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I wish we could all create a unique realm of ours, such that all of us have the liberty to escape from reality once in a while and just live in bliss. It scares me to know what the future holds for me, and because of all that's going on, I tend to shy away and immerse myself in dreams. But I shan't bore you with my life and thoughts. Because of all the kind support you've been giving me, I decided to post a short preview of the next chapter(: It really is short, because I'm sceptical about anything that I wrote beyond this. I know I can improve on it, and there are bound to changes, so the next 3 short paragraphs are the only ones I'm confident to present. (This part doesn't show much emotion, so it's safe… I think.) Without further ado, here goes:

Percy POV

Left right left right. My feet pounded the ground as I fought the ever-so-tempting desire to give in to sleep. Right now, I'm not sure if bearing the curse of Achilles is a blessing. Sure, I become 90% invulnerable and invincible, but damn it drains my energy like an Olympian-sized leech. Hot on my heels is a pack of vicious hellhounds that seem to take an extreme liking for demigods soaked in sweat and grime. I know what you're thinking; I have iron skin, what am I afraid of? Well in case you haven't noticed, I don't have a weapon to fight with, and even if I do, I'm not entirely sure I do know how to wield one. And though I lost my memories, I'm pretty sure hand-to-hand combat isn't my 'thing'.

Woof! My pace quickened as the barking grew louder and surprisingly more intimidating. No matter how fast I ran, my legs could only carry me this far. The hellhounds, on the other hand, seem to be gaining on me by the seconds as the amplitude of the sound of their paws on the ground rose.

Out of curiosity and instinct, I sneaked a peek over my shoulder, but got scared out of my wits when I caught sight of the massive Rottweiler advancing on me. Oh, and it doesn't just stop there; it has three heads! Its sheer size alone caused me to panic and trip, landing on my bum. As I backed up on my hands and knees, scrambling to get back up, the ground shook with increasing intensity. It was headed straight for me, yet didn't make any effort to slow down as the distance between us closed in. Beads of sweat were trickling down my forehead and into my eyes, blinding me temporarily. Even without my sight, I knew it was only a matter of seconds before the Rottweiler reached me.

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