayed in this hell hole. I wouldn't have met Cassidy, never gotten into that crash, had to lie and screw up a friendship that lead me all the way back here. I could have skipped it all if I had stayed.

"Shh, it's okay" a hushing voice echoed in the corner of the room. I looked around and there wasn't anyone.

"Who's there?" I sniffed wiping my tears. A little girl stood out from the shadow in the corner. She was dressed like me (being a patient obviously) her eyes had bags under them, her blonde hair was a mess and she had bruises on her neck and chest disappearing under her shirt.

She came over to me and untied the long jacket that tied behind me. I stretched out my legs regaining all the feeling in them again. When I took a step I instantly fell to the ground and hissed.

"Stay down, you need to rest" she sat beside me. The girl looked only about 13 or so.

"I'm Avalon" she whispered quietly.

"Ally. How long have you been here?" my voice was weak from crying.

"5 years, I came here when I was 8... I was put in Foster care but my last family caught me talking to the plants in our garden. It happened often and they put me here" I could hear the pain in her voice.

"I was obsessed with death first time I came here, but I escaped and it only lead me back" I was defeated. Nothing could turn my life around. I escaped once, but overtime while I had been gone there was an upgraded security system. Nobody could get out. We were all trapped like prisoners.

She shivered beside me in the cold room and I pulled her closer to me for support. Avalon sat in my lap as I hugged her, letting out tears. "I want to get out of here" she croaked.

"Shhh, it's okay. Everyone does, but we'll find a way. I promise" I stoked her blonde hair. She was only young and must be missing her old life. I've seen other patients here, their depressed and sour expressions, desiring freedom once again. All anybody in this building wanted to do was escape, but I don't blame them.