"Takano-san what are you doing her-" Onodera stopped in the middle of the sentence as Takano had decided to quickly go up to him and take him by his wrist.

He pulled Onodera away from Arashi who had previously had his arm around his shoulder. The two bigger males then proceeded to have a glare contest in the middle of the hallway.

"Who are you" Takano said not looking happy at all.

"Oh me I am Onodera's new mangaka, Arashi Enma and his new… friend" Arashi said with a creepy smirk spread across his face. As Arashi said that he was Onodera's new mangaka his face pulled into an irritated smile.

"Well it is good that you two met but I do not think that editors should make 'friends' with mangaka so if you will excuse us" Takano said as he took Onodera by the wrist again.

"Bye Ritsu-chan I can't wait to see you again"

"Oh bye Arashi-sempi"

As Takano heard Onodera say the word 'sempi' he stopped for a second but then continued on to pull Onodera and him both into his apartment. As they shut the door Takano pushed Onodera against it.

"Takano-san you shouldn't be mean to one of our new workers and he has been really nice to me so"



"Why… did you call that man sempi"

"Well he is older than me and…." Onodera trailed off remembering about his 'saga-sempi' faze. He blushed deep red and looked away from Takano whose hair now covered his eyes.

"Please… never call… anyone else that …please" Onodera felt so awful for bringing up so painful memory's although he didn't mean to.

"Please let me go Takano-san it is late and…." Onodera just remembered that they didn't have work tomorrow since it is the weekend.

"Let's spend the day together tomorrow"

"but I have to clean my apartment yea it does need a nice cleaning right hahaha…" Onodera laughed nervously.

Takano picked his head up, he and Onodera stared in to each other's eyes before Onodera ripped his head away.

"I really have to go now Takano-san" Onodera moved out of Takano's grasp and opened up the door just to run back to his apartment right next door.

As he opened up the door Takano moved his hand off the door and his hair covered his eyes yet again. The image flashed in Onodera's mind as he shut the door to his apartment and sat down on the floor.

He couldn't believe he just did that to Takano. He felt like the most awful human being on the planet at that moment

. I mean it wasn't like he wanted Takano to feel bad but all he wanted was a work relationship… right but then why was he feeling a deep pain in his chest. He felt like crying for making Takano upset.

But then he got an idea. What if tomorrow he went and apologies to him. Would that make anything better? So Onodera decided to sleep on it and went on to bed.

~Arashi's point of view~

The man I just met had pulled my Ritsu away from me. MY Ritsu.

I mean who just was he to Ritsu anyway. Was he a lover no…. no way Ritsu would ever cheat on me, that is if we ever go out with each other but tonight was great. We both work so well tighter we would make a perfect couple.

So my little Ritsu-chan I will be waiting for you to find your feelings for me. I know you will someday.










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