"Minato..." Whispered Kami, who had called the man before her. "I have a favor I wish for you to do."

"What is it?" He asked.

"If you are willing, I want you to go down to Earth, and you will be able to raise your son." She said.

"I'll do it! Whatever it is!" He said immediately.

"You see, I've been checking up in people down there, and it's come to my attention that two of my purest souls are being treated horribly. I want you to love these two souls, one of them being your son, and the other being a young girl. You will adopt the girl, and raise the two children, train them and love them. This wasn't what I had originally what I had planned, but I want this to happen, and know it will be good for others." Kami said.

"Yes Kami-sama! I would be overjoyed to do so!" Minato said.

"Alright child, breath once again, and live on Earth." She said.

Everything shined white, and Minato found himself plopped down on the ground. He smiled and noticed a piece of paper next to him that had information written about this girl on it. He ran towards the village she was in, it was time he found his new daughter, and then have her meet his son.

As he read over the information and looked at the picture, he was surprised, he now understood why Kami wanted to help her. He raced continuously through the desert until he got to Suna. He went got in without being noticed. He went into a shop and bought a long, plastic clear tube, easily 2 feet long and ½ foot in diameter that had a white plastic cap. He also bought a light teal cloth kimono with a deep crimson obi, the size needed for the girl. He walked outside and filled the container with sand, and capped it.

Walking around, he start hearing shouts coming from down the road.

"FREAK! Why don't you die!"

"She's a monster! Don't even look at her!"

"I told you to stay away from her!"

"Go Away!"

Minato frowned and walked towards where the shouts were coming from. Upon getting there, he noticed parents taking their kids away from a small red-headed girl, her hair tied up in pig tails. The girl was sobbing while holding her small teddy bear.

He walked forward and kneeled in front of her. He out his hand on her head and smiled. The girl looked up immediately, and it seemed she wasn't used to the foreign touch.

"Hello, I'm here to take care of you. Would you like to some back to my village with me? You can meet my son, and we can be a family together." He said.

"But... aren't you afraid of me? I'm a monster." She said.

He stroked her hair and smiled sadly. "Honey, you're not a monster. You're a human being, just as any other person is. You are a hero, because you keep a very special monster locked up inside of you. You are protecting all of these people, they just aren't smart enough to realize it."

She sniffled. "Really?"

"Yes, really. Now, would you like to go home with me? To a different village? I promise you, I won't let people there treat you how you are treated here." He said.

The girl brightened and got a hopeful look in her eyes. "Y-yes please!"

"Okay, so, what your name?" He asked, even though he already knew.

"Gaara, Gaara Sabaku." She said.

"A very pretty name Gaara-chan! You can just call me Tou-chan, okay?" He said.

The girl looked surprised. "You want to be called Tou-chan?" She asked.

"Well, you will be a part of our family now, my daughter. So you should call me Tou-chan, yes?" Minato said.

She smiled brightly. "Yes!"

He laughed and took her small frame in his arms, and jumped onto the rooftops and out of the village undetected. He carried the small girl with him as he sped through the desert and forest at an almost inhuman speed.

As he looked down at Gaara, he realized she could just as easily be from his family. She had the same color hair as Kushina, and she had a couple of shades different color eyes than him, with a shape close to Kushina's eyes. And the facial features matched up as well. She could easily be from their family, and no one would think twice about it.

He was very happy, he would get to raise his son along with this cute little girl that obviously needed a family. Both were at the age of 7, so they would start the academy in one year. Hopefully they would be like brother and sister by then. He hoped they would get along, and just be a great family. He also hoped Naruto would be okay when he showed up, hoping they would have respected his last wish.

He snuck into his own village as well, his son being his first priority. As he walked around, he shifted Gaara up to his shoulders, and the girl was surprised by how colorful this village was. She looked around in amazement and let out 'oohs' and 'ahhs'.

Minato chuckled. "Like it Gaara-chan?"

"It's so pretty!" She said, happily, as smile gracing her face. "Ne, Tou-chan... where are we going?" She asked.

"Well we're looking for your nii-san." He said.

"I have a nii-san?" She asked, and Minato nodded.

"His name is Naruto. You'll meet him soon. I'm afraid I haven't been around though, you see, I was killed back 8 years ago, but I got Kami to let me come back to life." He said.

"Really? That's so cool Tou-chan!" She said.

He rounded the corner and saw his son, eight years old now, crying on a swing as parents came and took their kids away from him. Shouting hurtful things just as in the Village hidden in the Sand.

"Let's get out of here!"

"What are you doing? I told you not to talk to him!"

"Watch out! It's... It's him again!"

"Why don't you just go away?... G-Go away! You! You freak!"



Naruto sniffled on the swing, crying and wiping his eyes as the tears stained his khaki shorts. Minato felt extreme sadness wash over him, seeing his child in so much pain. He looked up at Gaara, who's eyes were wide, staring at the boy.

'He's... he's just like me!' She thought.

Minato took Gaara off his shoulders and took her hand, leading her over to the boy. He walked in front of the crowd, and heard several people gasp.

"I-It can't be!"


"Hokage-sama! You've returned!"

"He came back! I bet to deal with that thing!"

"Yeah! He's finishing what he started!"

Minato didn't pay attention to them, and simply walked to the boy, guiding Gaara along with him. He stopped in front of the boy and looked down at him fondly.

"Naruto." He whispered, smiling, feeling tears run down his face as well.

The boy opened his eyes and looked up, tears still dripping from them.

"W-Who are you?" He asked.

"Oh Naruto.. How you've grown...7 years ago, on the night of your birth, I died, fighting the Nine Tailed Fox Demon. I ended up dying, but Kami let me come back to life after I pleaded with him. Naruto... I'm your Tou-chan." He said.

"W-What?" He asked, his eyes widening. "Is... is that really true?"

"Yes son," Minato whispered. "It really is."

Naruto cried more and jumped onto the man, hugging him for dear life. Minato hugged his son back, but also picked up Gaara, and hugged her too. Tears still came down his face.

"You two have had the same horrible childhood so far... but not anymore, I will protect you two from it from now on. You are my children, and I am your father." He whispered to them. "But most importantly, I will love you, with all of my heart."

The two children clung to him, and covered his shirt in tears. They were finally going to be loved! And have someone to care for them, and be there for them! Just like the normal kids!

"What do you say we go get some lunch huh? What do you kids like to eat?" He asked, putting them down and taking each of their hands with one of his.

"Ramen!" Naruto said, wiping tears from his face.

"Well that's good Naruto, I happen to love ramen as well. What about you Gaara-chan, do you like ramen?" Minato said.

The girl nodded, wiping away her tears as well. "Ramen's good."

"Great! I know just the place then." Minato said, and started walking down the street, the crowd who had thought he would kill the child, instead saying he was his father and taking him for lunch.

"Now, Naruto-kun, this is Gaara-chan, Gaara-chan, Naruto-kun. You two are adoptive brother and sister, Gaara being my adopted child. Though I must say, you looks like you belong in the family, my wife looked so much like you, and you have similar face features and eye color to me." Minato said.

"Hi Gaara-chan." Naruto said, around his dad.

"Hi Naruto-kun." She said back.

"Hey, tou-chan, umm, could me and Gaara-chan play together after dinner?" Naruto asked.

"Sure, but we should probably do some shopping first. We need more clothes for the two of you, as well as things for your rooms, and groceries. I'll have to clean around the house, since it's been dormant for 7 years, but you two can play in the backyard while I do that." He said. "Oh, we're here, come on." He said.

Minato lifted the flaps to the Ichiraku Ramen stand and placed both of his kids on the stools, then sat two the left of them, making sure to not sit one of them next to the man sitting there, just to be safe. But he also wanted to the brother and sister to bond, and to love each other, and what better time to start than the present? The two kids started talking immediately, it seemed as though they had an instant connection, and Minato was glad for it. He ordered three bowls of ramen, and gave Gaara the tube of sand, knowing she could protect herself with the sand should something happen. She smiled and hugged him, thanking him for thinking of it, then sat down. He listened and smiled as Gaara started telling Naruto about her ability to wield sand, which Naruto thought was so cool.

Minato heard someone enter and sit beside him. The man ordered some ramen and Minato snapped his face towards the man. It couldn't be!

"Kakashi?" He questioned.

The man stiffened, and before he knew it, his own student was coming at him with a knife. Just as it was getting to his throat though, sand stopped the kunai. Kakashi's eyes widened.

"You won't hurt my Tou-chan!" Gaara said, standing on her stool, her hand outstretched, willing the sand to stop the attack.

"Wow! Gaara-chan! That was awesome!" Naruto said.

Kakashi narrowed his eyes, how did a girl, only 7 by the looks of it, do that? And where did the sand come from? "Who are you, and why are posing as The 4th Hokage?" He demanded.

"I'm not posing, I am him. And do you really have to attack me and interrogate me 'Kashi? I'm having dinner with my kids." Minato said. "And you of all people know how sacred ramen is to me! You, Obito, and Rin suffered through enough team meetings with ramen to know that!"

Kakashi's visible eye widened. Okay, that was not common knowledge at all, few people even knew who was on their team, much less that they had team meetings at a ramen stand, because Minato loved the stuff so much. "No... you can't be." He said, but at the same time, he lowered his kunai.

"Oh, so the clothes, and that information isn't enough? Jeez 'Kashi, I was hoping you had lightened up over the past few years. You've always been to serious. Add a little bit of the way Obito thought to your life! Hey, have you found a girl yet? What about that girl that was kind of crazy? You know, purple hair or something? She seemed like she would have livened up your life." He said, sipping some tea from his cup.

"H-How do you know all that?" Kakashi asked.

"'Kashi, you honestly don't think I'm the real Minato? Tch, well, if you don't believe me, go ahead and not believe me, but don't attack me or my kids." Minato said.

Gaara sat back on her stool, but left her sand container open, and looked at Kakashi warily out of the corner of her eye, something Naruto was doing as well. They all ate, and Minato paid for him and his kids, then took their hands, him sealing Gaara's sand into a scroll for now.

He walked them around town, getting new clothes, stuff for their rooms that they saw and liked, and food for them. People would glare at Naruto, but then see who was with him, and look surprised, but then, Minato noticed some people were making the connection of father and son between him and Naruto. He had even run across, who was surprised to see him, but told him he knew Naruto was his son the whole time, but asked if the girl was his, since she actually did look quite a bit like him and Kushina.

They got back to the house, and Naruto and Gaara played in the back while Minato cleaned the house, sweeping and getting out all the dust.

After all the rooms were cleaned out, Minato called the kids in and they did their rooms.

They painted Naruto's orange and he had light colored hardwood floors. He had a single bed with plain blue covers and pillow cases. He had a dresser, a desk, a night stand, and a bookcase in his room, all which were made of the same colored light wood as the floor. He had this and that around the room, things he had found at the market such as posters and nick knacks. He also had an orange stuffed fox on the bed, something that Minato found ironic.

Gaara had wanted her room to be painted teal, just like her eyes and her floor was dark hardwood. She had gotten a window seat in her room, which she loved and had put a long white cushion on. She had gotten yellow covers and pillow cases for her bed and she had her stuffed teddy bear on the bed. Her bed, desk, dresser, and bookcase were made of dark woods.

They had a play room Minato had made that was painted light green and had a white carpet. It was filled with toys and had a small table and chairs that had coloring books and sheet of paper as well as crayons and markers on it.

There was other areas in the house as well, a training room, kitchen, dining room, living room, family room, library, Minato's room, and 5 bathrooms, one for each of the kids rooms, Minato's room, and 2 for the rest of the house.

After a quick dinner, Minato tucked both of his kids in bed, kissed them goodnight, and went to the library to look for a few scrolls with jutsu he could start teaching his kids.

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