Set during my story Worthy. The dynamics here are such that you probably won't know exactly what's going on unless you read the story, but, of course, feel free to read anyway.

This takes place somewhere around Chapter 25... to refresh your memory: Ziva is working at NCIS again, she is on friendly terms with Tony and Angelina, but she and Tony aren't yet dating again.

"Are you ready?"

"Yeah. Just a minute."

Ziva leans against his desk to wait, and Tony gives her a small smile. They're on friendly terms- shaky, yes, but they're managing. As soon as he finishes up this case report, she's coming with him to get Angelina from school so the three of them can go to a movie and dinner.

His current partner has her doubts about the way he has chosen to transition Ziva back into Angelina's life, and the probie reminds him of this whenever possible. Now, from where she's sitting with her phone to her ear, she casts him a disapproving look. Tony pretends not to see it.

Turning back to his computer screen, he continues typing. He has just pushed the print button when Ziva asks, "What's this?"

He looks up and finds that she is holding the only picture frame sitting on his desk, her expression stricken, as it usually is when she is given another reminder of what she has missed out on over the past five years. The printer spits out his report. He grabs it, pounds a staple into the upper left hand corner, and tosses it on Gibbs' desk. Continuing to ignore Richie, he walks back to Ziva. She is still staring at the picture.

"I have more copies, if you want one," he offers.

"How old is she here? Four?"

Tony studies their daughter, sitting up straight in a white wicker chair, brunette locks loose around her shoulders, hands folded neatly in her lap. Her bright smile could light up a room. "Yeah."

"I cannot believe that you, of all people, had a professional portrait made."

He raises his eyebrows at her. "Not sure what that means, exactly, but I feel like I ought to be insulted."

"No, it's just… I always assumed you would document Angelina's childhood by amassing thousands of unnecessary pictures on your phone. This seems like the kind of thing that you would believe to be a waste of money."

"For your information, I do have thousands of unnecessary pictures on my phone," he says. "But I also thought that someday, you know… she might like having a nice, non-blurry picture of herself."

Ziva nods. A soft smile graces her lips, and he relaxes somewhat. "She is… beautiful, isn't she?"

"Yeah," he replies truthfully.

She finally tears her gaze away from the photo. Turning the frame over in her hands, she returns it to its spot right beside his computer monitor. Then she turns to him. "You keep surprising me, Tony."

He shrugs modestly.

"And, yes… I would love a copy of that picture."

"'Course." Tony pulls out his wallet and produces three wallet-sized versions. "I have the four-by-sixes at home, but… here's one to tide you over."

Ziva chuckles as she takes it from him. "I should have known." With the picture tucked into her palm, she places her hand over her heart. Her eyes flutter closed for a brief second. Then she opens them and smiles- a bit ruefully, but mostly, she seems happy. And he's glad.

"Come on," he says. "Let's go get her."