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The girls and I were having a night in. The guys had just left to go bowling, and we were just getting everything ready for the next 5 hours without them. Lissa, Mia, Sydney and I were on our own; the rest of Lissa's guardians had left us alone. It was dawn outside, so too light for Strigoi. Anyway, Mia and I could protect her, and there were Guardians stationed all around outside the building.

"OK, girls, have we got everything we need?" Lissa asked, and we all surveyed the pile of stuff in front of us.
"Nail stuff?" Lissa began reading down a pre-written list, courtesy of Sydney. I swear, I had never been to a better organised sleepover. And it definitely paid off.

Mia lifted up the nail stuff. "Check."

"DVDs?" We lifted each thing up as it was called out.



"Empty bottle?"
"Stole it off Adrian earlier." Sydney said.

"Hell yeah! As if I would forget that!" I shouted, pointing to the 3 huge carrier bags full of junk food. Everyone laughed.

"Well, I think we have everything." Sydney observed, before sitting in the circle on the floor.

"What's up first, oh keeper of the list?" Mia teased, and Sydney blushed before answering; "Spin the bottle truth or truth."

"OK everyone, time for the pact. What is said between us, stays between us. Unless you want Rose to go all Guardian on your asses. I will see the guilty in your aura." Lissa said menacingly, glaring around the room and wiggling her fingers in a magic-y way.
We all swore to uphold the pact, and I pulled the bottle out of the pile, setting it on the ground in front of us. I spun it, and it landed on Mia.

This would be a great opportunity to grill Mia on her relationship with Eddie. They had been going out for about 6 weeks, and were almost sickening to be around. They'd declared their love for each other after the Guardians had returned from a secret raid on a Strigoi hideout. Mia hadn't been able to say goodbye to Eddie, and had been worried that she'd never get the chance to tell him how she felt. Eddie had fought bravely, and said that he 'had to survive to tell Mia.' They were so cute together, and I was happy for them both. Neither of them had been given an easy ride in life so far, and Mia's past boyfriends hadn't been the greatest.

Lissa was the one who asked the question.
"Rank Eddie, Jesse and Ralph in order of how good they were in bed."

Sydney seemed shocked at how mean Lissa was being on the first go. Poor girl. It was gonna get a lot worse than this. Mia, however, seemed unfazed.
"Well, Jesse was the worst, Ralph was OK, but Eddie is by far the best."

"Hell yeah! Dhampirs do it better!" I shouted, and Lissa shook her head.

"Since you've only been with a Dhampir, I'm not sure how you can really judge that fairly. But we'll expect more details on that later. Right now, I'm thinking, Ralph was better than Jesse?"

I looked at Mia pityingly as she replied, voice sad. "Yeah, neither of them was very good. They were both boring. But Ralph slobbered less."

I cut in shouting, "you are so right! Jesse was so slobbery; I thought I was going to drown! I really don't know what I saw in him."

Mia smiled sadly. "Neither do I. He was just a stuck-up Royal prick."

"Hey!" Lissa and Sydney both shouted.

"Sorry. Not that your guys are."

They nodded in acceptance, and Lissa spun the bottle. It landed on me.
"Yes! Now we can finally get some dirt on the Russian Lover!" My so-called friends huddled together, before finally deciding on a question.

"Sooo... is it true, what they say about non-American guys?" Sydney asked, not needing to elaborate.

"Every. Single. Word." They all squealed, and Lissa began to ask; "Does he-"

"Nuh-uh. You've had your question. Wait 'til next time."
I reached out and spun the bottle. It landed on Sydney. I asked the question we had all been dying to find out the answer to for ages now. We knew she wouldn't answer if we asked her straight off, but in this game setting, she couldn't refuse.
"So, have you and Adrian 'done the deed' yet?" She was given encouraging nods from the others.

"Well..." She paused for effect.

"Just answer the question!" Lissa screeched, causing Sydney to flinch and nearly fall over backwards. Mia steadied her.

"OK, well, you know how it's Valentine 's Day next week? We kinda planned it for then..."

"EEE!" We all squealed, and tackled her back onto the carpet.

"Can't... breathe." We heard Sydney's muffled mumble from the bottom of the girl pile. We got up to let her breathe.
"Thanks... I kinda want to make it to my first time!" She said sarcastically. She was hanging out with Adrian way too much.

Mia looked at her incredulously. "First time?" She said in disbelief. I had already known this, and the fact that Adrian had actually been her first kiss too.

Sydney looked like she didn't know how to answer, so I stepped in. "Yeah. Some of us want to wait for the right one to come along first."

Lissa backed me up. "I wish I had waited for Christian. I wasted it on Aaron, and didn't even enjoy it."

Mia turned back to me. "I still can't believe that Dimitri was your first. What with the rumours going round the school..." She trailed off.

"Well, I'm not the slut everyone thinks I am. Besides, you started most of those rumours, Mia."

"Fair enough." She conceded, looking uncomfortable. I knew she felt guilty about how much of a bitch she had been, but then again, so did I. She was a friend now, and a good one, so I decided to steer the conversation in an easier direction.
"Hey, I've got some info that'll cheer you up.

"Dirt on the Russian Lover?" She asked, and I rolled my eyes.

"Seriously, guys, can't you think up a better name? Even Cradle Robber was better, and come on, Adrian thought of that. Sydney, with your higher intelligence, don't you want to outdo your boyfriend before you do him?"

Mia cut in. "Okay, okay. We'll think of a better name, but just tell us already! The gossip well has been running dry lately, and I'm thirsty!"

"Okay." I took a deep breath, letting the suspense build. "Well... In the cabin, it wasn't just my first time."

I waited as the words sank in. 3, 2, 1...
"What?" They all shrieked incredulously.

"I know!" I shouted back. "I was exactly the same when he told me. I couldn't believe it either at first."

"So you actually believe him now?" Mia asked, and all joking stopped. I think what one could only describe as a murderous look crossed my face, as she shrank back away from me.

"Of course I believe him. Why would he lie about that? I would still love him if he had slept with a hundred women. He would never lie to me about anything, and it would be pointless anyway. I know him too well, just like he can read me."

"I- I'm sorry, Rose. I didn't mean it like that. I love Eddie and everything, but it isn't like that with us. We can't read each other that easily. You're so lucky to have found Dimitri. And, well, come on. That news was a bit of a shock. I mean, how did he get thorough the last 10 years without being molested by every female on the planet?"

I relaxed. Not many people understood what Dimitri and I had together, or who we were individually. But that was okay, because we had each other.
"I know, right? It's not just me who thinks' he's the sexiest man to ever have walked this Earth."

"Oh, hell no. I think every woman who sees him thinks the same thing. I love Christian, but Dimitri is something else."

"I agree."


I nodded. "Good, I'm glad you agree. But now please stop fantasizing about my man before I have to come over there and punch your faces in."

The way their expressions changed instantly, I knew that they had been doing exactly that. I shook my head and rolled my eyes, letting it go. Who could blame them?
"How about watching a movie? Those donuts and popcorn are calling to me..."

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