The next morning Onodera woke up with a splitting headache. He felt so horrible.

"Shit I need some medicine I might be sick" He thought as he stood up from his bed.

Knock KnockKnock, The thumping in his head increased as he heard the insufferable knocking on the other side of his door. He know hated whoever was on the other side of the door, it didn't matter who it even was.

Although he just kept hearing the Knock Knock Knocking and the occasional "Onodera" even though it was a little muffled.

After a little while he stood up and put his hand to his head not able to take it anymore. The annoyed manga editor opened up his door then to see his boss standing in front of him.

"Onodera why didn't you open up the door sooner, I thought you died or passed out again"

Onodera hated when he did that just to get a reaction, he is- "oh no" Onodera thought "I feel a little light headed".

His eyes felt heavy as he fell straight in to Takano's arms. He then drifted off to sleep, "Onodera….. ONODERA" Takano yelled.

He reached up and touched his subordinate's forehead, it was burning. Takano rushed him to his apartment since it was cleaner and put him to bed.

"This idiot why couldn't he just tell me he was sick".

Takano sat up after checking Onodera's forehead again and was about to get a cold pad when a hand reached out and grabbed him by the hem of his shirt. Takano looked down surprised to see Onodera had woken up from his delirium.

"Onodera" Takano said, Onodera was making the cutest face at that moment but Takano had to hold back.

His eyes clouded, his mouth was slightly open panting and his face had a red blush over it.

"I'm sorry" Onodera said in a small voice.


"I'm sorry for making you mad"

"I am not mad"

"Yea you are and it is all my fault"

"Onodera everything is all right now" Takano held Onodera in his arms



"I am sorry"

"Onoder-" Takano was cut off as Onodera slammed their lips together and stuck his tongue in Takano's mouth. Both of them melt in the kiss as Onodera pulled Takano on the bed and mounted him.

"Onodera you're sick"

"Please" he begged.

Onodera then reached down and roughly grabbed Takano's crotch.

"Takano-san you are already hard you know"

Onodera kept rubbing up against his lower part of his body with his hand then proceeded to start rubbing both of their erections together as both moaned in harmony.

"You are sick Onodera you should be resting" Takano said although he knew he was loving the new dominate Onodera

First Onodera striped his own shirt then Takano's next came both of the editor's pants.

As both were naked Onodera still mounting Takano, all he could do was stare at the love of his life for the past ten years.

Then Onodera started to suck Takano as he made devious moans in to the bobbing motions. Although Takano could make out a blush that was not cause by the sickness the smaller male had.

Takano being the gentleman that he is took Onodera's in his hand and started to stroke it as well. This caused Onodera to release Takano and shiver into the touch. Then he went back to his blow job. As both came shouting each other's name both collapsed.

Although Onodera wasn't done just yet. He reached down and took his own fingers and made them really wet. Takano watched as Onodera took out his fingers and put the back in his mouth over and over again.

When he thought they were wet enough he slipped them out of his mouth and bent over so he was on his hands and knees. Next he brought his moist fingers up to his bottom and began fingering himself.

All Takano could do is watch in awe as his Onodera was moaning such sweet sounds right in front of him and he couldn't ever help. Onodera added two more fingers and started to pound them in to his ass making the most delicious sounds.

Takano couldn't hold back any more it didn't even matter to him that Onodera was sick any more.

He flipped Onodera over and stuck himself in Onodera. They both started moaning. It wasn't too long until both came together.

Takano collapsed on Onodera who was out like a light as soon as they were done. Takano cleaned up for the both of them and went back to his sleeping lover afterwards.

As Takano sat down on the bed he patted Onodera's messy bed hair. He layed down next to the sleeping uke and took him in his arms, cuddling as he drifted off to sleep.

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