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Sam P.O.V

"Come on dude!" Matt cried, motioning for his friend to follow him down hallway. "If we don't get there soon, they're going to start without us!"

"Start what?" Sam asked as he approached a crowd consisting of my fellow football team members surrounding a locker.

"Vandalize a gleek's locker, obviously," Matt explained. "I mean, with football practice ending early, this is the perfect opportunity. All the other clubs are still in session, so no one will see us."

"Hey, you guys made it," a football team member realized when he saw the blond and Matt. "Now we can start."

"Wait, are we sure we wanna do this? I mean, what did this Glee kid ever do to you?" the southern boy tried to rationalize.

"Are you seriously defending a Gleek?" Dave, the captain, questioned incredulously.

"What? No! I ju-"

"Then shut up and paint," Dave instructed, handing him a spray can.

"Whose locker is this for anyway?" Sam inquired as he rolled the bottle around tentatively in my hands.

"It's for that short, chubby, black girl, but why does that matter? She's still part of the glee club."

"I suppose..."

"That's what I thought. Now come on, we saved you the honor of going first since you scored the most points last game,"

"Um...okay." Sam just finished painting my last letter when the intercom went off.

"The time is 5:15. All clubs are officially over. The buses will leave in 15 minutes."

"That's our cue. Come on guys, let's get out of here," Matt suggested, pointing at the double doors at the end of corridor.

"Yeah, let's go," Our captain agreed, starting run towards the doors, with the rest of the team following close behind. As the blond was leaving the doors, he glanced back just in time to see a short, African-American girl walking down turning into the hallway with two gleeks.

I'm sorry, he thought before exiting the building.

Mercedes P.O.V

"Why do you think they're in such a rush?" Kurt asked, walking down the corridor with his two best friends, while motioning to the football scurrying out the double doors at the end hallway.

"They probably don't want to be seen in the same hallway as us," Mercedes reasoned.

"How come Santana gets to sing the solo for regionals instead of me?! That's so unfair, I rarely get any solos!" Their other, albeit annoying, best friend, complained.

"Excuse me?" Kurt asked incredulously. "If you I got half the solos you get, I'd be more than happy."

"Yeah, you have like fifty times the solos I'll ever get, but of course you'd have to add one first, because I've never gotten any solos!" the diva interjected.

"Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit," the Jewish girl agreed.

"Gee, ya think," Kurt added sarcastically.

"But that still doesn't change the fact that I'm a better singer than she is. I mean, she's always so sharp!"

"Oh come on Rach," Mercedes began. "I know you're mad but that's no re-"

"But that's no...what?"

"My locker," she whispered in reply.

"What about-oh my god."

"'Cedes, what happened? Who would've done this?," Kurt questioned, pointing at my locker.

"I bet it was football team," Mercedes said, breaking out of my trance. "That's probably why they left so damn fast!"

"You're probably right! I bet it was that blond that left last. What his name again? Oh yeah, Sam!" Rachel offered.

"Ugh, I can't stand them! And who the hell does that Sam kid think he is writing on my locker!"

"Come on guys, let report this to Principal Figgins."

"Really?" Their pale friend scoffed. "Please, he's going to do just as much for Mercedes as he did for me when I was attacked by football players, which is nothing. He wouldn't dare mess with his holy football team. I mean, who knows what will happen to the football team if one of their players is suspended. God forbid, they actually lose worse than they already do."

"So, what are going to do? Just ignore it and pretend that nothing happened?"

"I think that's all we can do," Mercedes settled, agreeing with Kurt. "He's right, if we report to Figgins, all he's going to do I question the football team and there's no way they're going to confess to doing this. Come on guys, we just passed by a janitors closet and the door was open. There must be something in there that can remove the paint." She starts to trudge off the closet, with Kurt not to far behind.

"Okay fine, but if I help you guys, I'm the one who gets to the song in glee to not express our grief but also shows off my impressive vocal range so that hopefully will see how much of a fool his is for picking Santana over me, and give me the solo!" Rachel cried, running after her two friends.

Meanwhile. on Mercedes's locker, written in bright blue paint, were the letters L-O-S-E-R.