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30 minutes later we were lined up across the middle of the room, the camera resting on the windowsill opposite the door. I heard a noise behind me, but didn't want to mess up the timing of the song. Lissa clicked play on the iPod, and the familiar intro to 'Konichiwa Bitches' started up. 1,2,3,4...

Lissa You wanna rumble in my jungle
I'll take you on

Sydney Stampede your rumpa
And send you home

Rose You wanna rumble in space
I put my laser on stun

Mia And on the North Pole I'll ice you son
You wanna thrilla in mah nilla
You'll be killer bee stung
Wanna taste of vanilla
Better watch your tongue
'Cause I'll hammer your toe
Like a paediatrician

Lissa Saw you in half
Like I'm a magician

Rose Tear you down
Like I'm in demolition

Sydney Count you out
Like a mathematician

All I'm so very hot that when I rob your mansion
You ain't call the cops, you call the firestation

Mia 'Cause my flavour's so sweet
You'll be zoom, zoom, zoom

Lissa Don't even get me started on my bada-boom-booms

Sydney One left, one right - thats how I organize 'em

Rose You know I fill my cups no need to supersize em'

All Right now you probably thinking "how she get in them jeans?"

Rose Well, I'm gifted, all natural and burstin' the seams

All Konichiwa bitches... Konichiwa bitches

Lissa Don't I look tasty like a French bon-bon
Even more sweeter than a cherry bomb

Rose Coming with the postman like I'm a mail bomb

Mia Comin' in your mouth

All Makes you say yum-yum
Hit the gong-gong
Bring the sumos on

Rose I'm 'a kick ass all the way to Hong Kong
Make the balls bounce like a game of ping-pong
Konichiwa bitches from Beijing to Saigon

Sydney Got nothing on me
'Cause you know you're so bum

Lissa Check the scenario
I'm 'a bust your ear drum

Mia And leave you heads ringing
With a ring-a-ding-dong

Rose Busy on the mic
Since the day I was what? (Born)

Mia Check out my style it's the rock of what? (Mo')

Sydney Shine is on me like a dog on what? (Bone)

Lissa Fight the power
Put myself on the throne!

Mia You know when shit is getting heavy
Like it's weighs a tonne,

Rose I will run you down like a marathon
Tape you up good
Put you in the trunk

All C U next Tuesday
You is a punk!

The song finished, and we bent double, laughing our asses off, incapable of speech.

"That was hot."
We stopped laughing instantly and whipped round, and faced the now-open door.


We were just leaving the bowling alley, as it was beginning to fill up with kids and families. It was a human one, not specifically for Moroi, but it was open all night, so it we had been there since 8am, human time. Adrian complained about there not being much of an 'atmosphere', but personally I preferred not to be surrounded by rowdy drunk humans. I hadn't wanted to come at all, a perfect night for me would have been watching a film curled up with Roza on the sofa, without anyone else there, in case we decided to... change activities.

But I had enjoyed my night here, and Rose had needed 'a night with the girls', as she put it.
I had won bowling, Eddie came second, and then Christian, and the loser was Adrian by far. I don't know how he could have been so bad, he hadn't even been drinking much since he was with Sydney. I guess he just had terrible coordination.

I was driving, naturally, with Eddie shotgun beside me. He reached out and turned the radio down before addressing the rest of us.

"So have you all heard Mikhail's news?"

I nodded, but Christian and Adrian looked blank. Sonya and Mikhail had called Rose and I a couple of days ag- as soon as they found out- once again thanking us for helping restore her and for this opportunity. After that, Mikhail had announced it to all the Guardians present during his shift, and since it was relatively uncommon, the news had travelled to the others fast.

"Sonya's pregnant." I supplied.

"That was fast!" Adrian said. "They must have got busy on their honeymoon."

Christian smirked. "I think the whole point of a honeymoon is to 'get busy'."

Adrian did have a point. Sonya and Mikhail had got married 2 weeks ago, and we'd all attended the wedding. Sonya was now working at an academy near in California, teaching about Spirit, so since they'd returned from the honeymoon, they only saw each other weekends. I had a feeling that once the baby was born, Mikhail would ask to be relocated, probably to the academy Sonya was working at, or at least nearby. She liked the warmer weather and being able to see the sun, a natural reaction after spending so long in darkness.

"Earth to Belikov!"
My head snapped round to face Christian, and that sardonic smirk was still on his face.
"As I was saying, do you think you could keep Lissa away from Rose for a little while tomorrow? I need to talk to her about something."

There was something mysterious about the way he said it that instantly made Eddie and Adrian want to know what was going on. I already had an idea, though.
"Sure." I replied with a smile. "But you better be ready to defend yourself. Just don't burn any furniture. Or Rose, if you can help it."

"Aaw, I was looking forward to that part."

Then Adrian cut in. "Sorry, man. But you know Belikov's the only one allowed to set Rose on fire," he said with a grin, winking.

I rolled my eyes, and Eddie shook his head sadly. "That was such a fail."

"So was your dad's condom!" He shot back.

"Like your mom's abortion, then."

I banged my head back against the headrest. Why did I let myself get caught in these situations?

As we walked back to palace housing, I was pulled out of my thoughts by Christian.
"So, what do you want to bet that the girls are all asleep when we get there, or crying their eyes out at some shitty movie?"

The others started trying to place bets, but failed when none of them wanted to bet against that outcome. I scoffed at their idiocy.
They turned to look at me.
"What, Belikov? You think they'll be doing something crazy at this time of night?" Eddie asked me.

"Rose will." I answered simply. I wished they'd just call me Dimitri, but it was better than some of Adrian's names for me.

Now Adrian laughed. "What? You think Rose will still be awake after all the food she has no doubt consumed? Come on, Cradle Robber." Spoke too soon.

"Yeah, I do actually." I knew she wouldn't go to sleep until I got back, and that she would want to avoid this very situation of being found asleep by us, so would have gone to great lengths to avoid it. "I bet $20 that they are awake and doing something that none of us would expect."

Ivashkov let out a very girly, creepy giggle, and Eddie slapped him upside the head. I could tell what the creep was thinking, and I wasn't impressed. Before I could say anything, Christian stepped in.
"Seriously? With Lissa and Sydney there. Whatever, you're going to be $60 out of pocket by the end of this."

"No, better than that. If you're so confident, we'll all double our bets."

I just nodded and shrugged as we opened the door and ascended the great, wide staircase that lead up to the royal suites.
When we got close to the door, the Moroi looked at each other, confused. A few steps later, the sound of loud music met my ears, and I could tell Eddie had heard it too.
I shot the others a meaningful glance as I carefully turned the handle...

Slowly pushing the door open, the sight that greeted us was sure to win me the bet. Lissa, Rose, Mia and Sydney were lined up across the room, with their backs to us. A song was just starting, its opening notes having disguised our arrival. What I noticed first was the fact that all the girls were wearing different clothes to what they had been in earlier.

Mia was wearing what seemed to be a white corset all-in-one, with a giant pompom tail on the back, with
bunny ears on her head. Sydney was wearing a black stretchy skirt and pink blouse with the bottom tied up high, so most of her back was exposed. Lissa was wearing red short shorts with a cropped halter neck top. All of this I observed in a few seconds. But when my gaze rested on Rose, it stayed there for the rest of the song. She was wearing a black crop top with cherries printed on it. When she turned sideways for a second, I saw a zip down the front, that was a little way undone, as it was obviously too small for her. It probably belonged to one of the other girls.

She was also wearing a really short black leather skirt, which looked amazing on her. When the song started properly and she began dancing, I thought my eyes would bug out of my head. All the girls were doing the same dance, but Roza did it so much better. She was more in time with the music, each movement seemed perfect, and she had a better figure to work with. I was captivated.

By now I had really started listening to the words of the song. One of the girls was singing each few lines, and when it got to Rose, she put her hands together in a gun shape and pretended to shoot something, at the same time popping her hips. I swear, she was the sexiest thing on this Earth, and she was all mine.

It was at that point I remembered that I wasn't the only one watching this. I tore my gaze away from Roza and turned to the other guys, all wearing expressions similar to what I was sure was plastered on my face. They were all staring at Rose too. I felt as flash of fury, before realising that they were probably looking at their own girlfriends. I looked back at Roza, and all other thoughts were replaced by a burning need for her. 2 minutes of ass shaking, hip popping and the occasional high kick from Roza later, the song ended.

After a few seconds of silence where the girls bent double, shaking with silent laughter, Adrian voiced what we had all been thinking.
"That was hot."


In the doorway stood Eddie, Adrian, Christian and Dimitri. It was Adrian who had spoken; the others were still somewhere between drooling and laughing.
"How-how long have you been standing there?" Sydney asked nervously.

"Long enough." Christian replied, picking his jaw up off the floor and suppressing a smile.

I looked at the other guys. "Well, I can see that it had the desired effect!" I said, and winked, which tipped the scale to all-out hysterics. Somehow I managed to stumble across the room to turn the video camera off, before falling onto the floor with the others. Only Dimitri and Sydney remained upright, him resting against the wall, her leaning on the arm of the sofa.

After a good 5 minutes, we reined back the tears of laughter and were able to stand straight again. I wobbled over to Dimitri and leaned into him for support. He wrapped an arm around me, and looked down at me hungrily. It was then I remembered that Lissa had convinced us to dress up for the song, and I was currently wearing a tight black leather mini-skirt and black crop-top. Mia was worse; she was wearing a playboy bunny outfit, that Eddie seemed determined to get her out of as fast as humanly possible. Lissa was dragging Christian into their room, and Adrian and Sydney were making out in the corner. She was wearing a more revealing outfit than anything she had ever worn before, and I think he was taking advantage of that.

I looked up at Dimitri again, and decided to put the poor man out of his misery. I took a leaf out of Lissa's book, and took my man to the bedroom.

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