Ch. 7: A Nerd's Vengeance

The can of paint and feathers spill all over Wally and Bai Tsa as Stacey and the girls laugh at them. Wally angrily looks at the stuff all over him and looks at Stacey and her group as they continue to laugh. The Teens, Mikey, and Tchang Zu give nervous looks at the thought of what's gonna happen next. Wally's eyes suddenly glow red; his teeth turn into fangs; his black hair grows to Tso Lan's length; and he begins to sprout bug-like arms with claws underneath his own arms. Wally is getting angrier and angrier, making the food and equipment float an inch or so.

"Wally, stay calm!" Bai Tsa told him while assuring him, "Stacey and her friends will be punished."

"They will be punished…BY MEE!" he screamed as the transformation becomes complete.

"Cody, call Jackie and Uncle, and tell them to get over here fast," Colleen ordered as she gives Cody her cell phone.

The J-Teens run to stop Wally. Tchang Zu grabs Mikey by the forearm.

"I'm getting you out of here!" Tchang Zu said as they run.

Wally sees Mikey leaving and realizes that this prank is his idea as well. He waves his hands, and makes the tables and food dishes block all the exits. Then, he makes all the cables come to life and wrapped them around the Popular Posse. Stacey and the others are struggling to get out of the cables. Tchang Zu tries to rip the cable, but Wally uses his power to push him off the pier and into the water. Then, Wally uses his power to make the Popular Posse float into the air and toward power cables.

"Ready to volt, Popular Posse?" Wally jokingly asks as he makes them float closer and closer to the powerlines.

Suddenly, he is splashed with a huge amount of water. Bai Tsa and Colleen use their water powers to distract him. Wally is so blinded by rage, he uses his power against them, but they dodged his power. Cody and Ice grab onto him, but wall pushes Cody to the refreshment table and Ice to the "Test Your Strength" game, making the bell ring. Hsi Wu and Drago try an air attack to distract him, but Wally uses the power of gravity to make them both heavy as rocks. He is about to finish them off when Colleen blocks his way.

"Wally, Stop!" Colleen cried out, "We are only trying to help you! Look around!"

Wally looks around and sees how afraid the students are and how much damage he has caused.

"Wally, you became worse than the Popular Posse when you used your powers to hurt people, even those who stuck up for you," Drago stated.

Wally is saddened with all he has done. As he relaxed himself, he lowers the Popular Posse back down. Uncle and Jackie came in with the Chi-O-Matic and a jar with a spell.

"What's the jar for?" Jackie asks.

"This mist will release the same vapor that wiped Tohru's memory and used on the people who saw everything that has happened, but we may sacrifice Wally in order to give reasonable explanation for what did occur her," Uncle explained.

"I hope Colleen doesn't get too upset about sacrificing a friend," Jackie said.