A Light Within Darkness

This fic is long overdue. KitsuneMagic48 sent me this prompt a few months back and we've added to it a few times and of course I had to give it one of my special little twists. This is yet another alternate version of the movie. I hope everyone likes. Sorry if this chapter is a little short but I started writing rather late tonight…er, morning? Dang, I need to head to bed soon.

Every story has its beginning and within every beginning there is that moment that can completely change fate, where one more could change the outcome of an age old war. It can be the smallest thing, something no one would ever expect or think significant even many centuries later. Perhaps someone would look back and wonder but for the most part it would go unnoticed unless that moment affects someone directly.

When the frost awoke that fateful night in his pond all he knew was cold and dark and he was afraid. He stared through the dark water and crumbling ice to the moon high above. It was so big and bright that it chased away the fear that had wrapped so tightly around his heart. And when he finally broke free of the water and ice he felt light as air and indeed it seemed as if the wind itself embraced him and he floated high above the trees. And when he found the crook staff it was like the whole world was at his fingers. Whatever he touched came to life with beautiful patterns of ferns stylized frost. His staff allowed him to focus his new found powers and call upon the winds. And for hours he enjoyed these new gifts as he danced under the full Moon, thankful for this strange new life but soon curiosity got the best of him as he spotted a small village from the tree tops. There he spotted fires and people and he wanted to be part of them, to show them his strange abilities and maybe learn more about them since the strange voice from the moon had stopped speaking to him shortly after he stood on the icy lake.

His joy was short lived and quickly replaced by fear when a child passed through him. He gasped and held his chest, unsure of what had just happened. Then another person walked through him and another and his fear grew. The need to flee filled him and soon he found himself running through the woods, tears streaming from his eyes and freezing to his cheeks. What was wrong with him? Why were people walking through him? Was he a ghost? All these questions and more raced through him so rapidly as he cried that he no longer knew where he was, not that he truly did to begin with. The trees all looked the same and snow was everywhere and falling heavier the more his emotions churned with fear and anxiety. Then when he could run no more his legs gave out and he collapsed in the snow, sobbing uncontrollable.

Darkness swirled around him, darkness that felt oddly familiar and nearly as crushing as the dark waters. His chest burned with both fear and pain, needing someone, anyone to simply hold him and comfort him.

"You poor child," a silky voice whispered to him.

This was not the voice that had called from the bright orb of the Moon but rather the whispery voice he had heard moments before his awakening. A dark velvety voice that had brought him such fear before he first opened his eyes. The child held himself tightly, afraid to look up but knowing he must. This was the first being to address him in what must have been days, maybe even weeks as he searched village after village for answers and all he got was more people walking through him.

When he looked up he teary blue gaze fell upon a tall dark man that seemed to be one with the shadows. He was an opposing figure that sent a chill down the boy's spine and made him hug himself tighter. Those bright amber eyes with ring of silver regarded him as if he were some sort of insect, something to be watched and studied but kept at a distance. The child sniffled and sat up, not liking the feeling of being studied one bit. If this man was going to watch him then it was only fair he did the same. Wait…this man could see him?

He rubbed the butt of his right hand over his eyes and wiped away the tears and icicles that had formed over cheeks. "How can you see me? No one sees me," he asked, his voice broken and shaky with barely contained sobs.

The man moved out of the shadows, not right into the light but to a patch of fresh snow where the boy could see him better. "I can see you because you and I are the same."

"Are we dead?"

The dark man paused in surprise before smiling almost gently. "In a manner of speaking, yes. But those peasants cannot see you because they don't believe in you, but we can change that."

The boy shook his head. "I don't understand."

"Of course not," the man continued, his voice almost understanding and fatherly. He knelt before the child and touched his snowy hair, smiling softly at the frosted texture that seemed to spread not only from the child's hair but also to his clothing. "What did the Man in the Moon call you?"

Shock filled the frost spirit and he looked up at the man with wide eyes. "Jack Frost," he whispered before bowing his head. "But that's all he told me. I don't know who I am or what I'm supposed to be doing. He never said no one would be able to see me. He never I would be alone."

"You're not alone, Jack. I'm here now," the man said as he placed a finger under the child's chin and gently lifted his face until their gazes met. "My name is Pitch Black and you'll never be alone again."

Jack stared up at him with teary eyes before flinging himself into Pitch's arms. Tears streamed down his cheeks once more but while he was still very much afraid he also felt safe in this strange man's arms, the only being it would appear that could see him and for that he would be forever grateful. He pressed himself as tightly as he could to Pitch, pressing his face into the crook of the man's neck, craving warmth and love like any child and to his relief Pitch held him back just as tightly.

"Together we will make them believe in both of us," Pitch whispered, ignoring the frigid cold that came from the boy as he held him tightly. He smiled into Jack's hair before glancing up at the moon hanging low in the sky. "The children of the world will come to know us well."

With a wickedly delighted grin at the Moon Pitch whisked his new charge into the shadows and away from anyone who might try to take Jack away from him. He had big plans for the young frost child and no one was going to get in his way.