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Chapter 1 – Tony's P.O.V

I didn't understand it, a girl had been delivered to the avengers tower and she did not look happy. In fact if looks could kill, we'd all be pretty screwed by now.

"Congratulations Thor, you're an uncle," Fury said, tossing the girl at him. She looked about fifteen, just. There was a bang and Fury fell to the floor.

"And you're an asshole," she snarked. Backing into the wall and holding the gun outstretched.

"Put the gun down," everyone started yelling. I just looked at her, then at Fury. She'd shot him in the knee, not even aiming at his chest or head. At that range, no matter how bad a shot she was she could have killed him. Which meant she didn't want to.

"That was pretty awesome kid," I told her, seriously impressed.

"Yeah well he kidnapped me from my home, integrated me and tried to take away my mom," she replied, clearly unimpressed.

"Your mother is a shape shifting evil god," Fury spat, "Loki, your mom, isn't even a woman."

"You know, you say all this like I give a flying fuck," she growled, "But I've known this for the past three years."

"You are truly my niece?" Thor asked her softly.

"Depends, are you my mom's brother?" she asked raising an eyebrow. He nodded smiling.

"Then obviously, now I'd like to leave," she declared, "Which is the way out?" Clint shot her with a tranquilliser dart. She threw him a feral glared when she noticed where he was hiding.

"Pussy," she shouted.

"You niece is awesome," I told Thor seriously. He just looked at her like she was… hope. I didn't get why; his brother was still a prick. Then again I suppose he's a prick with something to lose now.

"Who's she?" Steve asked walking in to see her passed out on the couch. We didn't tie her up. Thor wouldn't allow it, not to mention she wouldn't have the necessary skills to get past all of us.

"It appears that Loki had a child," Thor rumbled.

"And get this, he didn't father her," I said with glee, "Reindeer Games is her mommy." There was a brief debate about the possibilities of that being physically possible, human science versus godly magic and such.

"Fury want her here so that Loki can be lured in and imprisoned," Natasha said, "He also wants a sample of her blood."

"That poor child, she must have had a terrible childhood," Steve said pityingly.

"You will not," Thor said, taking the needle for Natasha and lobbing it out a window, "That is my niece, she is a rightful Princess of Asgard. You will not be taking anything from her."

"If she is to stay here, then we need to know what she's capable of and how to stop her," she protested, "Especially if she has some sort of sick loyalty to that monster." Thor was about to protest but he didn't get the chance to.

Thor's niece had already grabbed her by the hair and slammed her into the coffee table, a knee slamming into her stomach. We were all rendered speechless; nobody got the drop on Black Widow, ever.

"That's my mom, your trash talking bitch," she said darkly. I raised my eyebrow. Nice, it's been to long since anyone's taken her down a peg.

"Where'd you learn to do that?" I asked interestedly. She looked at the furious red head being held back by Thor and back to me.

"About two seconds ago. Can I go now?" she said, "I have places to go, all of them that include being some place other than here. Actually pretty much anywhere but here."

"You know that most other people would be ecstatic about being in Stark tower talking to me," I replied slightly defensively.

"Tony Stark?" she asked sounding somewhat resigned, "Awesome really, if my friend Annabeth was here you could be giving each other numerous brain-gasm's. The only thing I would enjoy right now is direction to the way out."

"That is not happening," Thor said gravely, "You will return to Asgard with me and stay there. As a princess."

"Me, a Princess?" she scoffed in disbelief, "Are you fucking high?" I exploded into laughter; really I couldn't keep it in anymore. Really, this girl was hilarious.

"You will return with me," Thor said simply. She face-palmed.

"Over my cold dead body, all I want to do is go home," she replied, muttering something in another language. I didn't know what it was she was saying but Thor did and he looked mildly impressed.

"You know that Loki is to be imprisoned," Thor said apologetically.

"The last time one of my uncles took my mom away from me I shot him repeatedly," she said matter of factly, "This was the summer before she became a he and confessed about being Loki."

"Wait what?" Steve asked dramatically.

"Don't worry, he lived," she waved off.

"Hey kid, do you even have a name?" I asked suddenly. She blinked and looked up.

"Perci," she said finally, "My name is Perci."

"That can't be your full name," I responded.

"Well it's all your getting," she said shrugging, "I hate my full name."

In the end, Thor tricked her up onto the balcony and disappeared in a flash of bright light. We all had different opinions about this. I thought she'd have been a hoot to have around, but I also thought they should of left her with her mom. Whether or not he was crazy as a bag of cats.

Natasha was on the warpath with Fury. She was pissed and so was he; note to self, keep them out of my lab. Steve and Clint thought that it was best that she go hang out with family on Asgard.

I couldn't help at chuckle at what they were in for up there. She didn't seem like a particularly easy kid.

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