Leo lay on the ground looking up at the darkening sky above. How had he gotten here? That was right they had a fight with the Foot Clan again. He had been split up from the rest he couldn't hear anything, no sounds of a fight still going on, no one calling his name, He couldn't even feel master splinter looking for him. Why? He had never had trouble trying to reach master splinter before.

His whole body hurt and he knew he had lost a lot of blood, Raph if something happened to him how would Raph take it? A tear fell from his eye has he thought about his brother and everything they had been through. He could feel his blood socking the ground he laid on, he was losing so much blood. Has he looked up he could see a tower of some kind at the start of the fight it had looked so far away but right now it felt like he was right under it.

A storm came rolling in and with the first drop of rain came memories of what had happened. He was fighting Foot ninjas and they had split him up and chased after him, then out of nowhere Karai was on him, he got nocks from every angle. He cut down many foot, one of his swords had been knocked out of his hand and flew about 10 feet away sticking in to the ground. As he ran to get it he was stabbed in the back not just one but twice and he dropped his other sword. Karai it was her who had stabbed him. With the energy he had, he walked away from Karai, the foot, his swords and further away from his family. With every step he took he lost more blood, swaying here and there.

He finally fall where he lay on the ground bleeding, he was surprised he was not followed by Karai or any of the Foot ninjas. As he stopped to look behind him he swayed and fell onto his back. His family he hoped they were ok, all the times they had together he had their backs and he had his. He thought about the times when Raph had to stand up and be the stronger turtle. The time they defended him after being attacked by the shredder. When he was sent away from training.

The rain was starting to fall harder now and his blood was being mixed with rain. He could fell his body growing week from blood lose. It felt weird the blood flowing out from his wounds. A single tear fell. The storm had really hit now. The rain wasn't cold like every other time it was strangely warm. He could see all the rain drops falling now, his eyes started to feel heavy he would close them for a moment and enjoy this comforting peace.