The rays of light shown throw the blinds and hit Onodera directly in the face. He slowly got up from the bed he was now occupying.

He then reached for his alarm clock only to feel another hand where it should be. His mind still half awake he looked up to see Takano sleeping right next to him.

He suddenly fully woke up to remember how the two spent the night together. He looked around the room to realize that he wasn't in his bedroom but Takano's. He knew this because the room he was in now was actually clean unlike his own room.

The blood all rushed to his face as he came to the realization of where he was. "I have got to get out of here" he removed the covers from himself only to find he was totally naked.

He started to freak out at this point. As he was about to get up a hand reached out pulling him down and back to the bed.

Takano then put both of his strong arms around Onodera so that he couldn't escape. "Takano-san would you please let me go and wait weren't you asleep a second ago WERE YOU TRICKING ME" Onerdara yelled.

"Be quiet alright" Takano said a glare suddenly covering his eyes " It is five in the morning".

'THEN LET GO OF ME" Onodera yelled making sure to keep struggling. "

Just a little more" Takano said slipping into another sleeping state.

"Takano-san hey um urg f-fine" Onodera said finally giving up the struggle and burying his head in to the stomach the blush getting even more red than it was before.

The two woke up at six since they had to get to work at eight.

"I have to get home now Takano-san to take a shower and get ready" Onodera said about to head out the door. A hand suddenly slammed the door shut and took Onerdara by the neck pulling him back into a body that was bigger than his and had no shirt on.

"Um Takano-san" Onodera said still trying to get free.

"Stay here and get ready I mean..." by this time Onodera shut his eyes trying to get rid of the blush that played on his cheeks.

"How can you even get ready in a dirty place like that anyway" Takano said turning Onodera around.

"Huh wait WHAT, my place is not that bad" Onodera was saying trying to defend his living place and now following Takano into his living room still ranting.

"Whatever just here take a shower" He Takano answered throwing a towel in Onodera's direction.

"Huh" Onodera said as he stared down at the towel.

"Unless you want me to come in with you" Takano said a smirk played on his face.

"What no way I-i can d-do it my-myself. Onodera said now getting very flustered the blush going all the way up to his ears. Takano then looked back and started to walk toward Onodera. He flinched as he saw Takano's hand reach for him.

"Relax I was just kidding ok" He said, the hand just softly reaching over and patting him on the head.

~Later in the shower~

"It is not love there in no way I could possibly love Takano right...RIGHT" Onodera thought to himself. The beads of water slowly washed over him covering his entire body.


Onodera got out of the shower all nice and clean. Next Takano went in, this is when Onodera escaped in to his own apartment.

After he finish getting ready he was about to head out. As he opened the door the door neighboring him just HAD to open too. As we all guessed Onodera scowled the entire way to work.

Hello everyone, my name is Anime Cherry Blosoms or ACB for short. I am sorry this chapter was a little boring but it will get better I promise. Anyway I hope you enjoyed ^^. Please comment