Summary: AU after season 6, Willow has been back and is still a practicing witch. Spike has a soul and has been accepted into the Scoobies and life couldn't be better. So how come Buffy and Spike are so distant with one another? Dawn figures if they knew more about each other their "relationship" wouldn't be so strained. Could she be right?

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Chapter 1

Willow and Dawn were sitting at the kitchen table whispering and giggling between each other. Buffy was finishing up laundry when she noticed the two. When they saw her, they instantly stopped their conversation.

"Ok, I don't know what you two are up to, but it can only lead to nothing good, I'm sure."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Oh, we were just trying to decide which movie to watch tonight. Spike should be here soon and we all know what he usually picks. So we're going to beat him to the punch this time."

Buffy stood there holding a full laundry basket for a second. "Oh...sure."

At that moment, Spike knocked twice on the back door before letting himself in. Every Saturday evening was a set routine by now. Spike would show up at sunset, and he and the girls would have a night of take out (or delivery), movies, games and serious munchies. Willow and Dawn really enjoyed Spike's company and Buffy tolerated him. Ever since he came back with a soul and apologized profusely for his past actions, he became a member of the Scoobs, and a good friend, but Buffy and he remained indifferent.

Dawn knew Spike still loved Buffy very much. She could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice whenever Buffy was around. She also believed that Buffy cared deeply about Spike. She would never admit it, but Buffy didn't know him like Dawn and Willow did. What Buffy didn't know was that while she was finishing her chores, Willow and Dawn were conspiring. The group would start their evening out normally, but there were going to be a few added surprises to endure.

Their pizzas and breadsticks arrived on time and they sat and ate while catching up on the week's happenings with one another. A cozy situation regardless of this odd family consisting of a slayer, a witch, a vampire with a soul, mind you, and a teenager who had only existed on this planet for a little over two years. This Saturday was Dawn's choice.

Enthusiastically she bounced in her chair. "Let's play 20 questions." Her decision was met with stares and a few choice words with added grumbles and mumbles. Willow sat back and smiled. Dawn pouted at the response. "I think it will be fun."

Buffy tilted her head. "You would...alright, what are the rules?"

Dawn got excited again. "I'll start. You ask the person to your left a question and they have to answer truthfully. Then that person asks the next to their left and so on. When it gets back to me, we start the opposite way. Got it?"

Spike shook his head. "I can't believe...I feel like I'm at a girly slumber party...we're not having makeovers any time soon, are we?"

Willow snickered. "Keep it up, blondie, and you'll be the first in the makeover chair."

"Being quiet now," and he sat back looking defeated.

Dawn started, "Ok, Willow, um, have you ever kissed Xander on the lips?"

Spike grimaced and shuddered, "Eww, disgusting. Do we have to hear of such things?"

Dawn pointed a finger at him, "Shush."

Willow smiled, recalling past Xander moments. "Yes, full lip locking madness."

Spike mumbled, "More than I ever wanted to know."

Willow continued. "Buffy, have you ever cheated on any of your boyfriends?"

Spike seemed interested now. Buffy looked at all three of them. " definite no." Spike seemed to deflate. "Ok, Spike, what is your real hair color?"

He smirked, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Dawn seemed miffed, "Spike, you have to answer...and truthfully."

"Oh,'s brown. Happy?"

At that moment, Willow cut in. "You know what, I have a better idea."

Spike was annoyed. "Wait, I didn't get to ask my question."

"Oh, you'll get your chance. Dawnie and I are going to make an ice cream run. You and Buffy are going to play the game by yourselves." Buffy's mouth opened and closed. She hadn't noticed Dawn was already standing with the door wide open waiting for Willow. The two stood in the doorway when Willow turned and swept her arm through the air, muttering some sort of gibberish.

Both Buffy and Spike were standing now. "What's going on?" "What's that all about?" they asked simultaneously.

"You two are stranded here, and until you have learned 10 new things about one another, you will not be able to leave. We'll check back with you in a couple of hours....And no fighting...or killing." She finished with a smirk.

Buffy looked scared, "But..."

Spike was rendered speechless.

Dawn smiled earnestly. "See ya' later."

Buffy sat back down slowly. "I knew they were up to something evil and sinister."

"Yeah, those evil-doers."

"Yeah," she mumbled.

"Well, pet, what now?"

Buffy looked up at him and doing her best Dawn imitation, she excitedly asked, "Wanna play 20 questions?"

"You've lost it, Slayer. Alright then...but it's just supposed to be 10 questions know, Will said only 10 new things."

Buffy sat back in her chair, "Yeah, well...let's get this over with."


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