My Life With James McAvoy


By: Lianna's Fiction

It was no lie that I was extremely frightened to be attending this convention. Or as you might know it as Comic-con. My friends' had talked me into it, and had even bought me a ticket to ensure that I went. They insisted, and insisted until I was in the car and ready for a three hour drive. I knew why they wanted me to go, and let me just make it clear that he was a perfectly good reason to go. It was just my fear really, and it was trying to hold me back from meeting him. So once we finished the trip, and had already grabbed a parking spot close to the entrance. Well, we flew in like it was our first Quidditch match. That might seem misleading. So let me rephrase that. We flew in like we were magical brooms from Harry Potter. Excited, thrilled, appalled by a few costumes. Of course, we had chosen not to dress up, but simply because we didn't have that kind of money. If I would have had the money I would have chosen to be Jean Grey. I always admired her in both the movies, and the comics. The real reason I was here though, wasn't for the costumes, the boys, and not even for the merchandise. No, I was here for one reason, and one reason only. He goes by the name, 'James McAvoy'.

Yes, I was excited, a little frightened, and maybe even a bit clumsy due to my fears. The main reason I tried to desperately avoid this event was because I knew he was married, and I knew that if I fell in love with him there would be no turning back. Also, I hated facial hair, and I knew his last few movies had revolved around facial hair. So, upon a quick walk-through of the building. My friends' were already searching for him. Meanwhile, I had been entertaining myself with little fantasies. The only problem is, I had no idea what was going to happen. It actually started to frighten me, and I was beginning to think I should leave. I wanted to escape, and not face him. What if he didn't like the way I colored my hair? What if he didn't like my tattoo? What if he hated piercings? I started to grow little self-conscious. It was clearly readable on my face, and my closest friend had to snap her fingers in front of my face. Madison, that was my best friend. Actually, we were so close that we called each other twins. Though we looked absolutely nothing alike, we thought alike. We actually had the coincidence of doing, saying, and thinking the same exact things often.

My heart was beating quickly, and rapidly as voices were heard of the speaker. I knew what this meant, it meant it was Question and Answer time. When a group of celebrities from the same series would sit at a table, and they would answer questions the fans had. Of course, I wasn't certain on all of the celebrities that would come. I remembered hearing the Walking Dead cast were going to be here, and a few from the newest X-Men. Then, of course, there was Percy Jackson. I even think the Weasley twins were going to show up. That was another man I was hoping to see. Oliver Phelps, I had crushed on him for so long. The only problem was, since I started growing this new liking of James McAvoy. Well, I was beginning to disown my obsession with Oliver Phelps. It was like my brain didn't have enough time to obsess over both of them. So, here I was. Standing in the front row with, my two best friends, Madison and Amity. I wasn't paying much attention really. I busied myself with my bright green top, or messed with the ankles of my turquoise skinny jeans. I was even a victim of losing one of my lime green flats underneath the stage. I had to search for it with my foot, nonchalantly of course, until I finally caught it between my toes.

However, everything changed when Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, and James McAvoy all came out on stage. It was an added bonus to see Jennifer, she was a lovely human being. The irony of James McAvoy sitting directly in front of me, well it was slim to none. Somehow, I was just that lucky though, and since he entered last he took the third seat. Which just so happen to be the one in front of me. Madison and Amity sent me glances of well looks who's sitting in front of you! As well as, Oh my gosh, he's right in front of you! I have to say, I was just as surprised as them, but I was beginning to think my luck was really holding out. I had barely remembered to wear my contacts, but thankfully I did. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to see how perfectly flawless James was. He was freshly shaved, and my heart fluttered. There was no time wasted though, and the questions quickly started to spring out. People asked personal questions, of course, but I knew darn well that James wasn't interested in them. He was more concerned with ones that he wanted to answer. Any fan would know he didn't answer personal questions. Which took me by surprise when I my own hand shot up. I think it took him by surprise as well, because his eyes went directly to me. Though, I've always been the palest person anyone had ever met. Not to mention my hair was bright turquoise and matched my pants perfectly.

"Well, hello there." I didn't realize it at first, it took a minute to process, but James was speaking to me. The way he said it was so attractive, and I thought myself to faint. Somehow, I kept my composure, and smiled at him. The speaker walked over to me, and handed me the mic. Now, what was that questions I wanted to ask? Oh yes, I remember now.

"I just wanted to say that I'm so happy you shaved your beard off. Anyway, my question is pretty simple. If you had the choice of playing any character of any series, including Harry Potter, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, any series. Who would you like to be, and why?" Everyone seemed to get completely quite, and James' smile faded slowly. My heart pumped faster as I knew that I stunned him with such a difficult question.

"That's not a simple question at all." Jennifer said aloud, and Michael looked at James. It seemed he was waiting for an answer. "Is that for all of us?" Jennifer asked nicely, and I smiled.

"Oh, yes. Sorry, mostly for James. Since I hope you don't have to shave your face." I was clearly joking, and Jennifer burst out into laughter as soon as the words left my lips. It seemed everyone was amused, because the whole building roared with laughter.

"Oh, god. No, I don't. Thankfully. I'd hate to end up with a beard like James'." More people laughed, and James seemed to snap out of his thoughts.

"Excuse me, my beard is very wonderful, thank you!" Michael Fassbender laughed allowed, and everyone followed in unison.

"Of course it is, James'. Now, I'll go first. By the way, I love your hair, it's so bright!" I smiled, but didn't comment just yet. As Michael continued to speak. "I'd have to say that I'd love to play a zombie on the Walking Dead." The fans started cheering, and I smiled wider. "I think that would be really interesting, and the amount of makeup that is put into that show. It's outstanding, really. I'd love to do that." Everyone continued cheering, and then Jennifer spoke up. Which caused everyone to simmer down their applause and shouting.

"Oh, you'd play a terrific zombie! Though, I'd have to say, I would have loved to have been in Harry Potter. I'm not even sure which character really. Maybe just an extra student, or something. I always wanted to have a magical wand. Ever since I was a little girl." Everyone applauded again, but it seemed James was having the most trouble with it all. He was chewing on his upper lip, from the inside, and everyone turned to him.

"What, I'm still thinking! That's a great question! I'm actually pleased it wasn't something personal. Thank you, so much for not asking a personal question." He was directing that to me, and I blushed a little.

"Well, I know you don't like personal questions. So, I knew that you'd appreciate an actual question, instead of prying." He smiled, and it wasn't just a normal smile. It was that toothy smile, the charming one that could make even the strongest of hearted women fall to their knees and cry out, GOOD LAWD, HAVE MERCY! I felt a little weak, naturally, but Amity and Madison made sure I had footing. I rested my arm on Madison, and James seemed concerned.

"Are you alright?" I smiled at him, a little blush.

"Always." A few people started cheering, and Jennifer piped up.

"I see what you did there!" I laughed, and leaned over a bit as I did. She was laughing too, but Michael and James seemed confused.

"What?" Jennifer looked at Michael.

"I don't get it?" Then she twisted her head to look at James.

"It's a Harry Potter quote." James instantly realized what it meant as soon as she spoke it's meaning.

"Oh, sorry! I should have known that. Uh, well, I guess I'd have to choose Harry Potter. Like Jennifer, I've always wanted to have a magical wand, ever since I was a little girl... Just kidding, but really. Ever since I was little, I've wanted a magical wand. If I could choose, I'd probably play one of the Weasley twins. Probably George, since he's taller. That way they'd have to find someone shooter than me." My heart stopped when he said that. It was like both of my obsessions met in the middle. My eyes widened. "Is that a good answer?" Everyone was cheering, and I nodded slowly. The speaker took the mic away and spoke the worst four words I had ever heard in my life.

"Alright, well, it's got to come to an end now. Tell the three of them goodbye, and you'll see them out and about around. Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, and James McAvoy, everybody! Give them a round of applause!" Several people were sarcastic and actually did the clapping in a circular motion routine. I just clapped, so happy to have given James the only question that he could appreciate. Madison and Amity were nudging me, and bouncing with joy.

"You did so good! I thought you were going to die!" Amity said, laughing.

"Yeah twin, I was a little worried there for a second." Madison said, nudging me. I just smiled, and was still a little faint.

"Yeah, I thought I was a goner for sure. He looks so good, oh my god. I would give anything to hug him. Seriously..." It had no say so after that, Madison and Amity gripped my arms and we exited the Question and Answer spot just as the Walking Dead cast were entering. Thankfully, I had already seen the Weasley twins, but had never been called on for a question. Though, I was happy to find out they were both single. Now, we were facing all the merchandise. Of course, I had no money to buy anything, but looking couldn't hurt.