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Change of Gait

Eren lost his horse during an expedition so he has to ride with Levi. Eren's a bit delirious and feverish from coming out of his titan form and decides to secretly give Levi a hand job while their squad rides back to the Scouting Legion HQ.


SnK Kink Fill: Eren/Levi - Eren gives Levi a handjob while horse riding (dubcon)

Prompt: Eren lost his horse during an expedition so he has to ride with Levi. Eren's a bit delirious and feverish from coming out of his titan form and decides to secretly give Levi a hand job while their squad rides back to the Scouting Legion HQ. Levi has a strong sense of pride and privacy, and being surrounded by people, says nothing. But he is clearly pissed (and horny) during their ride and his punishment to Eren when they return to HQ is completely up to the writer.

"His name is Noir," Levi stated, hands holding the a rein.

Eren wearily nodded as he looked up.

The horse Levi owned stood at a good sixteen hands and, quite comically, easily towered over Levi's small stature. With a coat as black as night, the stallion's disposition foiled Levi's as he rubbed his head against Eren's shoulder affectionately, nickering at meeting someone knew. His head was shaped strongly, its haunches were muscular, and his hooves were the size of dinner plates.

Eren had seen this horse before, both out in the field and at base behind the comforts of Wall Rose. Numerous times he had watched Levi command (with just a few cues) the horse to do take intricate steps and perform various tricks; from the piaffe to the levade, the horse bent to Levi's will all too easily.

A horse of this caliber could only mean that he was attained from the King's personal stock, raised to be both strong and gentle in the front lines. As a Lance Corporal, ranks do come with its perks. The only other person to have a piece of the King's horses was Erwin, and that was just by rank as well.

Noir pawed the moist earth impatiently.

The steam from the decaying corpse of Eren's Titan form laid a few meters away. Unfortunately, the boy had lost his bay horse due to the poor animal spooking too much; he tried several times to whistle for his bay, no horse came. At the time, Levi had placed his effort into retrieving Eren, hence his inability to chase after the boy's horse.

"Get on," Levi instructed,"I don't have time to bullshit."

Eren, giving a dazed look, simply nodded and went to the left of Noir.

He pushed one foot through the stirrup and then hoisted himself on. He scooted over the cantle of Levi's saddle and wanted for Levi himself to mount on. The Corporal murmured an insult of "that stupid horse of his" as he pulled himself on.

The others were beginning to regroup in front of them as they had stood guard for the retrieval of Eren.

"I got him!" He called out.

Hooves thundered behind the smoking carcass, soon enough, horses came galloping from the thicket. Each steed carried a rider garbed in green, they blurred all around him, some bringing their horses into tight circles and stopping for a brief moment. Levi had nearly forgotten Eren was behind him, but that was until he felt the Titan-shift's hands rest at his waist.

"Don't fucking throw me off balance," Levi warned.

"No, no I won't," Eren told him distantly.

'The fuck is wrong with him?'

"Corporal!" Petra exclaimed as she trotted to his side atop her palomino, she was stationed with Erwin elsewhere but had arrived to his Squad. "Erwin's ordered a retreat, we're regrouping to the East."

With that, tongues clicked and horses were spurred to follow Petra as she lead them out of the forest and into a field. Levi stood a bit in his stirrups as his horse pounded the ground with such a force that it made Eren wrap his arms completely around Levi's waits. He wouldn't have minded, he had this happen before with Hanji, with Petra, even Erwin, when horses were unavailable, but this time, a red light flashed.

Eren's wrist occasionally "brushed" into Levi's crotch, causing the Corporal's eye to twitch in annoyance.

This went on for two kilometers until they reached the rest of the Formation. Only when they reached the company of others did Eren's hands return to Levi's waist.

Erwin addressed those who were arriving and those who had already came. This was a retreat and they were finally heading home.

Soon, Levi found himself surrounded by other Scouts. It was typical, after a mission, that they would come together and coagulate every once in a while. Eren hadn't spoken a word since Levi's warning and, awkwardly enough, hadn't removed his hands from Levi's waist.

"We're at a walk, you don't have to hold me, brat," Levi huffed out, getting irritated by the unnecessary contact.

No response.

Sighing, Levi glanced around. None of the surrounding Scouts had horses to spare.

Noir snorted loudly, his barrel puffing a bit from this. His languid chewing on the bit told Levi that he was content of where they were. Levi decided to take matters into his own hands. He tied off the reins at the horn of his saddle so that he could attempt to remove Eren's hands from his waist.

"Hey, release me," he hissed, though it felt like the boy had magically glued his fingers to his waist. Levi's hands began to claw at the back of Eren's hands, but he seemed to not budge.

Only when he dug an unintentional nail into his skin did Eren lean forth to whisper heatedly into his ear,"Will do, sir."


Eren's right hand traveled to his crotch, only this time, pressing his palm against him. Levi tried to squirm away from him, only a little bit to avoid any odd looks. It appeared that everyone was looking ahead, the desire to go home was stronger than the need to socialize.

Then the kid fucking rubs his palm against the thin cloth of his slacks. He could feel his fingers prod against his balls, almost tickling him and yet making him grow heated so suddenly. Levi's hands immediately reached for the reins to grasp something.

"Eren," he sharply warns, making his voice low enough for him to hear.

If he turned his head, he would probably see Eren smirking devilishly, for his voice matched the expression. "Yes?"

"You know what I mean."

Eren's other hand left his waist to pull down Levi's cloak; he tugged until it was low enough to cover his ministrations. Levi tried to shrug him off but the younger one's arms were tucked under his; the joints of his elbows locked them him place. As he tried to shuffle away, Eren's hands became more daring.

"Don't you fucking-"

But a pair of deft fingers unzipped his pants.

"-Eren, if you fucking touch-"

A sinister, hair raising chuckle came from Eren as his fingers went in to fondle around, kneading curiously.

'Is he fucking high?'

His fingers brushed against his hair, then traveled lower, finding his length.

"-fuck you."

Levi could feel something stirring within him in the bottom of his stomach. He inhaled sharply at the contact of warm fingers toying with his shaft. He could feel Eren's ring and pinkie fingers alternatively grasp and stroke with his index and middle fingers, his thumb was teasingly rubbing against the top. Back and forth, back and forth.

Noir stumbled over something, causing Eren to jerk his hand away at the sudden movement. Unfortunately, he managed to take Levi's length in the process.

"I've been wondering how much you've been packing down there," Eren whispered into Levi's ear. He pulled away and sat lazily atop the horse's hip. Meanwhile, both his hands set to work, feeling and fondling against Levi. He unexpectedly wrapped his fingers around him. Involuntarily, his cock twitched at the feeling. "I can't wait to get home."

'Son of a bitch is trying to pass this as a normal conversation...'

Levi bit his tongue when he felt blood rush all the way down there. The damn kid's hand gave a dragging stroke up to the tip, from there, he went back down. The friction was horrid, making Levi fidget a bit until Eren figured to be a bit more gentler; his hand eased its grip so that his skin gave feather touches, bringing a tickling sensation once again.

He gave no response to Eren. Instead, he looked ahead of his horse's ears, eyes fixated on the horizon, trying to think of anything but-

Eren's thumb suddenly brushed over the tip of him. Levi stiffened in his seat, and he grew stiff down there as well.

"Imagine a nice, cozy room," Eren rambled dreamily with a slight hum.

He choked down a groan when Eren grasped him a bit harder.

"A warm bed by the fire..."

Levi's mind slipped into his suggestions. He closed his eyes for a moment to see his own pristine room. The idea of a bed, heated already by fire, was a wet dream for his aching back. He had to agree to Eren on that part, the comforts of home was definitely be a welcome thought.

Eren's voice lowered to Levi once again. "...a body needlessly fucking into you."

And then he pictured Eren atop of him, his body looming over his own. Wait, why is he topping-


He was somewhat relieved that he didn't have to face the strain of being suffocated by his pants. However, he was going to kill Eren when they got back. They were an hour away from home, he could see the edge of Wall Rose just a few miles ahead. This was going to be an agonizing ride. He felt Eren lean over and rest his head against his shoulder.

From an ordinary viewpoint, the younger Scout appeared to be sleeping.

It grew quiet between them but his back grew tense. Eren's fingers began to stroke him, the friction somehow lessening due to sweat that had suddenly accumulated. It was a crude lubricant but one that Levi secretly thanked the gods for; at least it would quicken the process.

Levi straggled down a moan when Eren began, once again, to alternate between pumping and stroking him. He almost lost his mind when Eren's other hand reached below him into the zipper and fondled with his balls, rolling them gently between his fingers. Consciously, his eyes rolled to the back of his head at the sudden pleasure. Eren was back to stroking him once more.

He accidentally slipped out a groan. When one head turned, he forced out a cough to hide it. Attention was drawn away.

His eyes drifted though he kept his riding position.

He saw Petra two horse lengths away. Elsewhere, Mike was ahead of him. To the right, directly beside him, was, god forbid, Hanji. Oh shit, it was Hanji.

'No, no, no, no. Why the fuck is she here?'

How could he have not noticed her? She hadn't noticed him too, hell, she was looking the other way. If she decided to strike up a conversation, Levi would end up having to speak, and if he spoke, he was sure that his voice would tremble. He wanted to avoid her at all cost...at all cost.

His calves pressed against Noir. Slowly, the horse broke into a trot, Eren's hand pulled away from his balls. It certainly helped get away from her but the bumpiness of Noir's jog forced Levi to post in order to avoid bouncing about. Other riders did a side-pass when they heard him trotting, though they didn't pay mind to him.

However, as he posted in his seat, his hips began to unintentionally thrust into Eren's hand; the younger one made a tight ring that provided the most wonderful friction. His hips went up and down, typically they would bump against the pommel but this time, he was going against Eren's hand. He bit hit lip to stifle a groan once more. Slowly, and regrettably, he slowed Noir down to a walk.

While his hips had ceased, Eren took the liberty to pump him. It wasn't as careful as before, it was rougher, but not enough to make his cloak flutter at his waist. Just a few more strokes and then-

Another horse came trotting in from behind. He heard the damn woman behind him say,"Levi! Didn't notice you there!"

'Fuck you, Hanji.'

He broke away from the main group, and instead, took to trotting alongside the main line. He was back to posting and thrusting into Eren's hand. Behind him, Hanji was trotting as well, trying to catch up, but her sorrel was just a beat too short from the longer strides of Noir. Eren no longer rested his head on Levi's shoulder as he balanced himself along with the horse.

"Can't she watch?" Eren teasingly murmured.

'Fuck you, Eren.'

Again, he ignored him with a grimace though he bit his tongue to prevent another, oncoming groan.

He could only focus on two things; where the fuck he's going and the pleasurable friction caused by Eren. Every so often, that ring of fingers would tighten, his thumb would flick at his slit, and those fingers would just stroke even harder. As Noir trotted, his cloak fluttered a bit, permitting Eren to take the chance to harshly stroke him with a vigorous effort.

The coil had been tightening the entire time, he wanted to let it loose before people noticed anything.


He could hear Hanji going into a canter to keep up with him.

"Eren, finish this bullshit," he uttered as some looked up to see the Corporal breeze by.

Eren took the command to heart. It was becoming too much. He forced Noir to a walk once again, his breath was caught in his throat. He took a sharp breath of air as he tightened his muscles, he grew rigid and, thankfully, Eren had done enough to give him the release he desperately needed to be done with it. He came against his cloak, the creamy thickness spluttered against the green cloth, catching it and preventing it from leaking over to the suede of the saddle.

He let out a content sigh by the time Hanji arrived, astride by his right once more.

"What's up with you?" She questioned, head tilting. Eren's hand withdrew from Levi's still throbbing-but-now-softening member, he brought it back to his waist.

Levi spoke with a slightly hoarse voice,"I couldn't stand the stench of you."

"Really? I didn't touch Titans today," she said, ignorant of the torture he had to put up with. At least he hoped she was, the woman can pick up on one too many things too easily.

Before she could speak once more, he blurted and pointed to the right,"Look, an abnormal."

Hanji's head turned on the dime. With that chance, Eren tucked Levi back into his pants and even zipped him up. Once more, he brought those accursed hands back to Levi's waist. Being sure that they were no longer trotting, Eren rested his head against Levi's shoulder. Hanji, meanwhile, found no Titans and faced Levi.

"Ugh, I hate it when you do that to me, you get me excited for nothing," she whined.

Levi rolled his eyes at her. His body was still sporadic from Eren's touch, he tried to still himself as he tightened his hold on the reins. When they returned, he was sure to give Eren a punishment, a strong punishment. Discipline works best when it's physically done, he was sure to keep the brat from touching him once more after he shows him what being bold means.


They arrived at HQ by sun down. Eren had taken to falling asleep. He was a hard sleeper to awaken, thus, Levi harshly elbowed him, snapping,"Wake the fuck up."

Eren's head flew off of Levi's shoulder. Eyes were wide in alarm as Noir languidly walked onto the complex, he yawned while the horse was halted. Levi dismounted first, then Eren. He shoved the reins into Eren's chest, the boy looked confused, bewildered at the sudden anger of the Corporal. He took the reins nonetheless, but remained shocked.

"You," Levi began, he seemed enraged at something (his tone was dangerous) yet Eren could hardly place a tongue on it to explain why. "You are to report to my room by the end of two hours."

"Um...sir?" He asked slowly.

But without offering another word, Levi stormed away, leaving Eren to stand with Noir, confounded by the change of behavior.

Hanji trotted her horse by and gave a brief explanation, saying,"You were jerking him off on his horse, now he's gonna ride you bareback and raw," as she broke into a fit of laughter. She passed by, eliciting a much more perplexed look from him.

"I did...what?"

A/N: Posting is a riding technique when you move your hips in time with the horse's trot to avoid bouncing around on its back, it's an automatic thing to do for most riders.