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Bet you didn't know that the longest one-syllable word in the English language is "screeched."


Bet You Didn't Know


Little Ones


At this very moment in the country of Fiore, young Natsu Dragneel was seven years, twelve weeks, five days and two minutes old while he sat in the middle of nowhere on a tree stump. To be more precise, rather than sitting in the middle of nowhere he was sitting in a forest far away from civilization for miles around in any given direction. His father preferred it that way, away from the humans that swarmed this planet they called Earthland.

Young Natsu Dragneel stared up into the sky and watch a cloud pass by him. His feet started swinging around, kicking the stump he sat on, as he watched the cloud drift farther and farther away.

"Huh," young Natsu sighed cocking his head to the side as if something had just dawned on him.


"WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?!" He yelled, his hands rubbing in his hair making it a spikey mess.

Natsu Dragneel jumped off the stump and stomped over to the nearest tree, lifting his foot up he kick it several times over and over as he released his frustration and anger.

"What," a kick, "the hell," another kick, "was Father," kick, kick, "thinking leaving me alone!" Natsu yelled with a final kick.

The tree came tumbling down, its sound echoing through the woods making the forest creatures fly and run away. Natsu frowned knowing his father would punish him for kicking down and wasting a perfectly healthy tree. As Natsu walked over and sat on the now fallen tree, he assumed that it had a few more good years in it before it would have died on its own... or fallen due to his training.

"What is he doing?! Catching us a whole farm?!" Natsu yelled getting frustrated again.

He ran over to the nearest tree yelling, "Fire Dragon's Wing Attack!"

Natsu smirked and rubbed his nose as he saw the tree fall... and burst into flames.

"AHHHH! OH NOOOOO!" Natsu yelled as he ran around the burning tree.

His father was definitely going to get mad now that he was burning down their home!

"Gotta put it out! Gotta put it out!" He yelled running around the burning tree.

Natsu stopped running and placed his fist on an open hand.

"I got it," he said blinking.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" Natsu yelled adding fire to the flames.

He watched with a grand smile as the small fire on the fallen tree... turned five times worse!

"I'M AN IDIOT!" Natsu yelled running around the tree again.

"Gotta put it out! Gotta put it out!" He repeated.

A great gust of wind blew past him, trees started shaking violently then the ground itself shook afterwards. Natsu sighed out in relief, glad to see the fire had been put out by the gust of wind, and smiled as he turned around only to face a huge fire-breathing dragon behind him.

"Father! What took you so long?! I was bored and hungry!" Natsu complained stomping his foot on the burnt tree.

Natsu's fire-breathing dragon of a father Igneel was seven hundred and fifty-nine years, forty weeks, two days and five minutes old when he slowly shook his head at his son. The old dragon folded up his wings and laid down on all fours, waiting for his immature son to finish his temper tantrum before answering his question. He fell asleep three minutes later and was woken up four minutes after his short nap due to his son gnawing on one of his talons.

"Dragon meat doesn't taste very good." Igneel chuckled at his son.

"It's tough because it's not cooked, can I cook you Father?" Natsu asked.

Igneel roared in laughter, his roar reaching out to the far ends of the forest. Birds all alike rose up into the sky and flew off in fear due to his roar. Natsu watched as the birds flied and roared himself, waiting to see if any birds would fly away... none of them did. Natsu didn't spent any time sulking on it and turned towards his father.

"Where did you go Father? And why didn't you bring any meat back?"

Igneel chuckled and bent his head down, "I brought something better than meat back my son."

Natsu thought about it, what was better than meat?

"A ton of meat?!" Natsu cheered.

Figuring that his son would never guess it in a million years, he picked him up with his claw and brought him on his back.

"Whoooaa, warn me next time!" Natsu warned struggling around.

Igneel dropped Natsu on his back and turned his head around to watch the scene that was about to unfold. Natsu landed flat on his butt with a thump. He quickly picked himself up and dusted himself off, turning around immediately after to glare at his father while stomping his foot on his scaly back.

"What the hell Igneel? I see no meat here!" He yelled jumping up and down.

"Natsu, I'd like you to meet the newest edition to our family." Igneel said.

Natsu paused and stood completely still for a second, "newest? Edition?" He repeated having no idea what those words meant.

"She's been standing there all this time and you haven't noticed at all yet. Such an idiotic son I have." Igneel sighed to himself.

Natsu resented that but quickly turned around to find the 'newest edition' to their 'family'. He didn't spot anyone on his father's back though and wondered if he was lying to him or not?

"Listen son." Igneel said lowly.

Natsu took a deep breath and closed his eyes, listening to his surroundings. There! He heard it around him somewhere. Something, or someone, breathing really fast, too fast for any animal. If it wasn't an animal though then what was it?

"I know your there! Come out and face the all-powerful Natsu Dragneel!" Natsu yelled out, breathing fire as he did so.

Igneel placed a talon on top of Natsu's head and pushed down, rubbing his head hard.

"That is not how you welcome a new family member." Igneel warned.


A giggle. Natsu's eyes widened, did his ears just deceive him? He felt a push on his back, moving him forward.

"Go on." Igneel told him.

Natsu started walking forward, warily at first as he checked his father's back for any sign of life. That's when he saw it, a flicker of red behind one of the wings.

"Come out you! Reveal yourself!"

A whimper. Natsu's eyes scrunched together, he didn't like the way it sounded. Too weak for his taste Natsu thought then ran over to the wing. He was tired of waiting for the person to reveal themselves, he decided to face it head on! There hiding behind his father's wing, sitting down on her butt from the sudden shock of Natsu running up to her, was, was... Natsu wasn't sure what it was.

"It's alright to come out now daughter, don't mind this idiot. You'll get used to his obnoxiousness soon." Igneel said.

"Hey! I'm not obno- obnox! Whatever you said!" Natsu yelled out fire.

"You don't even what that word means son," Igneel sighed.

"It still wasn't good!"

"Um, is he going to be living with us?" The little girl asked pointing a finger at the boy on fire.

"Alright, enough of this. You guys are annoying me stomping on my back, Natsu. Up you go!" Igneel said picking up his two kids off his back.

He placed the two of them on the ground in front him and continued to watch the scene unfold, giving his old dragon back a rest.

"Natsu, meet the newest edition to our family. This is Lucy Heartfilia." Igneel introduced.

Lucy Heartfilia was six years, twenty-nine weeks, six days and fifty-nine minutes old when Igneel had picked her up from the nearest town. She was alone, abandoned, scared and exactly the thing Igneel was looking for when he went into town.

"Lucy? That's a weird name." Natsu laughed.

Little Lucy frowned and pounced on the boy, reaching for his salmon hair and tugging on it as hard as she could when she grabbed it.

"Shut up! Your name is weird!" Lucy complained.

"Ah! That hurts! And no it's not, you don't even know my name!" Natsu said turning the tables around.

He rolled over and was now hovering over Lucy, her hands were still in his hair though.

"It's Natsu!" She yelled.

Natsu paused making Lucy pause wondering why he paused.

"How do you know my name?" He asked.

"The dragon just said it idiot!" Lucy laughed.

The two of them started fighting again, rolling around in the dirt and grass trying to get the upper hand on one another. Igneel finally had enough of their bickering and placed a claw between the two of them to stop it.

"Enough! You two need to play nice since we'll be together with each other for a long, long time." Igneel said.

"Igneel? What is this thing? It's not a dragon like us!" Natsu asked his father, pointing at the little girl picking herself off from the floor.

"She is a girl, and is now a dragon like us."

Natsu's nose scrunched up, "a girl?"

"Yes, like we're both boys, Lucy here is a girl."

Natsu's eyes scanned over this 'girl' that was supposedly a dragon now. She was much shorter than him, automatically making her weaker. She didn't seem strong in the least and with the colors she was wearing, an orange shirt with a red bow around the collar and a red skirt, Natsu thought she'd be a pretty lousily dragon.

"Why is she here? She seems weak Father!" Natsu complained.

Lucy glared and reached over for Natsu, she would have reached him too if it wasn't for Igneel's claw still between them.

"Natsu, though Lucy may be weak she is part of this family now and family means that we watch out for each other. Lucy is my daughter now meaning that she's your teacher." Igneel said.

Natsu sat down staring at his feet before looking over at Lucy. It was then he noticed, though her eyes held a glare, it seemed like she was on the verge of crying. Natsu hopped onto his father's claw and reached out a hand towards his new... teaaa-cher.

"Hello, I'm Natsu Dragneel. You're not weak and even if you are, I'm strong enough to protect both of us. Welcome to our dragon family." Natsu said.

Lucy stared at his hand in disbelief before smiling up at the weird boy and shook his hand.

"I'm Lucy Heartfilia, sorry about hurting you before." Lucy said shyly, her free hand clutching her skirt.

Natsu's head turned to the side as he looked up at Igneel. "Father, why is her name Hear- He- not Dragneel? She's our family right?" He asked.

Igneel blinked before grinning, "right you are son. From now on Lucy you are Lucy Dragneel."

Lucy didn't know if she should be happy or sad about that, so instead of deciding she just smiled and said-

"Thank you."