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Chapter 2

"Ah… Excuse me," Alfred tried not to blush as he shouldered past the other players, each of them giving him either a glare or a sideways glance as the boys hurried to get past him to the outside world. The locker room smelled rank of sweat and manliness, and as much as Alfred loved the smell of men, even he nearly gagged on the offensive odor. He fumbled and dodged around the basketball team as he searched further inside, eventually spotting his goal.

With deft hands in an unconscious movement, Alfred lifted his camera and snapped a picture, catching Ivan right in the middle of stripping away his sweat-drenched uniform jersey, his sleek abs stretched to one side as he bent forward. The junior perked, jersey bunched on his muscled arms as he looked to the shutter sound. The wheat haired freshman smiled guiltily, cheeks hot and eyes averted the moment they made contact with Ivan's cool gaze.

"H-hey Ivan," Alfred blushed, chewing on his lower lip as he took a step forward, taking a moment to swipe his tongue over his full pink lips. The junior snorted through his nose and tossed his soiled shirt into his bag, standing partially nude and exposed for Alfred's greedily feasting eyes, confident in his appearance.

"Pet," the ashen haired teen grinned after a moment, tilting his head to one side as he wiped his pale neck dry with a towel. Alfred shuddered, still not quite used to being called that by his idol, his God… his Ivan. Taking a small step forward, he looked up into Ivan's eyes, holding his gaze for as long as he could manage.

"Uhm… I came for an interview," he murmured, shivering as he slowly encroached into Ivan's personal space, gnawing on his lip as if it would make Ivan pounce on him then and there. The other teen did not move, eyeing Alfred knowingly as the little freshman blushed hotly in his stare.

"Are you… prepared?" Ivan asked for a moment, slowly sitting down on the edge of the bench as other team members laughed and walked by them in small clumps, and in the not-so-far distance they could hear the last of the showers shutting off. Alfred nodded breathlessly, unashamed as he stared pointedly at the folds of clothing covering Ivan's groin…

Hot damn, even with loose workout clothes he's obviously packing heat, Alfred shuddered deliriously, giddy and eager to toss those silly clothes aside and assume his true position by Ivan. Or rather, on Ivan. The freshman nearly giggled.

"Well, ah," Ivan chuckled, smirking triumphantly when Alfred squeaked and jerked in surprise, snapped out of his reverie by the older teen's taunting tone. A cunning grin came to Ivan's lips and Alfred was not quite sure if he was happy to have prepared himself or sad that Ivan would not be the one doing it this time. "You will have to wait a moment, it would be best if we were alone, da?"

"Y-yeah, that'd be… best," Alfred smiled cheekily, blushing and swaying side to side as he cradled his camera, praying to the high Heavens that he would remember to take more pictures of his lover this time. Licking his lips again to hopefully make them a more appealing color for Ivan, he help his camera up, swallowing. "May I?"

Ivan waved him on with a lazy hand, grinning as he leaned back to stretch out his chiseled torso, his lithe form almost paralyzing Alfred with lust. Almost. The teen snapped photo after photo, getting down on one knee to capture different angles of Ivan's physique as the junior lazily followed his movements with those sharp eyes, testing Alfred as the wheat blond shuffled into his personal space. Alfred gulped, lifting his camera above his head before snapping a last picture, the doors to the locker room echoing their closure.

With a fluid and casual movement, Ivan got up on his feet, crowding Alfred until the freshman had no choice but to stumble backwards or get trampled. He grabbed Alfred when the teen eeped, almost dropping his camera when Ivan tugged him closer. "Impatient, are we, pet?"

It took all of Alfred's willpower to restrain from moaning and laying himself down at Ivan's feet because yes, yes he was impatient but he didn't care all he wanted was Ivan, Ivan, "Ivan…" Alfred mewled and then gasp, arms encircled around his chest and body as he crush gripped him tight and kissed him hard. He whimpered slightly, only mildly concerned about the expensive camera in his hands and much more concerned about the distance left between their bodies because of it.

Ivan chuckled and pulled away, Alfred's lips chasing his until the teen's superior height assisted their retreat. The wheat haired teen tried not to pout too much, his cheeks hot as his body started to sweat, or perhaps it was Ivan's sweat and I am never washing these clothes again. "I think they are gone now," Ivan murmured after a momentary pause, head tilted to one side as he listened in to the rest of the locker room. Alfred's Adam's apple bobbed in his throat as he nodded, those big blue eyes staring up at the junior with anxious excitement.

"Put your camera down, pet," Ivan instructed as he moved away, sitting back down on the bench to work on removing his shoes and socks, Alfred eagerly stashing his camera into its bag as he waited. Without so much as looking up, Ivan addressed the nervous teenager. "Are you wearing it like I told you to?"

Alfred eeped and jerked back with a self conscious flinch, squirming as the tight material of his jeans rubbed together, reminding him of just what exactly he was wearing underneath his protective pants. "Y-yeah," he affirmed, fidgeting and wringing the bottom of his shirt between his sweating palms as Ivan glanced up at him with a grin.

"That's a good pet," Ivan laughed, hesitating as he glanced down at his pants, looking to Alfred after a moment. The teen understood what to do, blushing and moving over to help remove the silky material. Alfred was a bit conflicted pulling the basketball shorts down from Ivan's hips, wanting to linger in the moment but also wanting to fling them away and get down to business as fast as possible. Sleek navy underwear became visible when Alfred finished pulling them off, ones that reminded him just a little bit of those spandex short shorts girls wore. They looked amazing around Ivan's…

"You're staring," Ivan chuckled, and Alfred could only eep and blush and fumble away, nearly toppling over against the line of lockers. A hand fisted into his soft wheat hair, and Alfred looked up over the rims of his glasses into Ivan's general direction, not needing to see to know the other teen was grinning. "I think it is unfair that I am bare and you are fully clothed… Take it all off. Now."

Ever the one to please, Alfred nodded dumbly and set his camera bag down by Ivan's gym bag, knowing he would not forget it there. He could feel Ivan's eyes on him as he stooped low to stash it, and he flinched and wondered if the lines would be visible through his pants. As he stayed facing away from Ivan, he lifted his glasses off of his freckled nose and grabbed the back of his collar, swiftly removing his shirt.

As the thin cotton whipped over his skin, he instantly shuddered, feeling Ivan's eyes rove from the top of his spine and along the curve between his shoulders to the just-barely visible dip into his pants. His ears burned as he set his glasses back on his face, letting his shirt drop to the dirty locker room floor. He undid his Captain America belt and tugged it out of the belt loops of his jeans, wondering if Ivan ever thought of whipping him with a belt or maybe even… He let the piece coil down to the floor too before nervously, cautiously popping the button of his pants free, hesitating again.

When it took him a moment, Ivan made a disapproving noise, and suddenly pressed his mostly bare chest into Alfred's back, wrapping his arms around him to keep him flush and in position. If he had not tensed up with excitement, the freshman may have taken the opportunity to grind back against Ivan's junk as the junior started to breathe moist kisses into his exposed neck, making him gasp. "Why did you stop, pet?" Ivan whispered darkly, teasingly into Alfred's ear, obviously relishing in the delightful little shiver that raced along the teen's spine. "Are you a bad pet?"

"N-no…" Alfred whimpered, sucking in a harsh breath when Ivan suddenly bit into his neck, suckling and licking and biting down again to -oh my God is he going to leave a mark? As Alfred keened and rolled his head aside to give Ivan more room, he swallowed and tacked on a breathy little "Master," at the end of his weak plea of obedience, his whole body starting to quiver with need and lust and did Ivan just-?

Smirking, Ivan pulled back, Alfred lingering in the last of their shared touches before blushing and glancing back, fidgeting nervously. "If you are so good then, continue," Ivan almost purred, reclining back on the bench to watch Alfred tremble and proceed to strip away the rest of his clothes, stepping on the heels of his shoes to slip out of them and lifting each leg to peel away his socks. He folded them into each other, and then…

With one last glance and one last gulp, Alfred shrugged his body side to side, his tight jeans tugged off of their resting position on his hips, slowly revealing a band of stretchy elastic material and then…

Sucking in another breath and holding it as cold yet oddly moist air brushed against his bare ass cheeks, Alfred blushed hotly and wiggled to bend forward, his snug jeans rubbing against the backside of his thighs. Ivan chuckled an amused chuckle, and Alfred could only whimper as he stripped down, left in only a black and white jock strap. The white cloth covered his modesty, and the black elastic accentuated the roundness of his perky butt and the slight pudge around his hips.

Humming, Ivan stood up again, cupping Alfred's exposed buttocks before giving it a sharp squeeze, Alfred tensing up and yelping along with the movement. "I like what I see," Ivan murmured, using his other hand to grope and play with Alfred's ass as well as the freshman bit back his whimpers and let the upperclassman have his way with his responsive body.

"Ah!" Alfred yelped in surprise when Ivan smacked an open palm across his exposed rear, the soft flesh jiggling slightly from the force. The freshman quickly tried to hide himself, blushing madly when Ivan giggled at him.

"Ah ah, do not hide… That's very bad of you, pet. Bend," he ordered, motioning to the bench in front of Alfred. After a moment's hesitation, he set his knees down on the edge and lifted his ass into the air with a whimper as he tipped forward, cheeks burning and heart racing as he stole a glance at Ivan to see what he would do. The junior simply smirked, laying his hand gently on Alfred's firm ass cheek with a grin.

At first Ivan seemed only interested in playing with the soft skin in his grasp, squishing it and giving it tweaked pinches until Alfred could hardly stand it any longer, desperately wanting more after all the effort he had put into getting ready. "I-Ivan," he started to plead, and then yelped in surprise when he received a sharp smack in response, the blow nearly forcing him off of the bench.

"Nyet, do not call me that," the junior's voice dripped with what seemed like sadistic pleasure, and Alfred wondered somewhere in the back of his mind if Ivan was into that sort of thing. Wait, am I even into that sort of thing? Alfred pondered, distracted for a moment as Ivan said something over him.

"What?" he blinked when he snapped from his tangent thought, and then instantly regretted his hyperactive mind when another slap landed hard on his exposed ass. What surprised him even more though, was when Ivan gripped the main elastic of the jockstap, pulling up on it harshly as he brought his hand down again and again, Alfred desperately scrabbling for something to hold onto as Ivan beat him silly. The freshman shrieked and thrashed until Ivan was satisfied, letting Alfred crumple onto the bench with a shudder as his ass burned an angry red color.

"That will teach you, da?" the junior chuckled as Alfred slipped onto the floor with a weak yelp, bent over the bench as he weakly tried to sit up. The freshman blushed and looked up at him through his glasses, eyes wide with a hurt curiosity that asked why Ivan would have done something so cruel. Ivan chuckled, crouching beside him and smoothing his fingers through his hair with a little grin. "Pets are not allowed to ignore their Masters."

Sucking in a sharp breath, Alfred swooned into Ivan's gentle pats, almost wanting to purr with happiness at being given such kind caresses. "I am sorry," Ivan murmured after a moment, tipping Alfred closer to him to plant a kiss into his hair. "I did not mean to be so rough with you."

"I-it's okay," Alfred blushed, understanding that Ivan probably had some reservations about their relationship as well. Come to think of it, are we even in a relationship? Alfred could not help but wonder when Ivan pulled back, taking a gentle hold on his hips to help move him back up on the bench, bending him over it gently.

"Let me make it up to you," Ivan's kind smile slipped into a sly grin, Alfred's cheeks blushing an embarrassed pink when Ivan started to kiss down his bare spine, making his way to the still stinging flesh of Alfred's rounded ass. The freshman shuddered and squirmed, fidgeting and flinching as Ivan got lower and lower until…

"Y-you don't have to do that!" he suddenly yelped, panicking when Ivan reached the split between his cheeks. He tried to sit up and cover himself, embarrassed and entirely unsure if this was actually happening right there and now. Ivan chuckled, easily moving Alfred's hands aside before pushing the freshman back down over the bench.

"Nyet, now lie still," Ivan ordered, holding Alfred's hands to the freshman's back to minimize his useless struggling. With his other hand he took a moment to spread Alfred's ass apart, swallowing his nerves as he looked right at the hole he had penetrated just a week before. His lover squirmed and whimpered, keening quiet little pleas when Ivan leaned in, kissing the dip that lead to Alfred's puckered hole.

"A-are you sure?" Alfred whimpered, head bowed in submission as he shivered, relaxing under Ivan's grip as the other teen started to kiss and and then suckle on Alfred's beaten ass. The junior hummed, chuckling into Alfred's flesh before he gave it a little lick, eyes flicking up to watch Alfred's reaction every time he experimentally licked a new location. Alfred shuddered, wiggling and blushing as Ivan got lower and lower, licking under the curve of Alfred's ass and then the smooth bit of skin between his hole and balls.

Alfred relaxed, actually a bit thankful that the jockstrap hid his hardness, not sure if he wanted to let Ivan see how unimpressive he was in comparison to the older teen. Well, relaxed until Ivan pushed his tongue inside of him.

"Oh God!" Alfred nearly screamed, shuddering and tensing up as the oddly wet sensations shivered up his spine, Ivan's tongue working his entrance with curiosity. The wheat haired teen jerked and tried to grab at the bench, needing to wring his hands on something as a way to relieve the tension building in his groin. Ivan chuckled, but the noise was muffled and a bit strained, coming out more like a groan and oh god does he like doing this t-to me?

Spine curling and body jerking in pleasure and a slightly uncomfortable feeling, Alfred whimpered into the bench as Ivan spread his ass a bit wider, angling his head back to try getting deeper inside. He grunted and moaned in the back of his throat, blushing as his cheeks rubbed against the sides of Alfred's ass, the muscles hidden under the layers of soft skin clenching around his face whenever Alfred tensed.

Eventually Alfred couldn't take it anymore, desperately trying to push Ivan away. Eventually the junior got the message and pulled back, pouting slightly when Alfred covered his hole, shivering and twitching as he sat up straighter. Ivan wrapped his arms around Alfred's heaving torso, pressing kisses into his neck as the freshman hitched in another breath. "I…. did you not like it?" he murmured after a moment, and Alfred instantly blushed, eyes wide at the suggestion.

"N-no!" he answered readily, turning his face to the other side so Ivan could not see how red and flustered he was. Ivan just suckled his neck, seemingly a bit put off by Alfred's near-rejection. The junior perked when Alfred coughed and whimpered, shivering slightly. "I… you were… gunna cum if you kept g-going."

There was a short pause as Ivan simply kissed Alfred's neck again, and then pushed Alfred down onto the floor, bent over his back when the freshman squealed in surprise. "Da?" he snickered, biting into Alfred's shoulder until the freshman mewled and squirmed under him. "Just that is enough to please my pet, hm? I guess you don't really need me then."

"No!" Alfred pleaded, glad when Ivan's body did not pull away from his. He adjusted himself so his knees were firmly on the ground, and then pressed his bare ass up against Ivan's barely clothed groin, rubbing him. "Gimme gimme."

Maybe I am a slut, Alfred thought giddily to himself, taking some sort of pride in his new title. As long as it meant Ivan was the one at his back, pushing into him and making those sweetly desperate little noises he tried so hard to hide, then Alfred really didn't see such a problem with being called that. "Greedy, hm?" Ivan taunted him, but Alfred simply purred and blushed a little as he ground back against the older teen.

"You don't want me too?" Alfred pouted cutely, feeling more comfortable now that they had gotten past the awkward bit of foreplay when they took too long to feel each other out, too long to share words, too long to not just hurry up and fuck me, please!

"I did not say that," Ivan laughed, and the wheat haired teen under him winced only slightly as the junior started to push in, taking his time under curly platinum blonde hair nestled against sun-deprived skin. Alfred shuddered in bliss, his spine tingling when pleasure as Ivan started to rock back and forth, not really thrusting but moving just enough to keep them slightly satisfied. "Did you know, Fredka?"

"Wh-what?" Alfred groaned, trying not to drool as Ivan finally gave him a proper thrust, the movement sending such powerful sparks into him that he had to arch and gasp to try and relieve the powerful pleasure.

"There was another reason I had you wear this," the junior continued, gripping the waist band elastic and the two straps in his hands, giving them a sharp pull that forced Alfred to rock backward onto him. The blonde gasped, crying out slightly as he blushed and nearly lost his glasses from the force. "It gives me something better to hold onto."

Cheeks hot from pleasure and slight embarrassment, Alfred could only grunt and mewl in bliss as Ivan forced him to meet every thrust he drove into his taut body, molten ecstasy melting any complaints he could have possibly had about the situation. Not that he had any to begin with. "Ivan!" he cried out, able to feel his own ass jiggle with the force of being rut into like an animal, fucked on the cold and dirty ground in a public place where anyone could walk in at any given moment to witness him begging to be fucked harder, harder, HARDER!


Ivan gasped and bit his lips as he curled forward, knuckles going white from where he gripped Alfred's jockstrap, forcing the teen under him to squeal and yelp as he came. The junior managed to buck his hips forward a few times before having to go still, Alfred bent low as he shuddered and whimpered and was forced to take in all of Ivan's cum. The freshman panted heavily, reaching under himself to stroke and pump his own erection, knowing he was just oh-so-close…!

"Ah, sorry," Ivan murmured behind him as he pulled back, Alfred churning out a weak protest when his cock came free, leaving Alfred empty and on the brink of pure pleasure. He looked back with those pretty blue eyes full of sadness, his whole face sporting the look of a kicked dog who wasn't properly fucked.

"Ivannnnnn," Alfred moaned greedily, swishing his ass in the air as he pouted to try and entice the other teen to help him achieve completion. The junior chuckled, but only pat him before standing up and moving away. Alfred frowned, gingerly sitting up on his legs as Ivan finally completely unclothed himself.

"I am sorry," Ivan apologized again, and Alfred could tell he meant it from the guilty look in his face. He was a bit surprised when Ivan settled down on the bench, stroking his belly lazily as he took a moment to relax. "I did just come from practice… I am a bit fatigued."

Alfred pouted, and he supposed he could see why Ivan would be tired…. But that didn't satisfy the burning itch of desire irritating his swollen flesh. Ivan licked his lips, watching Alfred whimper and try stroking himself off, wanting more pleasure despite how empty he felt inside. "Come," Ivan ordered after a moment, leaving Alfred on the floor with his hands in his jockstrap before turning back, crooking a finger at him with a devious little look. Alfred knew that look.

Scrambling off the floor, Alfred nearly lost his glasses again as he bounded over to Ivan, following a step behind him as he fumbled to stroke his erection, heart beating faster and faster as he wondered just what Ivan had in store for him now. He blinked. "The showers?"

"Da," Ivan smirked, licking his lips as he started to run the water, testing it to see just how freezing cold it was. Cold. He chuckled at Alfred's farway wanton look, his eyes nearly glazed over with lust as he obediently followed Ivan into the tiny stall, still in plain sight since the stalls didn't have any curtains to hide behind. Ivan smirked at him, and then dunked his head, letting the water trickle down and across his rippling muscles and masculine curves in rivulets.

Oh my god, Alfred nearly stopped breathing at the sight of the beauty in front of him. Ivan, hot and sexy Ivan, eyes closed with a calm look as water spattered off of him and caressed his soft features and oh god oh god it's like its cupping his ass and hot damn I want him so bad! the freshman nearly whimpered, salivating as he looked at the junior standing there, waiting. Waiting for him to join in under the spray.

Almost forgetting to tug away the jockstrap the gorgeous man in front of him had so kindly purchased for him, Alfred eagerly joined Ivan, letting his hands roam that slippery wet surface of Ivan's tender skin. The junior flinched just slightly when Alfred brushed over his nipples, and the freshman couldn't restrain himself for leaning in to suckle on one just slightly, Ivan making a whimpering protest before pushing him away with that dirty little look that made Alfred want to throw himself at Ivan's feet and beg for him even more!

Ivan settled on the bench, and then crossed one leg over the other, water splashing off of the top of his foot. "Down," he laughed, and after a moment Alfred understood and got to his knees, glasses now mostly useless as the water dotted them with crystal droplets. Ivan nudged Alfred's face with his foot, stroking and touching him gently before the freshman took the hint and gently suckled his toes, working his tongue in between and around all of them as he moaned weakly around Ivan's well-defined foot. Alfred cupped Ivan's heel with one hand, blowing his foot like an insignificant servant would for their dominant master, Ivan idly watching Alfred work and pump himself at the same time.

Ivan would never admit out loud just how much pleasure he received from Alfred's ever skilled mouth.

"Enough," he cut him off after a minute, cheeks flushed when Alfred had started massaging him and unknowingly coaxed his cock back to life. The freshman hesitated, water dripping down his nose and drenching his already-soppy hair as he looked up to peer in Ivan's general direction, the heat from his blush fogging up his lenses. Ivan paused and then drew them away, not wanting to risk breaking them when they would start their next round despite Alfred's hitched breath of anxiety. "I require you, now."


Just don't slip, Alfred chanted in his head as he shakily stood up, the water disorienting him slightly as he picked himself off of the wet tiled floor. Ivan smirked and came in, kissing Alfred roughly as he held him close, accidentally clacking his teeth against Alfred's braces before figuring out just what exactly he needed to do to prevent that. Alfred blushed and clung to the muscled body supporting him, only letting go when Ivan turned him around and pressed him against the freezing cold tiles that covered the walls.

"Ivan," Alfred purred breathily, arching his spine to lift his ass and help his lover penetrate him once more. The lubricant he had filled himself with before was mostly ineffective now, but at least with the water and the decent stretching from earlier Alfred could bite his lip to tolerate the pain. The junior behind him grunted, murmuring something in Russian under his breath as he more or less easily slid into place.

Without wasting time, Ivan instantly thrust into Alfred, water from the shower spraying on the both of them as the desperate freshman eagerly cried out, bowing his head and letting his lips curl up into a cat-like smile of bliss before another thrust shoved him flush against the cold tiles. He gasped and quickly dissolved into a blissful moan when Ivan bit down on his neck, sucking hard as he kept his hips jerking in and out of Alfred at an almost brutal pace.

The lingering scent of sweat more or less washed away, or was at least forgotten by the two teenagers as they enjoyed each other's bodies in their passionate tryst, Alfred pleading for more and Ivan eager to give him just that and then some. It was when Alfred was approaching the most powerful orgasm of his life thus far that he heard it.

The door opened not far off and a whistling man rolled a cart with mops and various cleaning supplies in. Alfred gasped and hurriedly bit into his hand to keep from moaning too loudly, Ivan still pistoning into his ass like a well-oiled machine, his slick skin slapping hard against Alfred's with precise strikes. Panicked and afraid of the repercussions they would receive for being caught, Alfred desperately tried to hit Ivan, his hand grazing and tapping against his lover's forearm.

"I-Ivan, stop," he whimpered, knowing in his gut that in all honesty, he didn't care if they got caught as long as he was caught with Ivan and the whole school would know what they had done, what Ivan had done to him, and that…. Was starting to sound like a better and better idea. Ivan slowed to a rocking movement, pressing his chest flush against Alfred's back.

"Why?" he murmured with barely concealed annoyance, taking to nibble on Alfred's red hot ear when the freshman let out a whine of complaint. He thrust harder once, twice, each time making Alfred gasp and blush harder.

"Th-they can see," Alfred stated with embarrassment, starting to shiver from not only the cold shower water but also the adrenaline pumping through his veins. Ivan chuckled, and it took all of Alfred's willpower to not swoon and melt to the floor at the darkly sadistic noise.

"Let them see then," he grinned into Alfred's ear, the wheat haired teen shuddering in bliss and those delightful words. "Let them see me at your back, let them see me mark you, fuck you… claim you as mine and mine alone."

"Ivan!" Alfred mewled quietly, wanting to cry out in ecstasy as the junior picked his pace up again, even going faster to make sure Alfred knew he was being serious. Despite his pleasured body and satisfied mind, Alfred knew that in all reality, it wouldn't be worth it to get caught. So he bit his lip and groaned as quietly as he could, hoping the running water would drown out his whimpers of joy and fear.

It was when the janitor's whistling stopped that Alfred froze up, slapping a hand over his mouth as even Ivan seemed to hesitate. "Hey, boy?" the janitor called out, and then there was a rustling noise as the two teenagers froze. "Ye left yer underwear out on the floor o'er here, ya want it?"

Alfred started to shiver even more under the cold spray splashing him from above and not even the hard length shoved up his ass could make it any warmer for him. "Ah, nyet, I will get it in a moment," Ivan called back, and Alfred almost giggle at the tremble in his voice.

"Well alright then," the janitor replied after a skeptical moment. Ivan rut into the silence and Alfred struggled to keep his whines of pleasure down as he was fucked almost in plain sight.

"Ivan," he breathed weakly, the murmur just barely audible over the spray from the shower head. The junior soothed him with kisses to the base of his neck, carefully rocking more thrusts into his pliant and agreeable body now that the danger had passed.

"You kids hurry up in there, ye hear? I want to go soon so wrap it up!" the teenagers froze and Alfred nearly exploded from embarrassment when Ivan chuckled nervously, slamming a few quick thrusts into Alfred. The janitor laughed and rolled his cart back out, shaking his head as Alfred desperately cried out for Ivan, the two horny teens hurriedly bringing each other to completion as they passionately kissed under the warmed water of the locker room shower.

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