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Here is today's useless fact.

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Bet You Didn't Know


Dragon's Bath


Little Lucy watched in pure amazement as her family seemed to dance in the flames. She sat on a boulder with her head leaning down on her hands and watched as the flames circled around the fire dragon and his fire son. Lucy was always taught not to play with fire or else she would get burned, but after looking at the two of them she thought differently. Playing with fire, they were literally playing with fire and flames and they weren't getting burned. The strangely amazing thing about it though was that the flames were actually playing back with them.

Lucy was so enchanted with their little dance she didn't notice herself leaning closer towards them until she tumbled over. She let out a rather loud 'eeeep' as she fell face first off the boulder and landed on her chin, her butt high in the air. Natsu, upon hearing this eep, stopped his training and turned his attention to the girl while Igneel, seeing Natsu look away, stopped teaching his son. He looked over to where his son was gazing at and saw his daughter's face in the grass.

"Daughter? You alright?" Igneel called out.

Lucy wiggled her butt in the air a little before lifting herself up by her arms. She spat out grass from her mouth and looked up at her family, giving them a small smile and a nod.

"Yeah," she told them lightly.

Natsu took a step towards her, just one, then paused. After a second of hesitation he took another, then started running towards her. Humans, no, girls were so troublesome and weak he thought when he reached her. Natsu bent down on his knees and started picking the grass from her hair. It was strange, but he found himself caring for this girl more and more each passing day. No, it wasn't strange. They were family, of course he would care for her like family would, especially given how weak she was.

"Be more careful." He warned her.

"Sorry Natsu, I will." Lucy said, slightly embarrassed since the only reason she fell was because she was watching him.

Natsu watched as Lucy rubbed her cheek to try to get the dirt off, but only made it worst. Natsu started rubbing Lucy's cheeks with his hand to try and help, it didn't make much of a difference though. She was just too dirty after a fall like that.

"Father! When is bath day?!" Natsu asked standing up.

Igneel's stared down at his claws and started counting the days... he forgot the last bath day they had though and seeing how his son asked in a tone that suggested that it was today, Igneel forgot about it and just answered.


Normally, Natsu hated bath days. It wasn't because he hating bathing, Natsu didn't mind that part. He hated bath days though because his Father would always completely destroy him in splash fights and he barely even tried! Just one stomp there, one whip of the tail, one swing of the claw and Natsu would go flying out of the lake and into a tree. And the splashes he was able to get on his father barely did a thing! Igneel would just bat an eye and act like he hadn't felt a thing!

This time would be different, this time Natsu had Lucy and with the two of them together! With her smarts and his strengths, they would be the ones to completely destroy Igneel! Or at least, that's how he liked to think of things.

"Come on Lucy, I'll race you to the lake!" Natsu cheered helping her up.

Lucy went wobbly in the knees for a second, but was able to stand up on her own and pat the dirt off her skirt. She looked over at Natsu and smiled.

"Ready, set, go!" She screamed running past him and their Father towards the lake.

"Hey! That's not fair!" Natsu yelled running after her.

"Woman never fight fair my boy, you'd do well to learn that lesson." Igneel chuckled as he flew towards the lake instead of walking.

Sure, if walking he would have made it towards the lake in a short amount of time, but the thing that Igneel feared was destroying their forest home. With each step he would have destroyed at least a handful of trees, so flying seemed like the better idea. He should have been the first one to arrive at the lake, but hovered a little as he spied on his kids to make sure they made it there safely.

Though he was the biggest and baddest predator in the forest, he wasn't the only predator and his idiotic son kept forgetting that. Once he spotted the two of them at the lake though, Igneel flew over it then stopped flapping his wings so he would make a big splash. A huge wave came up from the lake and Lucy started running in the other direction to avoid getting wet. She was so focused on the wave though, she didn't look where she was running and ran smack in with Natsu. At least they avoided getting wet.

"Ow, sorry Natsu." Lucy mumbled lying sprawled out on top of him.

"Look where you're going next time!" Natsu yelled pushing her off.

Lucy huffed and started rubbing her butt.

"I said I was sorry! Meaner!" She said sticking her tongue out at him.

Natsu growled... she did say that.

"Whatever," he mumbled before spotting the lake.

Natsu grinned from ear to ear and jumped up in the air; he started stripping then ran over and leaped towards the lake. His splash was nothing compared to his Father's, but still it was a splash. Lucy went red, from her ears to her toes, at the scene that just unraveled in front of her. A boy, a boy had undressed in front of her and she had seen him naked! Oh the shame, Lucy covered her eyes as if trying to forget the image of Natsu's tiny pale white butt.

"Lucy! Come on! What are you scared of?" Natsu asked.

The only reason he brought up bathing was so that she could get clean and here she was just standing there. Lucy shook her head and stared at Natsu and Igneel. Both of them were males and here she was, the only female.

"I'm not coming in until both of you look the other way and close your eyes!" Little Lucy yelled.

"What the? Why?!" Natsu yelled back.

Igneel thought of this as a fatherly time to explain something to his boy. He appeared beside Natsu and grabbed him, holding him in front of his face.

"Girls and boys have different... bodies my son. A girl should never just strip in front of a male Natsu, it's... embarrassing for them." Igneel tried to explain using little and short words.

"But we're all dragons here." Natsu answered.

Igneel sighed, then thought of an idea.

"Alright then son, let's see who can hold their breath underwater for the longest then." He told him.

Natsu's eyes sparkled, a competition.

"You're on!" He accepted.

"On the count of three, three!" Igneel said and the two of them dove underwater.

Lucy waited a few more seconds to see if they were going to stay down before she started to undress. She pulled off her shirt then pulled down her skirt and undies, placing them beside Natsu's clothes. After, she started heading towards the lake and jumped in like her two family members had done before.

Lucy screamed.

Natsu, hearing the scream from underwater, swam back up and started looking around.

"What?! What's the matter?!" He yelled.

Igneel, hearing the scream better with his dragon hearing, rose up as fire leaked dangerously from his jaws. He looked around for predators that might have made his daughter scream.

"It's too cold!" Lucy yelled shivering.

Natsu blinked then started laughing.

"No it's not, its warm! You're crazy!" He laughed.

Igneel remembered something just then. Being a fire dragon and having scales made the water's coldness not affect him and with Natsu being a fire dragon slayer in training, it made him warmer than the average human. Lucy was neither a fire dragon nor a fire dragon slayer in training. Of course the water would be cold to her, the question now was how he could fix it?

"Alright Natsu, close your eyes." Igneel said.


"Just do it."

Natsu grumbled something as he closed his eyes. Igneel picked up his son then his daughter in the other hand and stood up in the lake. He took a big inhale of breath then blew fire onto the lake, hoping it would heat it up and hoping that it wouldn't grill the water creatures living in it. When he saw no creatures floating up to the top, he figured it didn't and set his two children back down in the lake.

Lucy immediately brightened up as she started swimming around.

"So much warmer, thanks Papa."

"You're welcome my child."

"You're silly Lucy." Natsu said splashing around.

"I'm normal, you're the silly one," Lucy said back, "and STOP SPLASHING ME!"

Natsu floated in the water and looked at her, a cruel smile spreading across his face.

"Oh, you mean... like this?" He asked and started splashing water over towards Lucy.

"Natsu!" She screamed covering her face.

"Or like this?!" He laughed splashing her again.

"You know exactly what I mean!" She cried out then dove underwater.

Everything looked distorted to her, wavy looking. She blinked open her eyes and looked around. There were no fish where the three of them were swimming, but if she looked further down the lake she could see them near the bottom. Lucy giggled at the school of fish then turned around and saw her Father's huge red claws kicking underwater. She resurfaced and stared to giggle.

"You're really big Papa." She told him.

Igneel chuckled, "one day you'll be as big as me."

"What? But I don't want to be as big as a house! How will I fit into shops and stores?" Lucy asked.

"Well I do! I want to be as big as a mountain!" Natsu cheered jumping up then falling back into the water.

"No you don't, if you were as big as a mountain you wouldn't be able to go anywhere!" Lucy argued.

"Can too!"

"Nuh uh, you'd be so big you'd break everything!"

"Well I'm a dragon, I'm supposed to break everything!"

"Well... well... you're short!" Lucy yelled out, not coming up with a good comeback.

It was good enough for Natsu to hear though because he suddenly got mad and tackled the girl in the water.

"Well you're... girly!" He yelled holding her underwater.

"Hey, hey, Natsu. Not so rough, you can't play like that underwater." Igneel said flicking his son off his youngest child.

Lucy resurfaced and took a huge inhale of breath before she started to glare, looking around for the culprit.

"Where's Natsu?!" She growled looking for revenge.

She spotted something pink all the way over there, on the other side of the lake and blinked.


Natsu turned around and looked at her, he was blinking also but she couldn't tell from the distance.

"My fault, don't know my own strength." Igneel chuckled.

He raised his head and turned over to his son, "hurry back now Natsu! Before you get eaten!"

"Eaten?" Lucy gasped as Natsu glared at his Father while he started swimming back.

"Yeah, this is where I catch all our really big fish dinners." Igneel said.

"So those fish can eat us?!" She shrieked.

"They can, but they won't while I'm here watching you two."

Lucy started crying, "but I don't want to get eaten by a fish! I'm getting out!" She said swimming towards the edge.

Igneel turned his attention away from Natsu and towards his daughter. He put a claw in front of her and spun her around, so she'd be swimming back towards him.

"Now Lucy, I would never let you get eaten by a fish. I'm your Father remember? Fathers are supposed to watch out for their children." Igneel lectured.

Lucy sniffed, "really?"

"Yes really, I promise."

Lucy smiled to herself then paused for a second.

"... well what about Natsu then?" She asked.

"Natsu too, I love both of my children."

"HE'S GETTING EATEN BY A FISH THOUGH! AHHHH!" Lucy screamed swimming back towards the shore.

"Huh?" Igneel hummed turning around.

There he saw his son swimming at high speed, trying to outswim a fish. That was impossible though, there's no way a human could outswim a fish in their own waters. That must be the reason why the fish finally caught up with him and ate his son whole.


"Oh right," Igneel said then dove underwater after the fish.

Lucy stayed near the shores, finally being able to touch the floor and stand up on her own. She waited and watched for her family to resurface, waiting and watching. When a minute passed she started to get worried, when two minutes passed she thought the worst and could only assume the fish had eaten her Father also, when the third minute passed though and she started to see bubbles... Lucy assumed it was the fish coming to eat her next so she ran out the water.

It wasn't a fish though, it was her Father holding a fish in his jaws. He walked over towards the land and dropped the fish, letting it flip around before finally dying from lack of oxygen.

"Where's Natsu?" Lucy asked coming out from her hiding place, which was behind a tree.

"Still in the fish, alive I hope." Igneel mumbled poking the fish with its claw.

"Natsu!" Lucy yelled running over towards the enormous fish.

She ran over to its mouth and touched the thing, wondering if it was really dead or not. When she saw no movement she ran around the fish wondering how to get Natsu out.

"Well do something Father!" She yelled.

"Right, hold on." Igneel said then lifted the fish in the air.

He started shaking the thing upside down. The fish lips opened wide up and a gush of water fell out, along with a salmon haired boy.

"Natsu!" Lucy cheered running up to him.

Natsu groaned then opened his eyes. He was blinded by the sun for a second before his eyes adjusted then he started to look around. He spotted Lucy standing near him and wondered.

"What happened?" He groaned.

"You were eaten by a fish! See?!" Lucy cheered pointing over to said fish.

Natsu's eyes widened and he screamed, crawling on the floor away from the fish and towards Lucy. She only giggled and patted his head.

"No worries, Papa killed it and saved you. Thanks Papa!" Lucy cheered.

Igneel wondered if his daughter should actually be thanking him since he was the reason he got eaten in the first place so instead he just smiled.

"Oh... well I wasn't afraid of no fish! I would have fire dragon roared and ate it for dinner!" Natsu bragged.

Lucy pouted and smacked Natsu's head.

"Ow! That hurt!"

"I was not afraid of that fish, not no fish!" Lucy corrected.

Natsu grumbled as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Speak!" Lucy commanded holding up her hand again.

"I was not afraid of that fish!" Natsu yelled in fear.

Lucy smiled, "very good."

Natsu blinked and then started to stare at Lucy. Lucy blinked and started to stare at Natsu wondering why he was staring at her so hardly. She suddenly realized he was naked and averted her eyes just towards his face and not his lower region. She soon realized that if he was naked, she probably was still naked too and looked down to see that she was correct.

"PERVERT!" Lucy screamed kicking him in the face before running back towards the waters.

Natsu leaned back up and clutched his bleeding nose, looking over towards his Father.

"She really doesn't have any dragon balls." He told him.

"She'll have balls soon enough Natsu, just not where you'd expect them to be." Igneel said then rubbed his head.