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Age 8 (Morgana Age 6)

Arthur and Merlin were now 8 years old and the bond between them could not be stronger.

Arthur had welcomed Gwaine into their little group after finding out he too had someone he loved like Merlin, and they have been as thick as thieves since. Of course that meant more than a few sexless nights for their fathers but they boys found great fun out of their father's upsets.

Arthur and Merlin had been informed of the new member to his father's guard but this time their parents thought it best to allow the children to play and not as Arthur would put it bored.

The boys were outside in the courtyard playing knights, Merlin sat watching as Arthur and Gwaine hit their wooden swords together, they were still too young for the real thing which annoyed Arthur to no end.

Merlin watched as three horse rode into the court yard, he could see how unhappy the boy looked and he wondered if he two was made to leave the one he loved.

Gwaine turned when he heard the sound of a familiar voice and gasped.

"Percival!" Gwaine cried.

The boy in question turned to see who had called him and smiled when he caught the sight of his friend.

"Gwaine!" Percival took off running towards him and in moments they were in each other's arms.

"I've missed you so." Gwaine cried.

"I've missed you more." Percival smiled.

Merlin wrapped his arm around Arthur's and rested his head on his shoulder.

"It's so sweet to see them back together." Merlin said.

"Yes it is. I'm happy for Gwaine." Arthur replied smiling at the scene in front of him.

"Do you think we would have acted that way if father chose to stay in Ealdor?" Merlin wondered.

"I would have never let that happen." Arthur smiled.

"Arthur you were three, what could you have done?" Merlin joked.

"I would have made my father bring you back or make sure that he never had sex again." Arthur joked.

Lady Stephanie smiled at the sight of her baby finally reunited with his sweetheart, while her husband Lord Ethan sighed, he was happy for his son of course but he never really like Gwaine he thought of him as a bad influence.

"Percival come, we do not wish to keep the king waiting." Ethan called out.

"But father." Percival started pulling out of Gwaine's arms.

"Now boy." Ethan hissed.

Arthur and Merlin walked over and Merlin took one of Percival's hands while Gwaine held the other

"He is staying here." Arthur said straightening his shoulders.

"And who are you to tell me what my son does? Now step out of the way." Ethan demanded.

"I am Arthur Pendragon Prince of Camelot and you have no right to tell me what to do." Arthur replied.

Ethan paled as he stared at the blond boy before him.

"You do not wish to keep MY father waiting." Arthur hissed.

Merlin stepped forward and placed his hand on Arthur's arm hoping to calm him.

"Of course sire but I need..." Ethan started.

"Percival stays here." Arthur said through his teeth.

"Yes my lord." Ethan replied realising that it would do him no good to be seen arguing with the future King.

Ethan walked back over to his wife and wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Is Percival not coming?" Stephanie asked her husband.

"No my love I thought it best to let him play with the other boy, we don't want him bored." Ethan informed his wife.

"Oh wonderful I'm so happy that they are together again, Percival hasn't been the same since he left." Stephanie replied.

"Yes well he was better behaved." Ethan muttered.

Later that day while the children were out playing Ethan watched from the window of his chambers

"What are you looking at dear?" Stephanie asked from her sit at the table

"I don't want Percival to be playing with those trouble makers. He needs to be friends with the other well behaved children of the court" Ethan said looking over at his wife

"Ethan our son has his friend back, why can't you be happy" Stephanie replied

"You should have heard how that boy talked to me, no respect" Ethan hissed

"What are you talking about?" Stephanie asked confused

"If I was that boy's father I would make sure he respected his elders. You should have heard the king talk about what he lets that boy get up. And that present I would never allow in my court or near my son." Ethan yelled

"Ethan your not talking clearly" Stephanie replied

"The prince needs to know his place. And that boy he should not be allowed to run free. Do you have any idea how powerful that boy is that people call him Emrys he should be locked up in the dungeons never to be free again." Ethan growled

"Ethan if the king hears you speak that way he would have you locked up" Stephanie said worried

"Percival will not hang around with those trouble markers, the things they get up too. And the king allows it. I swear if Percival so much as steps out of line I'll have him over my knee so fast" Ethan warned


"You will not lay one hand my son, Gwaine makes him happy and if I hear that you're the reason my son is unhappy then I will run you throw, do I make myself clear" Stephanie hissed

"The boy is trouble Stephanie" Ethan said slowly realising that he had angered his wife

"That boy has a name and is the other half to our son's soul" Stephanie replied crossing her arms over her chest

"Not if I have my way" Ethan muttered


"Get out of my sight before I cut off something important" Stephanie hissed

Ethan sighed seeing he had gone too far, he left hoping to allow his wife time to cool down but unknown to them hiding behind a pillar was Gwaine tears running down his face.

When Lord Ethan was out of sight Gwaine took off running toward his room. Along the way he bumped into Merlin and Arthur but continued to even with his friends calling after him.

Meanwhile Morgana sat happily in her room playing with her best friend

"Do you want some tea?" Morgana asked

"Oh yes please" Gwen smiled

Morgana filled up her little cup and smiled

"Daddy said he was going to buy me a dress and I could have a sleep over and everything" Gwen smiled

"Ooo I hope daddy lets me stay" Morgana smirked

"Of course he will Morgana. You have him wrapped around your finger" Gwen giggled

"Since my first word" Morgana giggled

"I think Leon likes you" Gwen smiled

"Oh really? He is very nice" Morgana blushed

"Of course I heard Merlin tell Arthur that he looks at you with puppy dog eyes" Gwen gossiped

Morgana clapped her hands together and giggled

"Oh how wonderful I wonder if he is the man I saw in my visions" Morgana giggled

"Oh you're so lucky. I would love to see who my soul mate is" Gwen smiled dreamily

Merlin watched as his best friend ran from them with tears in his eyes

"What do you think is wrong?" Merlin asked looking back at Arthur

"My bets on the dick of a lord" Arthur replied

"Arthur if uncle Uther heard you…" Merlin started

"I know Merlin but just down that hall is their chambers" Arthur said pointing behind him

"You don't think he said something to Gwaine do you?" Merlin asked worried

Arthur pulled his friend into his arms

"That's what we will find out together. No one hurts our friends" Arthur smiled kissing the top of Merlin's head

As days went on Merlin and Arthur noticed that their friend seems to avoid Percival and would mostly stay in his room.

Stephanie had noticed her son had lost his smile once again and Ethan ended up staying in a different room to that of his wife even those he swore he had nothing to do with it.

One day Merlin went to Gwaine while Arthur talked to Percival, opening Gwaine's chambers door Merlin rushed over to the bed and took his friend into his arms.

"Gwaine please tell me what has you so sad" Merlin begged

"He won't ever like me Merlin. He'll never let us be happy" Gwaine sobbed

"Did Lord Ethan say something to you?" Merlin asked

"No, I overheard him and his wife. Merlin the things he said not only about me but about you and Arthur, I couldn't believe it" Gwaine cried

"WHAT?" Both boys looked up to find Arthur and Percival standing there

"Arthur I told you not to follow me" Merlin replied

"We wanted to know what was wrong" Arthur said coming over and sitting down on the bed

"What did my father say Gwaine?" Percival asked taking the sobbing boy from Merlin

"You and Arthur will get mad" Gwaine sighed

"I can't promise for Arthur but I can promise you that I will try to keep my temper under control" Percival smiled

"Well I make no such Promise" Arthur replied taking hold of Merlin's hand

"It's okay Gwaine" Merlin smiled

"Your father wishes for you not be friends with us, he sees us as trouble makers and was very happy when I left" Gwaine said resting his head on Percival's chest

"He doesn't wish for us to be happy like your mother. Even those he knows we are meant to be" Gwaine whispered

"My father will never come between us Gwaine I won't let it happen, not again" Percival replied tightening his hold

"What did he say about Merlin?" Arthur asked he couldn't care less what the lord had said about himself but he needed to know what he had said about his best friend

"Arthur" Merlin whispered

"No Merlin I need to know. We need to know" Arthur whispered pressing their foreheads together

"He said that if he was king he would have Merlin locked up never to be free. That he's too powerful to be allowed freedom" Gwaine sobbed

Merlin didn't know he was crying until Arthur pulled him into his arms and wiped his tears away

"I will never let that happen. I swear he ever comes near you I will get my father's sword" Arthur warned

"He said you need to know your place Arthur that you couldn't talk to him like you did" Gwaine informed them

Arthur was going to get up and go after the Lord there and then but one look at Merlin's tear stained face and Arthur know where his place was.

Percival looked over at his friend now fast sleep next to Merlin, both boys hugging each other with eyes red and puffy.

"I need to do something Arthur, my father has gone too far this time." Percival whispered.

Arthur looked away from Merlin and over at Percival. "I agree. How about we make him pay and get back here so that we can be here when they wake." Arthur whispered.

"Oh and how would we be able to do that?" Percival asked.

"Well I believe your parents are in the great hall are they not?" Arthur asked smirking.

"Yes they are but Arthur …"

"Great, follow me." Arthur said walking out of the room.

"Arthur what are you doing?" Percival whispered.

With one last look over at the bed to make sure that they were still fast sleep Percival ran after Arthur.

"Now Ethan …." Uther started when the doors to the great hall opened and in stormed his son.

"Arthur?" both Ygraine and Uther said shocked.

Arthur walked right up to where Ethan was sitting and punched him in the face.

"Arthur!" Uther yelled.

"You think I need to learn my place Sir? And where is that place?" Arthur hissed.

"Baby what are you talking about?" Ygraine asked shocked at her son.

"This man is not worthy of his title, you should hear how he speaks about our family." Arthur hissed.

"Arthur you need to calm down, Lord Ethan has don't nothing wrong." Uther said trying to calm things down.

Arthur laughed.

"Arthur's right my father should not be a lord." Percival said walking into the room.

"Baby what has gotten into you?" Stephanie asked her son.

"Why don't you tell them Lord Ethan, I'm sure it would sound so much better coming from you." Arthur growled.

"I've done nothing wrong." Ethan replied standing up.

Arthur could no longer stand the lords lies and in one quick motion Arthur had grabbed his father's sword and had it pointed at Ethan's neck.

"I will not stand for your disrespect not towards me or Merlin. You will never have your way." Arthur hissed.

"Arthur you …." Uther growled.

"You need to control your boy my lord. If you are unfit to do so then I will make sure the job is done myself." Ethan replied forgetting where he was.

"What was that?" Ygraine asked shocked.

"You want to know your place boy, it's on your knees, you don't have what it makes to be a King, soft up bring. Camelot will fall the moment you're crowned. And as for that little shit you have hanging off you, well he should have been drowned at birth or spent the rest of his life in chains." Ethan growled.

Everyone in the room was shocked even Arthur and Percival, they had never seen such hate in their young lives.

Balinor stepped forward and took Arthur's hand making him lower the sword before turning to face Ethan and in one quick move he had sent the bastard flying across the room.

"Oh don't even get me started on you Balinor. You make me sick; you're not even a real Lord so you can talk to dragon's big deal." Ethan hissed standing up before smirking.

"What are you smirking about?" Uther growled taking his sword from his son.

"My father used to be part of Ulric's court and I know the truth behind you Balinor and behind the Kings death. Did you not enjoy serving the King? Father always said you had a wonderful scream." Ethan laughed.

"And Uther how could you stand by while this thing killed your father? What kind King does that make you Uther?" Ethan asked.

"I am a far better King than my father and you have no right to speak that way to anyone in this room." Uther growled.

"You make me sick." Percival yelled at his father stepping closer to him. "The things you said about Gwaine, about Merlin and Arthur. The things you say about me when you think I'm not listening. You may not want to hear this father but I.."

"Percival." Arthur warned stepping closer to his friend.

"I Love Gwaine with all my heart and I know one day we will be together." Percival yelled not hearing Arthur's warning.

Ethan growled at his son.

"You will never be with that boy, if I have to kill him to do so then so be it" Ethan hissed.

"You cannot make me stop loving him even in death." Percival yelled.

Ethan growled and lashed out, punching his son hard in the face making him fall to the ground.

"You will show me..." Ethan stopped as blood started to fall from his mouth.

"I warned you what would happen if you laid your hands on my son." Stephanie said calmly dropping the sword; she had taken from her husband's belt, to the ground.

"You bitch." was Ethan's parting words.

It was quiet for a moment before Ygraine wrapped her arms around Stephanie.

"I had to do it right Ygraine?" she asked, scared.

"If you hadn't I would have. No one talks about my family that way." Hunith said looking down at the dead body.

"We mothers are not people to be messed with right Uther?" Ygraine asked looking at her husband.

"Yes dear. I just wish it wasn't my steal that he tasted." Uther replied with Balinor nodding.

"Now you go and tell that boy you love him." Stephanie smiled.

Gwaine blinked awake and found himself cuddled up to Merlin.

"Man Arthur please don't kill me." Gwaine whispered.

"Wouldn't want to upset my Merlin by doing that." Gwaine spun round and found Arthur and Percival smiling at him.

"Why don't I take sleeping beauty and let you guys talk." Arthur said walking over to the bed and picking Merlin up.

"My Arthur." Merlin muttered in his sleep.

"Good night." Arthur smiled and left the room.

"Gwaine I need to tell you something." Percival said sitting down next to him.

"What happened to your face?" Gwaine asked worried.

"Father punched me. It was the last thing he ever did." Percival replied.

"What?" Gwaine asked, confused.

"My mother killed him, he was going to die anyways the things he was saying, he would never have gotten away with them. But I do not wish to speak of him anymore." Percival said turning to face Gwaine.

"Gwaine I love you." Percival whispered.

Tears started to fall down Gwaine's face.

"I love you so much." Gwaine whispered wrapping his arms around Percival's neck.

As Arthur placed Merlin on his bed and covered him over he couldn't help but smile at just how cute he was while sleeping, when Arthur went to get off the bed Merlin caught his wrist.

"Could you stay? I feel safer with you." Merlin whispered, half asleep.

"Of course Merlin." Arthur whispered, getting into bed and pulling Merlin into his arms.

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