Sweet Dreams

"U-uh... Marshall, I..."

"Shh..." He purred in my ear.

"B-but, I don't think I can"...

"Don't worry, I don't bite." He chuckled.

Gumball gasped. "Marshall! Stop teasing!"

He planted a kiss on Gumball's rosy neck. "Make me." He taunted.

"Marshall, you're no fair! Please, just, just-"

"What the hell are you doing?"

Gumball's eyes flashed open. He glanced around wildly and saw Marshall, the very object of his dream, floating at the end of his bed. His face heated up. Oh Glob, what had he heard!?

"Uh, hi Marshall." He began weakly. "W-what are you doing here, in my bedroom... at night... Wait, why are you here?"

Marshall raised an eyebrow. "I was bored. I wanted to talk to someone. As it turns out, you were already talking when I got here. Have a nice dream?"

Gumball gulped. "W-what exactly did you hear?"

Marshall floated closer, his eyes locking onto Gumball's. Oh, nothing much." He said casually. "Just something about me teasing you."

Gumball yelped, but Marshall continued before he had a chance to defend himself.

Marshall sat on the side of his bed and looked at him sadly. "I didn't know that I affected you so badly that I gave you nightmares."

Gumball frowned, "Wait, what?"

"'Marshall! Stop teasing!'" he mimicked angrily. "'Marshall, you're no fair! Please, just, just-'" He sighed. "I guess the ending of that sentence was 'go away', right?"

"No, no Marshall you've got it-"

"Shut up!" He yelled and launched up. Gumball flinched back. "Just be honest. I can take it! I can tell you want me to leave, so I'll go! You'll never have to worry about me hurting you again!" He began to float towards the window.

"Marshall, wait!" Gumball jumped up, tossing his bed sheet to the floor and revealing a very obvious issue. He stood there, blushing under Marshall's bewildered gaze, willing his... ahem, erection... to go away. It didn't work.

"Marshall," he began slowly. "You misunderstood my words very severely."

"I can see that." He remarked. He floated closer, and to Gumball's surprise, placed his hands on either shoulder. "I didn't know you felt like that about me." He said, his face blank.

Gumball bit his lip. "I- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." He sighed and hung his head in shame. "I'm sure you're repulsed."

Marshall lifted Gumball's chin until he met his gaze. He shook his head. "No, I'm not." He said, before leaning in and pressing his lips to Gumball's sugary ones.