In The Dark

Summary: Or five things they did in the dark. The relationship between Kirk and Spock evolved in stages in the dark. Slow building K/S. Slash in late chapters.

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Chapter 5: Loved

He sat on the edge of his Starfleet regulation bed with his head in his hands. How could he have been so stupid? Spock is dealing with massive emotional trauma, and you can't even keep your hands off of him! What's wrong with you, he asked himself. You should be there with him, helping him. But no, you just had to kiss him. You had to tell him you were hurting too, instead of burying the hurt like you usually do. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

He lay back on his bed, and attempted to clear his mind. Regardless of his attempts, it wandered to thoughts of a previous mission.

Adrenaline pumped through his veins. His breaths were shallow and fast. His chest bumping against Spock's with every one. The cold stone at his back a sharp contrast the warm body pressed up against him. His hands clenched at the Vulcan's sinuous shoulders and he could feel the muscles rippling beneath the skin. The close proximity was giving him such a heady feeling. A familiar curl of warmth was growing in his abdomen. Oh hell! He was not going to let Spock feel him get hard from being this close. He closed his eyes and tried to change the direction of blood flow.

"Jim," Spock whispered in his ear. The warm breath was not helping his situation. "Jim, are you alright?"

"Yeah," he said his voice husky and his breaths ragged. "Do you think they are gone?"

"I believe the hostile threat has passed."

Both were reluctant to move from their position, as compromising as it was.

Soon enough, his memory had left him.

He looked down at his lap and sighed. Fuck, he was hard.

Shit, he thought as he reached to unbuckle his regulation trousers. I am so screwed.


After Jim left, Spock could no longer stand. His legs gave way, and he crumpled to the ground. Tears streaked down his face, and his whole body shook. Confusion and hurt swirled around him engulfed him, forceful as mortal blows.

"I loved her. 'Loved.' Past tense." He whispered to the empty room.

He reached up and touched his lips subconsciously. They still tingled. Where Jim's lips had touched him, tasted him. Spock was so confused, but he knew one thing. He wanted to feel those lips on his once more.


A few weeks had past, and the relationships between the core crew members was strained at best.

Uhura was to be transferred to her new post the following day, so the core members of the Enterprise got together for drinks in Uhura's cabin. Her final send off tomorrow would hardly be intimate enough for the close friends to say proper goodbyes. Not surprisingly, Spock turned down his invitation. Though, Jim had seen both him and Uhura –well, Uhura- talking quite animatedly in a secluded corridor earlier that day. "You have to talk to him," she had said "You deserve to be happy, Spock."

Jim could feel his heart leaping into his throat as he scuttled away before he was detected.

Toasts to Uhura's future flowed like the alcohol from the bottle to their glasses. Copiously.

Equally crass and poetic metaphors came from Bones as he, Chekov, Sulu and Scotty debated the logistics and design of Uhura's new post, compared to those of a more . Jim sat to the side, only half paying attention to the conversation. So was Uhura. She was looking at him strangely, as if trying to decide what to do about him. He found it quite unnerving. He looked away, and joined the conversation once more.

A few minutes later, he chanced a look at her. She seemed to have come up with a conclusion.

Uhura beckoned Jim outside with a wave of her hand.

"You have to tell him how you feel." She started, abrupt as always.

Jim decided to feign ignorance. "What?"

"Jim, do you really think that I and the rest of the crew are blind? Tell him while you have the chance."Everyone else knew? What? How could this have happened? "I see the way you look at him. And I can see the way he looks at you. Tell him, Jim. He deserves to know."

He let out a low sigh. "Okay, okay, I will. But with one condition."

"Name it," she replied with vigour as her eyes shined.

"Don't leave. You're needed here. This lovely lady," he said as he affectionately stroked the wall of his Enterprise, "needs you. The crew need you, and I need you. Who else has enough sass to get my head out of my ass?"

She smiled at that, a brilliant smile that he had only seen on the rarest of occasions. The smile that meant she was truly happy.

"Okay. I will make arrangements straight away."

"See that you do," he reached up and scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. "If it's alright with you, I might call it a night. Could you please tell the others?"

"Sure. Goodnight Jim."

He just nodded as he turned away.


The corridor leading to his quarters was empty. His room however, was not.

"Spock," Jim greeted him wearily

"You have been avoiding me, Jim." He stated, rather than asked.

"No," Jim bluffed, "Why would you think that?" he gave a chuckle that he hoped had not sounded nervous. Shuffling around his room, he attempted to busy his hands with idle tasks. Throwing the laundry in the hamper, stacking PADD's, organising shelves. Making plans to do something so he wouldn't simply throw his First Officer on his bed and have his way with him. Now that as an image!

"Do you believe it is possible to love two people at the same given moment?" Spock asked completely out of the blue.

"What? Oh, erm, well. I wouldn't know, Spock. I can only really say that I've loved one person." 'And he's standing right in front of me,' he silently added. "But to answer your question, I guess it's possible. Why do you ask?" he tried to keep his pulse from racing.

"An enigma has ensnared my attention. From the moment I met him, I was enraptured." Jim's heart sung at 'him,' but he refused to believe. Further heartbreak was not on his agenda. He stilled his actions and turned to face the other man, but still couldn't meet his eyes.

Spock continued. "My bewitchment with the aforementioned enigma has taken form of an emotion. Love, I am led to believe. This is what Lieutenant Uhura saw when she and I melded. The shock of this discovery terminated our romantic relationship. At first I was shocked. But I have come to accept this fact."

Spock looked at him, dark eyes striking and emotional. Jim could do nothing but meet his softened, but still calculating, gaze.

"You, Jim, are an unsolvable puzzle. An enigma whom I shall never be able to unravel. But I shall try, in spite of the facts. You are inconceivably impossible, and yet I do not care."

It took a few moments for Jim to translate the Spock-speak. 'You are impossibly amazing and I want to be illogical with you,' was what it roughly translated as, he thought. He could barely stifle a laugh.

A huge grin took the place of his previously agape expression. Crossing the room with graceful strides, he stopped right in front of the Vulcan. Reaching up, he stroked the green tinted cheek lightly.


The word said it all. The message it conveyed so monumental. It was all they needed.

Kisses were shared, touches were established and clothing was shed. Bodies met and set alight. Lust clouded their eyes, and love, or something akin to it, coursed through their veins. It was phenomenal.

And that's when it struck Jim. This wasn't going to be just a quick fuck. This was going to be him and Spock making love. And he loved it.

Lube was retrieved from the bedside stand, and coated his fingers copiously before they entered his lover. The moans and gasps he elicited were nearly enough alone to make him come undone. Soon he was fully sheathed inside the Vulcan himself.

The pleasure was monumental.

Then he had an idea.

"Meld with me." It was more like a request, rather than a question.

"Are… Are you sure?" Spock asked with an uncharacteristic stutter.

"Yes," he moaned. Fingers brushed against his face.

Both were bombarded fragments of lives, remnants of memories and shards of desire so strong.

And they joined, mind and body. Swirling and intertwining, becoming one. Bonding.

And in the dark, they loved.


And they lived happily ever after, and all that other shit. Then end!

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