Puppy in Hiding
by Healer Pomfrey

All recognizable characters belong to J. K. Rowling, and I am not earning anything by writing this story.
I am not a native speaker of English. Please excuse my mistakes.

It was the day after Dudley Dursley's eleventh birthday, and his cousin Harry Potter - the freak, as he was being called by his relatives - was only able to get a glimpse at the belated birthday present that Dudley received from his aunt, before he was locked into his cupboard.

'Was that a dog?' he wondered, wishing that he had left the house right after making breakfast for the Dursleys instead of having to spend a beautiful summer day inside his cupboard under the stairs.

However, early enough should he get to know that it was indeed a dog, a Jack Russel terrier, which Dudley had got from his dog-loving Aunt Marge. When his aunt told Dudley that he had to take the puppy out for a small walk at least three times a day, Dudley refused vehemently, insisting to have Harry make sure that the dog would be sufficiently entertained.

'That's great,' Harry thought to himself. 'That way I get to go out every now and then.' From now on, he spent two hours each day walking through Little Whinging with the cute, little puppy. Aunt Marge had named the dog "Chien", and Harry learned from a conversation between his aunt and uncle that it just meant "dog" in French. 'He's so cute,' he thought after tending to the dog for three days. 'It's just a pity that Dudley's decided to train him himself.'

In annoyance, he listened from his locked cupboard, how his cousin ordered the dog to sit, shouting at the puppy, when he did not listen right away. 'How stupid is Dudley? Chien has to understand what he's supposed to do first,' he thought, angrily. 'Maybe I should leave the Dursleys and take Chien with me,' he mused. 'So many years I've been waiting for someone to come and take me away from here, but no one ever came, so maybe I should take Chien away for his sake.'

One day - it was the evening before his own birthday - when he just came back from a walk with Chien, he heard his aunt tell his uncle in an upset voice that Chien had destroyed one of her best hand bags. Hearing his uncle roar in anger, Harry finally made the decision. Before being seen by his relatives, he headed outside again and led the dog back to the playground.


Seeing that no one was around, Harry changed into a dog like Chien. In fact, he had known for a few years that he was a shape-shifter - a fact, which he had found out by chance while trying to hide from his cousin. He was able to alter his appearance and also change into any animal he wanted.

=Hi Chien, it's me, Harry,= he addressed the other dog.

=You are a dog?= Chien queried in apparent surprise.

=No, I'm human, but I can change into animals,= Harry admitted. =Uncle Vernon was very angry at you and was surely going to punish you, so I thought I'd better take you away from there. Is it all right for you if we flee together?=

=Yes, that would be nice. You were the only one in that family who treated me well,= Chien answered immediately. =But where can we go? All the neighbours already know where we belong.=

=Let me think about it,= Harry said soothingly and feverishly pondered what to do.

The two dogs lay down in the grass to rest for a moment, before Harry decided on an action.

=Let's hide under the seats in Uncle Vernon's car,= he suggested. =In the morning, he's going to drive to London, and we can get out and walk through the town for a bit. Surely someone will take us with them and look after us.=

=Yes, that's a great idea,= Chien agreed immediately, gently licking Harry's left front paw.

The two dogs waited on the playground until it became dark, before they slowly returned to Privet Drive. Making sure that the street was as deserted as it usually was during the night, Harry transformed back into his human form, whereby he changed his appearance. As a red-haired boy with onyx eyes, he quietly opened the car, so that they could get in and hide under the seats. Harry carefully closed the door and once again changed into a Jack Russel Terrier like Chien. Curled up under the front passenger seat, the two dogs drifted off to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Harry was brought back to reality by the puppy's whining.

=I need to go out, or can I just do it here?= the younger dog asked, urgently.

Harry quickly transformed back into his human form and opened the boot of the car, placing the puppy in, so that he could relieve himself, before they both took on their former position, where they slept until the car suddenly began to move.


Fortunately, Vernon neither noticed the presence of two small dogs in his car nor the faint smell in the boot, and an hour later, the man parked the car and walked away.

=Wait a little while, and then we'll get out,= Harry whispered to his friend.

=I'm starving,= Chien whispered back, causing Harry to hesitantly jump onto the back seat, where he changed in his human form in order to open the doors for them. 'At least no one can recognise me with red hair and black eyes and take me back to the Dursleys, and Chien looks like a normal dog, so no one will know him either,' Harry thought, before he transformed back to look like Chien.

A short while later, two small Jack Russel terriers were running around the streets of London, in search for some food. 'There,' Harry suddenly thought and jumped for a hot dog that was hovering over the street in the hand of a man, which from the stature reminded him of Vernon Dursley. He motioned Chien to race with him into a nearby park. Hiding in the bushes, he observed, smiling, how Chien devoured the hotdog with gusto.

=Now let's go and look for some water,= Harry finally said, and together, the two canines headed back out into the crowded street.

All of a sudden, Harry heard someone say, "Oh my, such cuties." A mere instant later, he felt himself being picked up and looked into a smiling face.

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