"Errr" Casey murmured as he started to come to.

Where was he? What happened? Oh right the foot.

He tried to sit up then he found that is hands were chained together behind his back, great he's stuck. He tried to move his legs only to find that they were also chained together. Ok so his hands were chained behind his back and his feet were changed together. Not a good sign.

Casey leaned up against the wall behind him and tried to think back.

He was fighting shredder and the foot, with the turtles, splinter and April, they had all been separated. He was fighting a group of foot by himself, then they all moved aside to let Hun through. Hun that's right he was there.

He and Hun had fought one on one for a while before Hun had beat him. Then he ordered some other purple dragons to attack Casey, he took a foot to the face and after that he blanked out.

Casey groaned as he tried to get comfy. He looked around and realized he was in some sort of cage, in a warehouses. His whole body hurt, he guessed he must have a few broken bones at least his nose felt broken.

"Ahh look what we have hear boys" Boomed a familiar voice from somewhere in the warehouse. Casey couldn't see who was speaking past all the crates stacked around the place but he already knew who it was. Hun.

Hun walked into view from behind a stack a crates.
"Looks like you slept well" he laughed

"Yer well like always Hun, I think you need more beauty sleep then me" Casey smiled back.

"Still able to talk wise are we? Well soon talking will be the least of your worries." Hun laughed back in a booming voice.

"Boss, Master Shredder wishes to speak with you" a purple dragon cut in.

"Hmm well looks like it's your lucky day so far. I'll have to deal with you later then" Hun smiled as he started to walk away. "Make sure he can't get away" Hun spoke to the purple dragon.

"Yes sir" the purple dragon said to Hun.

Just then the purple dragon walked into view and looked down at Casey sitting in the cage chained up. Casey meet eyes with the purple dragon and knew who it was straight away. Dragon Face.

"Well well, look who it is, Casey Jones" Dragon Face said sitting down in front of Casey.

"Yep it's me all right" Casey shot back at the purple dragon who he had faced off with before.

"Hehe so I see you've had a bit of a beat up, trust me it felt good to get back to you lot for all the trouble you've caused the purple dragons over the years" Dragon Face spat at Casey.

"Yea? Well I'll be sure to let the turtles know when I see them" Casey smiled back

Dragon Faced laughed at Casey. "Haha Casey, Casey, Casey, you don't get it do you. There won't be any turtles to go back to." Dragon face mocked.

"What do you mean? What have you done?" Casey asked fearing for his friends lives.

"Oh well you see we were ordered to get rid of your friends forever by the shredder, and you see that's what we've done. Karai made sure of that" Dragon Face gave a wicked smile. "you see the problem with your freak friends is that they are a family, take away one member of that family and the others just fall apart"

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE" Casey yelled. He winced in pain. It felt like one of his ribs was broken.

"Haha don't worry you'll find out sooner or later" dragon face smiled. "But first I have to follow my orders and make sure you can't go away"

With that Dragon Face unlocked and opened up the cage. He walked inside with an evil smile on his face. Casey could tell he wasn't going to like what was coming next. Dragon Face reached behind his back and pulled a crow bar into view.

"Now you see Casey I have to make sure there is no way you can get out of this cage you see" Dragon Face smiled as he walked closer to Casey.

"So I heard" Casey said trying not to sound afraid. But he was truthfully scared out of his mind. He tried to move away from the approaching purple dragon but with his legs and hands chained up it was hopeless.

Dragon Face lifted the crow bar up and brought it down hard on Casey's right leg.

"Ahh" Casey yelled on pain and the crow bar hit is leg.

Dragon Face repeated the process on Casey's right leg until it was broken.

Dragon face chuckled has he looked down at Casey now lying to with a newly broken leg.

"Well that's going to keep you from going anywhere in a hurry." He smiled. Dragon Face walked out of the cage locked it up again and left Casey alone in pain.

Casey closed his eyes and tried to sleep, hoping that while he was sleeping his body could start to heal until he could get out of here and back to the turtles, Splinter and April.