*****This is not a NICE fan fiction - take note of the rating*****

Chapter 1


He is rutting into her like a fucking pig. But God her pussy feels fucking fantastic. It's like nothing on earth. Nothing he's ever felt before. She groans under him, "Harder". Fucking bitch wants harder? He can do that. He grabs her hips and starts bringing them down to meet this thrusts. He can feel his nails breaking skin. She hisses in pain but he doesn't stop. She wanted harder, harder is what she'll get. She is grasping him from the inside. Hot, wet and willing. He'll be fucked if he's coming before she does. He has pride. One more thrust and he feels her spasm around him. Gathering himself, he thrusts twice more into her before filling the condom she'd made him wear. He doesn't lean down on her, or hold her in any way. After a few seconds he grabs his dick holding the condom and withdraws from her quickly. She winces at his pace but he ignores her as he yanks off the condom dropping it on the ground as he pulls up his pants. He doesn't look at her as he buckles his belt before reaching for his shirt and putting it back on. He walks away from her leaving her spread over the boot of the car like a trophy which is what she had been. She was a senior. He is Mac, a freshman and she'd just popped his cherry. Bitch should be grateful he let her do it.


"No, Mac. I said no!" He ignored her as he ignored them all. Like his father. If you pushed enough they'd always say yes. And he liked to push. It gave him a secret thrill to make them say yes. He liked the resistance in their eyes. Since he'd lost his load in a pussy for the first time Mac had been after as much as he could get. Any size, any shape, any colour. Like this dark beauty he was currently fucking. She was a senior too. He liked them to have some experience, less hassle than wooing a virgin pussy. But fuck he was thinking he'd like a virgin pussy one day. Maybe he wouldn't even ask; he'd just take. He leaned down quick as a snake and took her nipple in his mouth biting down on it harshly. He knew this particular one liked that. And sure enough her no became a groan of acquiescence. He was home. The condom slipped on easily and without thought. Like always when he'd finished he withdrew, he never stayed, never cuddled or comforted. He had gotten a reputation because of it but they still came to him. He was testing how far he could take it, how bad he could treat them and keep them coming back. But fuck, they were sick because the worse he treated them, the more they wanted. He is Mac, a sophomore.


The slap echoed in the confines of the car. "Did I fuckin' say you could get out?" He's in a mood. His father wants him to quit school. Mac is disobeying him. He doesn't know why but he wants that piece of paper saying he's a high school graduate. He was in trouble for it, but his old man had given in all of a sudden. He knew he'd pay him back for it sometime down the track when Mac himself had forgotten about it. He is taking his own nerves out on the girl in the car with him. Fuckin' stupid bitch was asking for it getting in the car with him anyway. Most of them knew better these days. He's on her before she can even bring her hand to her face. Grabs her by the hair pulling her down to his lap. "Suck me off, use your fuckin' teeth bitch and maybe I'll do the same for you." He won't. He never does. Too much trouble. But she takes him in her mouth, she is unskilled. In fact he's betting he's the first cock she's actually had in her mouth. But she is willing, she takes him all in. a surprise but then of course she fuckin' gags. He smacks the back of her head telling her to cut that shit out. It causes her to bite down on him which in turn causes him to push his hips up in pleasure which of course fuckin' causes her to gag again. "Fuck!" He can't catch a fuckin' break tonight. He pulls her off his cock and pushes her around so she's on her knees facing away from him. Before she knows what he's done he's taken his knife and sliced her panties off leaving her skirt twisted up around her waist. Then his cock is covered and he's thrusting into her arse. She screams in pain but it only spurs him on. He roughly moves his fingers over her clit until she comes then he comes himself filling the condom and withdraws from her immediately. She is bleeding but he doesn't care. He never cares. He is Mac, a junior.


The party is loud, drugs are everywhere. Most of them made by his hand. Surprised the fuck out of the old man by being a fuckin' meth cook. Guess that diploma was gonna come in good for somethin' after all he said. Mac snorts into his beer as he thinks of that conversation. He was a couple of months from graduating. He'd been planning to blow this fuck hole of a town but his old man had shot that to shit. He fuckin' hated him. A pretty little thing is dancing a few feet away from him. Too stoned to know what she's askin' for she is undulating her hips while she sucks on a finger like a lollipop as she eyes Mac up and down. Fuckin' stupid cunt he thinks. They all are. Something twists inside him as she gestures him forward in a come-hither motion.

He took his beer bottle with him. She wraps herself around him and he lets her keeping his beer in one hand as the other grabs her arse hard. She's too far gone to wince in pain though she'll have bruises from it tomorrow. Suddenly tired of it all Mac grasps her hand yanking her out of the house around the side where he has her up against the wall and his condom-covered cock in her before she knows where she is. It's not enough. Not tonight. The beer bottle empties on the ground and before the girl has realised what he's doing he's pulled out replacing his cock with the bottle. Then he turns her around and rams himself into her arse. His eyes roll back in his head. Fuck that makes her tight. She is groaning and whimpering in pain but he doesn't care. He continues on, pushing her face into the wall a couple of times to shut her the fuck up while he loses himself in his orgasm not caring that he hasn't given her one as well. When he's finished he does as he always does pulls out, yanks off the condom and leaves the girl in the dust. He doesn't think about the damage he's caused, the pain. He is Mac, a senior.

Eighteen – Graduate

His own fuckin' private graduation party. Why the fuck not? His diploma was in the glove box of the truck. He'd have to hide it from the old man. He'd moved into his own house a month ago when he'd turned eighteen. More like Walter had moved him out. Left Walter alone to have whatever married woman he was fucking over when he wanted. It wasn't much, but he didn't need much. He finished his beer and threw the bottle out into the canyon as hard and as far as he could. Fuck he wanted out of this shit place. He gets back in the truck and is on his way home when he sees the hazard lights up ahead. He nearly drives past except he recognises her as a local, a woman his father was into. A woman who'd be sure and mention he just driven past. So he stops. Gets out of the car and heads back as she gets out herself. "Evenin' Miz Ashton, got yourself a breakdown?" His blue eyes track her as she leans against the side of the car.

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