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"Okay, Mrs Davenport, one more big push!" Molly Davenport did as she was told and pushed with all her might, the white ceiling of the hospital room blinding her. A few seconds later she heard a baby cry. "Congratulations, it's a boy."

The nurses wrapped up the baby in a blue blanket and handed him to her.

"Could you get my husband?" He's out in the hall." Molly asked quietly, nodding to the whe door that concealed her husband. Everything in this room seemed to be white, her gown, her bed sheets, the only splash of colour seemed to be her pink fuzzy slippers on the floor that her two infant children, Adam and Bree had given her for her last birthday.

"Of corse, Mrs Davenport." One of the nurses ran into the hall. A few seconds later she returned with Donald Davenport. Billionaire inventor and scientist... Father to two... And now three.

"Don, look at him." Molly sighed. Donald sat in the small white chair and looked down at the bundle in his wife's arms.

He was small. Smaller than Adam and Bree. So small he could just fit perfectly into Donald's hand.

Donald smiled at his new born son and kissed his wife, not thinking of anything else except for the perfect picture that sat before him, his new son andhis wife.

"Do you want to hold him, Don?" His wife smiled sleepily, holding the blue bundle out to him.

Hesitantly Donald took the bundle and felt the light weight in his arms, something occurring to him, "What should we call him?"

His wife looked at him sternly. "He's not going to be Donald Jr."

He looked at his wife in fake shock, "Hey! I was not going to suggest that... However-"



The small baby then held his hand up to Donald, who took it gently and let the small fingers wrap around his seemingly huge forefinger.

"Charlie?" Donald suggested.

His wife thought for a second. "Nah, he doesn't look like a Charlie to me."



After another moment of thought Donald looked at the baby who yawned, his dark hair was already forming on his tiny head. "How about Billy?"

Molly sighed, "Cute but... No. I was thinking more... Chase."

Donald looked up from his son with a quizzical look. "Chase? Really?"

"What's wrong with that? You picked Adam and Bree's name. It's my turn." Then she smiled, "But maybe we could call him Chase Donald Davenport, to keep you happy."

Donald couldn't stop the huge smile that spread on his face, "yeah, well he needs to have a cool name;" he paused, and then smiled. "As well as Chase."

"Stop talking before you blow it, Donald."


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