Harrys Rip Lip - Big ol Munchies

All was well in the land of hogwarts, with all that wizard shit.

The blacks were not enslaved, the whites were doing they're stupid pumpkins shit, and fat people were upset that mcdonalds wasn't invented. Speaking of fat people, umbridge was quite happy with a full grown teenager in her vagina. 3 years after the vagina munching incident. Horny harry was only surviving on the extended Periods she would have. the thick cheesy stream of diabetic blood which would run for weeks on end. even when the red river would stop, he would have enough saturation to survive for months. but he was sick and tired of being in a overweight womans Hairy fishy vagina.

he had thought multiple times he had gained ghost herpes, but turns out it was just dried blood. he thought of his dead parents, which were prostitutes, he wondered how they died, probably got sucked into one of these things too. What a way to die. Slowly he tried to find his way out, every day he would claw at the inside of the vagina with a rusty bloody nail. it pleased her.

though one day, he remember he was a fucking wizhard, and used expel your anus and her hairy cheesy vagina exploded forth, and horny harry slipped out, covered in cheese and blood and semen. he immediately turned around. and he cast "FUCK YOUR ANUS!".

Her anus immediately exploded. Covering the walls of the bathroom in cheese, blood, pus and FECES. If you didn't already know, FECES is a pokemon, Thats why its in all caps. So anyways, myrtle was all upset that her sexual partner had died in front of her, and in her grief she had sex with horny harry instead.

WhoreMinie had sex with ron's rat penis. just thought i would put that out there, it has nothing to do with anything. Shut up, you nigger.

Off track again, so sorry, this is what happens when a 64 year old man does crack and goes on the internet.

So horny harry lived in the bathroom forever, fucking a ghost. Still nobody heard from him, Mostly nobody cared, besides Luna Fuckface who dreamt of harry caressing her hairy... Cat. Thats all folks, now get the fuck out

Ps. Old guys turn me on