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Destinies Entwined


The kings of Albion were born months apart from each other, follow them as they fall in love and complete their destiny.

Ygraine smiled down at her baby boy, it was a miracle that they were able to even have him that she was able to have a wonderful beautiful baby boy after being told she could not bear children.

Arthur was her miracle baby.

And she could not wait to see him grow up and find his soul mate; she didn't care if it was female or male as long as her miracle baby was happy.

A few months later in a small village not far from Camelot a woman named Hunith as giving birth to a very powerful baby boy.

She just knew her Merlin was destined for great things.

And for a love that would be endless and true, that would stay with him throw out all his lives.

Uther held onto his baby boy late one night trying to get him to fall sleep, as king he had people that would care for his son but his wife had threated his man hood if he so much as handed their son off to any servant while it was his turn to watch over Arthur. So here he was trying desperately to get his son to fall back to sleep having woken because of the storm.

"Come on Arthur shh daddy has a big meeting tomorrow" Uther said

But Arthur just cried louder as the storm raged on

In Ealdor Balinor was facing a similar problem with his son, but having no way of calming him as Balinor could not find a reason for his son to be so upset.

Balinor sat down with his son and whispered a spell making a ball of light hover right in front of his son.

Merlin stopped crying as stared at it in wonder before his eyes glowed gold and the ball of light disappeared.

"Now what did you do my little warlock?" Balinor asked looking down at his son only to find him fast sleep.

"What can I do to make you stop, please son daddy needs to sleep" Uther begged

Arthur let out a giggle when he saw the floating blue light coming towards him, Uther looked up and got ready to grab his sword but watched as his son smiled and reached out for the light grabbing it on with his little hands and pulling it to his chest.

Uther watch in shock as his little boy sighed and closed his eyes letting the warm feeling of safety and love wash over him.

"Well I thank who ever sent you that light" Uther whispered and he placed his son back into his bed and watch as he cuddled up to his little light.

As the months when on the king and queen of Camelot noticed that whenever their son was sad, angry or even unhappy the same ball of light would appear and Arthur's mood would change automatically

While in Ealdor Merlin's parents had noticed that their son's eyes would change to gold but nothing would happen.

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