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Age 16

Arthur had finally given up on trying to court Gwen, only because his sister had threatened to turn him into a girl, but lately Arthur had been feeling something different towards Merlin, he seemed to have replaced Gwen in his dreams and Arthur was beginning to feel threatened by the other knights that would smile at Merlin.

Hoping to get over his new weird found feeling for Merlin, Arthur started see Emma, and things were going great until a new lord's son showed up wanting to be a knight of Camelot.

Arthur watched from where he stood as Merlin and Gwaine fought and couldn't help be feel proud of Merlin when he won Merlin was getting better and better, he still hated the fact that Merlin's sword skills were improving with no thanks to him. It should be him who taught Merlin, not others.

Merlin bent down to pick up Gwaine's sword and Arthur felt himself staring at Merlin's arse, he shook his head. No. He couldn't. It was bad enough Merlin replaced Gwen in his dreams at night; he couldn't let Merlin take over his daydreams also. Looking to the side he saw two maids laughing, he recognised one as Emma.

Arthur smiled and walked over to where Emma and her friend stood.

"Good morning Emma." Arthur smiled and kissed her cheek.

Emma looked a little stunned before smiling and giving Arthur a curtsy. "Good morning my lord."

"I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me tonight? I know our last date got interrupted, I wish to make it up to you." Arthur smiled.

"If that is what my lord so pleases I would be honoured to have dinner with you."

"Emma you don't have to if you don't wish it, I'm not asking as Prince Arthur." Arthur told her softly.

"You are not?" she questioned.

"No, I've never asked you as Prince Arthur. I like you Emma that's why I'm asking." Arthur answered.

"Then yes... Arthur. I would like that." she smiled.

"Then it would be my honour. Thank you Emma." Arthur smiled.

Merlin looked over to see if Arthur was still watching, he wouldn't tell anyone this but he secretly enjoyed having Arthur there while he trained. But when he found Arthur's spot empty Merlin's eyes searched the area for any sight of him.

Merlin growled under his breath when he saw him standing there smiling at Emma, the only reason Merlin wasn't planning on putting a spell on her was because he knew that one day Arthur would be his and not her's.

Merlin was too busy watching Arthur and Emma make gooey eyes at one another to notice that Gwaine hadn't realised Merlin wasn't paying attention.

Arthur smiled at Emma. "I'll look forward to dinner. My lady."

"My lord." Emma said, curtsying.

Arthur was about to place another kiss on her cheek when he heard a loud scream, turning around he found Merlin in Gwaine's arms being lead away.

"If you ladies will excuse me." Arthur told them not waiting for an answer before he ran after them.

"I'm sorry Merlin."

"It's my fault. I wasn't focusing, just get me to Gaius." he moaned, holding his side where Gwaine had caught him with his sword. Merlin gasped out and fell from Gwaine's arms only to be picked up by someone he had never seen before.

"Are you alright?"

"Who are you?" Gwaine asked.

"My name is Lancelot, I have come to Camelot in order to be a knight. Where is the physician?"

"I'll lead the way." Gwaine said and hurried to Gaius' quarters, Lancelot hurrying after him with Merlin in his arms, Merlin's arms going around Lancelot's neck.

Arthur ran after them only to stop in shock at a man he never know holding his Merlin, wait his Merlin, he hadn't been his Merlin since they were kids.

Arthur entered Gaius's chambers and ran over to Merlin.

"Is he going to be okay? And who the hell are you?" Arthur said pointing at Lancelot.

"My name is Lancelot."

"Arthur don't be so snappy, he carried me here when I collapsed." Merlin said, hissing when Gaius placed a damp cloth on his side where his wound was.

"Yes well he wouldn't have had to if Gwaine was paying attention." Arthur hissed.

"Don't blame Gwaine it was me that got distracted and wasn't paying attention." Merlin stood up, wincing a little. "Can I go now Gaius?"

"Of course. Balinor can heal your wound quicker. He is in the throne room with the King."

"Thank you Gaius, Lancelot you can come as well."

Lancelot moved his arm so he was supporting Merlin and helped him from the room, stopping when Merlin stopped to look at Arthur. "And next time Arthur. Get all of your facts right before shouting your head off about things you don't understand."

"What's up with Merlin lately Gwaine?" Arthur asked.

"Arthur if you don't know by now you never will." he said, leaving the room and the Prince to think on what he had just been told.

Uther and Balinor looked up when the doors to the throne room opened.

"Son, what happened?" Balinor asked walking towards his son.

"Who are you?" Uther yelled.

"Uncle Uther please. If it was he who injured me do you really think he would bring me here?" Merlin asked.

"Well then what is he doing here?" Uther demanded.

"Uther please this can wait till I have healed my son." Balinor informed his old friend.

"Umm." Uther said eyeing Lancelot up.

"Uncle Uther stop looking at him like that, he has helped me, he carried me to Gaius when I couldn't walk."

"What happened boy?" Uther asked.

"I was asking a knight how I would go about an audience with the King when I saw Merlin collapse so I picked him up and someone called Gwaine told me to follow him to Gaius' quarters." Lancelot explained.

"Umm and why did you wish to speak with me?" Uther asked.

Lancelot bowed. "Sire. I wish to fulfill my lifelong dream and become a knight of Camelot. I have been training all of my life and only set out to Camelot when I felt ready."

"Oh and what family to you come from?" Uther questioned.

"I am not from a noble family if that is what you are wanting to know sire."

Uther rolled his eyes. "Even if you were my wife would make me knight you anyway."

"Uncle Uther? Please? He didn't have to come over to me."

"No he didn't." Uther sighed.

"And you said it yourself, Ygraine would make you do it anyway." Balinor agreed.

"Kneel." Uther demanded.

Lancelot knelt in front of the King, his head bowed.

"I King Uther of Camelot hereby knight you Sir Lancelot." Uther informed the room.

"Now the both of you get out we were in the middle of important business" Uther demanded.

"Uther I highly think a card game is an important business matter." Balinor chuckled.

"Oh but it is father. You and Uncle Uther need to decide where to play next so you are not caught and found out by mother and Auntie Ygraine." Merlin said, smiling.

"The boy is right Uther." Balinor laughed.

"Oh do shut up Balinor." Uther chuckled.

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