Puppy in Hiding
by Healer Pomfrey

All recognizable characters belong to J. K. Rowling, and I am not earning anything by writing this story.
I am not a native speaker of English. Please excuse my mistakes.

Epilogue I

"What?" Dumbledore blurted out in disbelief, and his colleagues noticed in annoyance that the windows began to shake from the Headmaster's anger. "We need Harry Potter to become a proper student and to be trained in order to fight Voldemort. Minerva and Severus, you must gain his trust and speak with him."

McGonagall let out a snort. "Albus, don't tell me you believe in prophecies, especially one made by Sybil, probably the only one that she has ever made."

"Exactly," Snape agreed in a small voice.

"Anyway, since he did not have Lily's hair and Severus' eyes as a baby, but James' hair and Lily's eyes, he obviously is a shape shifter," the Headmaster continued his tirade, "and this must be his ability, about which Voldemort doesn't know. Minerva and Severus, I know that you have both feline Animagus forms, but perhaps you should try to transform into a dog as well in order to gain Harry's trust."

McGonagall rolled her eyes at her older colleague. "I'm going to speak with the Weasley twins about the matter, but other than that I will leave Harry in peace."

The Potions Master nodded his consent. "Minerva, if there's anything you need me to do, I'll be here," he promised in his soft, baritone voice.

Epilogue II

Almost four and a half years later, Severus Snape bowed deeply in front of the Dark Lord, uttering, "My Lord."

As soon as he was allowed to retreat to his spot between the other Death Eaters, he unobtrusively pulled a small mosquito out of his robe pocket. An instant later, the mosquito transformed into a Pasquito - a pink, magical mosquito, which was equipped with a poisonous sting.

While the Death Eaters busied themselves kissing their Lord's robes and talking to each other, the small insect made his way to Voldemort's throne. Before anyone even noticed his presence, he buried his poisonous sting into the evil wizard's cheek three times in a quick succession. Feeling the other wizard's blood, he pulled off and returned to the Potions Master, where he transformed into a very tiny fly that could barely be discovered by anyone. From the professor's hand, the small animal observed how the most evil wizard of all times collapsed in front of his audience.

'Well done,' he heard Snape commend him telepathically, causing him to smile.

With that he transformed into a fire phoenix, and as soon as he felt the professor grab his back feathers, he flashed back to Hogwarts, arriving right in front of the Potions Master's private quarters.

"Thank you Flash. You managed to vanquish him for good," Snape spoke up, rolling up his left sleeve, where the Dark Mark was fading into non-existence.

Harry transformed back into his human form, changing his hair to dark blue, before he replied, "Thank you Professor. I was really lucky that everything worked so well." With that he transformed back into his favourite form - that of a Jack Russell terrier.

"Are you ready to take your NEWTs in two weeks' time?" the professor queried, causing the dog to nod eagerly.

"Well, you know where to come if you need any help, be it with Potions or anything else," Snape offered in a soft voice, knowing how well the boy had managed to take his OWLs almost two years ago.

Flash waggled his tail and gently licked the older wizard's hand, knowing that the professor would understand it as a positive reply, meaning that he was going to join the Potions Master for some quality brewing time during the weekend.

With that Flash hurriedly returned to Gryffindor, knowing that Fred, George and Bang were worriedly waiting for him. 'Well, that's done,' he mused. 'We won the war, now I only have to get through my NEWTs, and then the twins and I can begin to build our Magical Menagerie on the spot of the former Shrieking Shack. I'm the happiest dog - or boy - in the world, having a wonderful family with Fred, George and Bang as well as the whole Weasley clan plus two brilliant mentors like Professors McGonagall and Snape.'

He quickly licked the Fat Lady's feet, knowing that she would hurry to open the portrait hole for him in order to not be further tickled. A mere instant later, he dashed into the common room, jumping on to every single student, before he finally came to join his family in front of the fireplace.