Lustful Punishment

'Shut. I'm late again.' He shouted in his head. 'Levi's gonna kill me for sure this time.' He was running down a hallway to get to the Corporal's office. He knew he was going to be reprimanded for bein 10 minutes late to a meeting he was supposed to have reguarding some extra training.

He arrived red faced and sweating.

"You're late again Jaeger. Did you forget the last punishment you received for being late last time?" He said with a stern voice. "Do I need to refresh your memory?" He said, slamming Eren against the wall. He grabbed his chin forcefully, voting Eren's lower lip before forcefully kissing the trembling boy. His hand caressing Eren's waistband before shoving his hand down Eren's pants. He gasped at thethumb Levi rubbed against his member. "Mmmh." Eren moaned.

Eren's eyes flew open, pink siding across his cheeks and breathing heavy.

'What the hell! why am I dreaming about that!' He sat up in bed, trying to shake the dream out of his head. what a weird way to wake up. He glanced at the clock it was 7 am. He begrudgingly crawled out of bed to shower and get ready for the day.

The shower was nice, running down his anatomy, leaving droplets to drip don his sensitive areas. He couldn't get the dream out of his head, and the painful erection he had starting. He tried to ignore it, but finally gave into temptation. He slowly grabbed his erection, which was pulsating in his hand. He slowly started to tease his tip, lightly moving a finger over his slit, feeling his breath hitch. 'Mmmmhah.' He moaned softly, while slicjing his twitching hole before inserting two fingers, scissoring his fingers to find his sweet spot. He came had in his hand Levi's name on his quivering lips.

After relieving himself he made his way to the mess hall for breakfast.

It had been a month since that time. Eren found himself fantasizing about it just about every time he saw Levi.

He saw Levi sitting at a table in the mess hall, drinking some tea like he always does. He glared at Eren when he sat down across from him. "What do you want, shitty brat?" He scowled at him. "Nothing." He said and started munching on some toast. "Eren, meet me at my office in an hour. We need to talk about something." He said eyeing Eren disgusted by the mess he was making with his breakfast.

"Mfffkok." Eren said through a mouthful of his breakfast. Levi stood up to leave and said to him, "Don't be late this time of be prepared to face the consequences." He said to him, a smirk on his face. " Yes sir." He replied after swallowing his mouthful of breakfast.

"Fuck, I'm late! " Eren yelled as he walked to Leva's office. He was ready for the punishment he rould receive being only 2 minutes late. The Corporal was very picky about being on time.

"Your late again Eren." Levi said, his face scowling. "Apparently you didn't learn. I don't ask for much. just that you be ontime for once." He said to him, getting up from his desk and moving towards where Eren was standing. "I guess You need to be taught a little harder this time." He said pinning Eren against the desk.

Grabbing his chin and rubbing his thumb over Eren's bottom lip, and leaned in kissing mom so forcefully Eren almost cried out in pain. "On your news Eren." He told him with a commanding voice. Eren obeyed, he was kneeling face level with Levi's crotch. Levi undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants, reveiling a throbbing erection. "Suck it." He commanded Eren.

Levai watched as Eren started to lick the tip and then trace his tongue up and down his length. Eren took him into his mouth, starting with just the tip. He swirled his tongue around the head then proceeded to take him in further. He moved his head back and forth slowly then started to pick up speed. He traced his tongue against the length and sucked as hard as he could.

Levi watched as Eren continued to take him in and he watched his head bob up and down, and he almost lost it when he started to deep throat his member. "Holy Fuck!" Levi screamed grabbing Eren's hair keeping him in his mouth until Eren swallowed every bit of his cum. Levi removed himself from his mouth, dizzy from the extasy of his release.

Eren was still kneeling, not moving until he was told. Levi grabbed him up with so much force, that he hits his tailbone and cries out in pain.

Levi tears his clothes off so forcefully Eren nearly falls off the desk. Levi shoves two fingers in erens mouth. "Lick them good." He said. he then took then out an inserted them into Eren's twitching hole. Eren moaned as he scissors his fingers to get him ready.

He positions himself between Eren''s thighs, grabbing his legs and putting them over his shoulders, Eren falling back ontop of the desk.

He thrust into Eren hard, making him scream in pleasure. "Levi...nhn" he moans. he thrusted harder

'Faster—ah… please—fuck, faster! Nhh—'

"This is punishment kid, don't give orders."

Levi said and moves faster, slams his hips harder with animal like ferocity The sound of skin slapping skin, Eren was beside himself close to a debilitating orgasm peaking in his stomache, white hot and burning.

"Fuck, you're so tight Eren. are you going to cum?" He said seductively in erens ear. I'm coming now! Eren screamed Levi's name on his lips. Levi came after a few more thrusts and collapsed against Eren, exchanging kisses.

Before Levi could remove himself Eren whispered in Levi's ear, "I was late on purpose Levi." He said seductively.

"You shitty manipulative brat!" He said and began to ravage Eren more.