*****Warning - This chapter has non/con acts along with very mature psychological themes - PLEASE take note of this warning*****

Chapter 6

Mac opens her back door without knocking. He closes it behind him, flipping the lock as he does so. It snicks into place quietly. He can hear the murmur of the television from the lounge room. He breathes in, scenting her out as he moves silently through the kitchen. He looks at the cherub face on the fridge and smiles as he thinks of what she's gonna be like in several years. Then he shifts gear as he smells her mother like the wild animal he is. She smells like she's in heat he thinks.

He treads down the hallway slowly taking in everything this time as the lights are all lit. Family pictures, dust catchers and the odd painting. It wasn't a large house but she'd made it homey. Fucking lie it all was. If it was a home she'd not be out fucking around with his old man and now him. A thought crossed his mind. She said she wished he'd been hers too, did that mean she fucked around with that little shit she'd birthed? Did she fuck around with her own daughter? He is infuriated with his thoughts. Did she fucking do that? Was she that fucked in the head?

Mac shakes his head, he isn't here to wonder, he's here accepting an invitation. He stops in the hall and takes out a cigarette lighting it just as she walks in from the lounge area. "No smoking in the house." She says it like he's going to obey. Mac simply inhales deeply before taking the cigarette out of his mouth as he exhales through his nose. The smoke curls languidly around his head, he sees her eyes narrow at him through the haze. She looks him up and down, not like a cat this time but like he's a fucking bug or something. Fucking bitch still thinks she's in charge. He almost rolls his eyes at her stupidity.

Putting the cigarette in his mouth he smiles meanly at her as he speaks "Clothes off I'll tear them off." He starts walking toward her slowly and she raises an eyebrow at him in challenge going to speak when he leaps suddenly ending up directly in front of her. His hands take her blouse and rip it down the front, he's always had strong hands. Before she can do more than gasp he yanks if from her shoulders and taking the cigarette in one hand he wraps the other around her and leans in biting her neck. He has to stop himself from simply closing his teeth on her flesh and gnawing at it like a rabid dog. Not her his mind whispers to him.

Her hands are in his hair alternatively pushing on him and then trying to draw him nearer to her. Mac stops biting her and uses his hand to pull down her skirt taking her panties with it. He takes another draw on his cigarette as he watches her through the smoke. He has her naked in her own hallway in front of him while he is fully clothed. He likes that. She's pushing on his shoulders trying to get him to go down on her but he ignores her instead. Keeping eye contact he takes another draw, the cigarette glowing brightly and before she knows what he's doing he has pressed it to the side of her breast. She shrieks and her arms immediately try to push him away but he lets the cigarette fall as he puts both arms around her with a laugh. Bitch knows who is in charge now.

He leans down and hoists her on his shoulder easily despite the fact she's no light weight. He walks to the bedroom while she kicks and screams, his cock is a hard rod in his pants as he feels her struggle against him. She overbalances him enough that he knocks into the door frame as he walks into her room and she loses her breath as he swings around, deliberately smashing her head on the door frame in return. It stuns her enough that he can dump her on the bed. He follows her down putting a knee in the small of her back as he takes the rope he'd brought in with him and ties her wrists behind her back. Then he flips her over. He wants to see her face when he fucks her.

Leaving her for a second he goes back out to the hallway and grabs the cigarette he'd dropped and inhales, sucking it back to life. As he walks back into the bedroom she looks up at him. Her hair is disheveled and she is sweating in fear as she looks at him like he's a fucking stranger. Which he is. It isn't his fault she made the mistake of thinking she knew him, thinking she could control him. He isn't his father, bitch was stupid to think he was anything like him. Exhaling smoke as he looks her over Mac grins down at her. For some reason that made her look even more afraid. He'll have to remember to grin at bitches more often. Tapping the cigarette he holds it in his right hand as he leans down putting a knee on the bed. She won't stop moving however forcing him to change his plans. He straddles her thighs stilling her completely, he can feel the strain this puts on her shoulders through her whole body. She's running the risk of dislocating them if she doesn't stop moving around.

He waits her out patiently and when she stops struggling he leans over. Flattening her left breast on her chest, he sucks the butt of his cigarette one more time bringing it back to life, knowing this next burn will extinguish it. Watching her he presses the butt directly on her nipple.

Her screams nearly make him come in his pants. This is what you've missed his head tells him as he exults in her pain. It feeds the gnawing hunger in him for more, more everything. He wants to bury himself inside this woman, to fuck her so deeply he tears her to shreds. And then he wants to do it again. Her sounds are the sweetest melody to his ears. He sits back on her legs simply riding out her struggles. Wondering idly if she will end up dislocating her shoulders in her struggles he pinches her right nipple as he watches her face. Tears are streaming down her face, mucus running from her nose into her mouth and her skins is cold and clammy to the touch.

Mac palms his cock as her struggles die down again. He un-snaps his coveralls slowly, exactly as he did last night but this time he shrugs his shoulders out of them, he's not wearing a shirt having divested himself of it at the cave earlier today. He watches her watching him. And he sees her eyes widen as she realises what he's planning to do. He pauses as he looks at her and suddenly thrusts his fingers between her legs and into her. She is bone dry. Mac merely smiles as he fondles his cock, its leaking pre-come. He swipes it with his fingers licking it off and her eyes widen at him. He reaches into a pocket of his coveralls taking out the condoms he'd put there and lets them drop on the bed. She starts to struggle again as she realises he will have her, she will not get out of this.

From another pocket Mac takes a switch blade, thumbing it open he watches her freeze at the sight of it. He trails the tip of it over her skin, over her forehead, down her cheek and across her lips. He lets it sit on her bottom lip before digging it in ever so slightly and pulling her lip down, just a little. He watches the pulse flutter in her neck and he envisions putting his hands around her neck and simply squeezing and feeling that pulse stutter and eventually stop while his own continued to beat. He groans as the visions pulse in his brain. . What he wants to do now his animal has been let loose cannot be done on this woman he knows. He will only be able to touch the surface of what he wants to do to Miz Ashton, the mother of his half sibling or siblings and his father's lover. But she has set his needs free, let loose the animal in him. She will be his first, not his last.

Eyes narrowing Mac taps the blade against her bottom lip. "Are they both the old mans?" He questions her abruptly. She frowns at him through the haze of fear and pain.

"What?" She moistens her lips as she speaks, her voice is already hoarse from her screaming.

"Fucking kids, are they both the old mans or just your cunt of a son?" He scrapes the knife over her right breast leaving a shallow cut in his wake that oozes blood sluggishly.

She freezes again as she looks at him, he can tell she is trying to backtrack, wondering how he knows that Devon is Walter's. "Answer!" His demand is accompanied by a sharp stab of the blade into the soft flesh of her breast. She shrieks and starts struggling again. Shaking his head in fury Mac leans down and places the knife on the pulse point of her throat. He waits while she moistens her lips again.

"Yes, they're both your fathers!" She answers as he digs the knife into her again. He watches the blood well and run down the gentle slope of her breast to drip on the bed slowly.

"How do you know?" He asks this as he taps her chest lightly with the switch blade causing little pinpricks in her skin. Within seconds she looks like she's been covered in red marking pen dots. Except of course its blood. Each time he pricks her she jumps in pain.

"I had the others terminated, anytime my husband made me pregnant, I terminated them." She doesn't look at him as she admits this and Mac knows that she is telling the truth.

"How many babies did you murder then Miz Ashton?" Mac stops pricking her with the knife and puts it on her left breast that he's already damaged with the cigarette, he presses the tip of the knife into the burn he'd put directly on her nipple and she screams starting to struggle again. He is unmoved by her cries of 'no' and 'stop' and keeps up the pressure until she stops struggling after losing her breath again. "How many babies have you murdered Miz Ashton?" He asks again.

"Four." She says no more but she has impressed Mac. She has killed four children all to birth devil spawn instead. Because that is what they are, Walter is evil to his core and he has birthed evil. Mac wonders if she knows how twisted Devon is already. He thinks of last year when he'd watched him torturing a cat in the canyon. He'd stood and watched as Devon had burnt it and then broken its legs and then eventually strangled it. Then he'd opened it up and spread its guts everywhere. Mac already knew he didn't hold a candle to Devon when it came to evil. Mac had a limit, he didn't fuck with animals. Walter was blind to Devon. He wondered if she was, or if the girl was. His sister. Fuck.

"Fucking cunt, don't know what you've fucking done letting them live and killing innocents." He cannot help himself. Dropping the knife Mac backhands her in fury, fury that Reggie is his half-sister. Fury that Reggie carries the same fucked up genes he does. He scrubs both hands over his face as she moves under him weakly. He looks at her and she stops moving, looking back at him waiting for him to cause her pain again. Taking another cigarette out Mac lights it ignoring her flinches when he withdraws it from his mouth as he looks over what he's done to her so far. Pursing his lips he wonders how much evil Devon has inherited from the woman underneath him.

A fair amount he thinks. "You fuck around with your boy?" He asks her calmly as he continues to sit on her and smoke. He catches her small pause in breath and it answers everything. "Your girl?" Her frown this time is distasteful and he snorts at her hypocrisy. "You know I'm gonna fuck you over good don't you?" He watches her breath catch again. That's good. "I'm gonna tear you to shreds so the old man won't ever want to put his cock in you again." He leans down and licks a stripe up her neck and over her cheek following her when she moves away. Then he presses the cigarette butt into her breast again. Three burns now he's given her. One for him, one for Reggie and one for shit for brains. He kneels up and lets his coveralls fall down past his cock and balls as he moves his knees, putting them between her thighs so she is open to him. He hovers his right hand holding the cigarette over her pussy and she bucks away from him at this threat.

Mac chuckles at her. She hasn't got anywhere to go. He puts the cigarette in his mouth inhaling as he takes a condom out and rolls it on. His cock jumps in his hand and he knows he's not going to last long in her. He glances at the bedside table as he tugs himself and his cock surges as he glances at the girl's photo. Looking back at her mother he suddenly doesn't want her. He won't be sloppy seconds to his father. But she can't know that. Mac stops and watches her. She watches him back first fearfully and then in puzzlement as he doesn't move.

"You want me to stop?" He asks eventually taking off the condom but continuing to stoke himself.

She nods, "If you stop I won't tell your father."

Mac snorts at that, "You ain't gonna tell him anyway, he's not stupid, fucker will work you out, stupid cunt." He laughs outright at the thought and watches the consternation cross her face at his lack of fear. He knows Walter so much better than her, if Walter finds out about what they've done he'll kill Mac which would almost be a relief and he'll either kill or simply fuck the woman beneath him over so much she'll wish she was dead by the time he finished.

He decides to make a deal with the devil's wife. Jerking his chin at the picture on the bedside table he says simply "I get her." She frowns at him not knowing what he's talking about so he leans over her and grabs the photo. "Her, I get her when she's legal and you don't do a fucking thing about it." He puts the picture in her face and grins at the horror that crosses it. Picking up the knife he draws it over her left breast, scraping it through the three cigarette burns he's given her, playing connect the dots. He knows she'll protest but she'll ultimately give in, there is a reason Walter has kept her around all these years. It's not love, its evil calling evil. Whether Reggie has it doesn't matter. Mac has it in him from Walter, Devon has a double dose and Reggie? Well he'll find out soon enough.

Minutes pass while she looks at the photo. Then she raises her eyes to Mac. And she nods.

Mac gets off her pulling his coveralls up as he does so, snapping them into place. He gathers up the condoms and puts them in one pocket before he stubs out the cigarette butt on the glass of the photo frame. Taking up his switch blade he rolls her over unceremoniously and saws through the rope on her wrists. Then he turns her on her back again. Before she can move he kneels on her stomach this time and puts the blade on her jugular again, digging it in.

"You back out and I'll fuck your whole family before I finish you. I'll make you watch while I gut them like fish and bathe in their blood. Then I'll cut you open and strangle you with your own innards. And then before you die I'll take your daughter; the last thing you see will be me and her, you got that?" He waits, silent and predatory for her to answer. He sees her swallow convulsively twice before she nods.

Mac wipes the switch blade on her bed spread before he thumbs it back into place and pockets it as well. He stands looking at the woman in front of him. She is a perfect match for his father. Evil. He wonders if Walter knows how truly evil but decides he doesn't care. He has what he wants. He takes up the rope and looks around making sure he hasn't left anything behind before he walks to the door.

"Why? Why my daughter?" He stops looking back at her as she tries to move her shoulders to rub her wrists. Blood drips from her and the smell of burned flesh lingers as well.

Why indeed? Mac doesn't have an answer that would satisfy her so he gives her one she'll accept and hate.

"She ain't you." He walks out of the house not looking back.

The End.

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