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Annabeth watched as Percy slowly felt the wound that trailed down his face. Suddenly his confused expression turned into one of shocking realization. Guilt flashed through Annabeth's entire body, sending electric currents through her finger tips and attempting to escape in a sob. Her tight control loosened for a moment, and the tearless sob jerked her body forward.

Percy knew now. Percy knew and he was probably reimagining the horrors that had happened just under an hour ago in Tartarus. She knew he was reliving every moment – because she'd been reliving the torture ever since they'd arrived on Olympus, every time she looked at his bloodied face.

So that's where they were. One of Tartarus's torture chambers. When Percy finally put two and two together to make torture, Annabeth sobbed tightly – a single sob (or maybe it was just a half sob) before she placed a hand tightly over her mouth.

After that her features tightened, her eyes hardened into steel; Percy could almost hear her thoughts, hear her scolding herself for showing so much raw emotion.

"Oh," he croaked, attempting to sound nonchalant. "That explains my eye…and my shoulder."

Calmly, collected, into the echoing silence of the throne room Annabeth said, "I'm sorry Percy." Annabeth looked into his eyes, as he looked on in confusion; she suddenly slouched her shoulders, letting her guard down slightly, "I'm so sorry."

Being the Seaweed Brain that he was, he didn't realize until that moment that she felt guilty for what happened down there. They got separated – if anyone should be feeling guilty, it was him. Percy Jackson, the Hero of Olympus, after a week and a half in Tartarus, allowed himself to get separated from his girlfriend.

He wasn't going to let her feel sorry for something that was obviously his own fault.

"Annabeth, stop. It wasn't your fault. Besides it doesn't even hurt." He poked his wound to prove it. "And it didn't even hurt."

Annabeth's face softened. But then her eyes hardened and she got that look - that I'm-not-gonna-lose-this-argument look. "Yes it did, I heard you screaming." She said this softly, probably only intending for him to hear, but the throne room was quiet enough that it didn't work.

This was one argument that Percy was not going to let her win. And he was man enough to admit that he lost all the others…but this one was different.

"Yes it did, I heard you screaming." Normally Thalia didn't react to other people's pain – she liked to think that she was immune to sympathy (yeah right) - but this single statement gave her the shudders. Imagining Percy being tortured made her weak at the knees. The throne room was completely still. Everyone seemed to wait for Annabeth's orders. The medical supplies were ready, food was at hand, Poseidon was ready to summon…an ocean for his son. But everyone seemed frozen, staring at Percy and Annabeth like they were watching some horrifyingly realistic horror movie.

"Yes it did, I heard you screaming," upon hearing this Percy looked suddenly aggravated. He'd probably expected Annabeth to argue (when didn't she argue) but Thalia knew there was no way in Hades he would let her win this one. Fatal flaws were pretty powerful things.

At first he blushed in embarrassment, then in anger he said, "Did they hurt you?"

Annabeth looked at him like he was speaking another language.

"For Zeus's sake Annabeth. Did. They. Hurt. You.?"

Subconsciously Annabeth rubbed her arms, tracing the bruises that decorated them. Adamantly she said, "No. No, Percy they didn't hurt me."

Percy looked at her and smiled wryly. "Yes they did, I heard you screaming."

Thalia was not surprised when Annabeth's eyes flashed with rage. What she didn't expect however was the sudden switch from angry Annabeth to vulnerable-Annabeth. The rage was suddenly replaced with pain and shame.

Percy noticed this too, but rather than comfort her, he simply said, "My shoulder…again." He called a truce. He'd won the argument and he changed the subject, saving his girlfriend's pride in the process.

Annabeth chuckled half heartedly. Really, she only chuckled to cover up the truth of his statement. This was the twenty seventh time his shoulder had been dislocated in Tartarus. The monsters had creative ways of disabling the sword-reliant son of Poseidon. By now the joint was far too flexible, she thought as she snapped it back into place, far too loose.

Sure, Percy had almost yelped when Poseidon touched it earlier, but that was because he was surprised. Now, as Annabeth snapped it back in place, he simply sighed in relief.

Annabeth ignored the gods (she figured she could get away with it just this one time). Sure, Apollo was a great healer, but they didn't need the help of the gods right now. They needed the help of their friends.

"Will," she said rather loudly, shattering the disturbing silence and causing Percy to jolt forward, "his shoulder joint is still loose and I'm not too proud to admit that I have absolutely no idea what to do to fix it."

As Annabeth talked to Will Percy sent Thalia a desperate look. Although they weren't always on the best of terms, Percy and Thalia were close enough to know what the other was thinking most of the time. Their silent conversation went something like this:

Thalia: Are you okay?

Percy: Hell yeah.

Thalia: Do you see me rolling my eyes? You look like shit….Is Annabeth okay?

Percy: If you don't order Apollo to heal Annabeth, I will kill you myself.

Thalia was two steps ahead of Percy. She walked up to Annabeth with enough nectar and ambrosia to burn up Olympus and shoved it down Annabeth's throat. "Chew." Thalia turned to Lord Apollo shouting, "Apollo stop gaping like a lunatic and help me with Annabeth."

With a murderous glare Annabeth finished chewing as Apollo walked over, eying her black and blue ankle. Thalia sent the blonde a shut-up-look before she could object.

Annabeth huffed in resignation, sending one last message to Will Solace, "Be sure to check the vision in Percy's left eye Will. He says its fine but I don't believe him." Being the mature demigod that he is, Percy started whining for his dad to get him an ocean. And because his voice was so hoarse and scratchy, he sounded exactly like a two year old.

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